Learn to Love Frozen Vegetables with These 10 Must-Try Recipes | 10 Easy Meals for Frozen Veggies

- If you have any reservations

about cooking with frozen vegetables.

- Everything freezes.

- It's time to take that fear and let it go.

♪ Let it go, Let it go ♪

- Already prepped frozen veggies can save you

a lot of time in the kitchen.

And if stored properly that can stay in your freezer

until you're ready to use them.

Here are 10 frozen vegetable recipes that you

can lend on for quick and easy meals any day of the week.

- Eat your vegetables.

- Let's start with this belly warming Chicken Alfredo Soup.

Frozen peas, rotisserie chicken

and jarred Alfredo sauce help minimize

your prep time for this recipe.

So you can enjoy spoonfuls of creamy pasta

and chicken loaded soup in no time.

- (screams)OM mac and chee!

- These spring vegetable bread pudding muffins

are fit for Popeye himself.

(old time music)

If Popeye ever needed a comfort food fix.

Spinach and frozen sweet peas get a flavor packed punch

from savory pancetta and fresh herbs.

If you feel like something's been missing

from your usual breakfast spread,

it's probably these muffins.

Here's a recipe for when your the only person who's hungry

and you're hungry now.

- I'm starving.

- Single serving shrimp fried rice

only takes 10 minutes to make.

And the ingredients are so simple.

If you have a bag of frozen peas and carrots

in the freezer you're practically half way there.

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more single serving content like this recipe.

Nothing can warm the soul like mom's home cooking.

That's why we're sharing

Mom's Creamy Chicken and Broccoli Casserole recipe.

This dish is the food equivalent to a hug.

(somber horns)

And it's made easy with the help of frozen broccoli florets.

Moms and kids can agree a recipe that tastes this good

and can be on the table in less than an hour is a winner.

Throw an elegant pasta dinner together in minutes

with already cooked shrimp, broccoli and fresh lemon.

- Everybody dig in.

- Don't mind if I do Lillian.

- When you serve this at your next party,

guests will probably applaud your complex,

sophisticated dish.

But we all know how easy and simple it was to make.

Don't worry, it's our little secret.

This recipe takes lasagna to the next level

by incorporating flavors from a traditional Greek salad.

- How do you say thank you in Greek?

- Feta cheese, peppers and olives meet layers

of tender pasta and tomato sauce

and frozen spinach brings a touch

of convenience to the recipe.

Don't be intimidated by the long list of ingredients.

The flavor combo is worth all of the extra details.

There are endless ways to dress a potato.

- Hey!

- But you really can't beat these cheesy spinach

and bacon stuffed potatoes.

With the help of frozen spinach

and already baked potatoes this recipe comes together

in less than 20 minutes and its guaranteed

to be the envied side dish of your next social gathering.

Frozen peas and carrots are back at it again

for sheet pan fried rice.

- We're back! Classic!

- Spread a layer of microwavable rice on

the pan and broil until lightly browned.

Add the remaining ingredients

and return the pan to the oven until

the veggies are tender and the eggs are set.

It's that easy.

This Copycat Broccoli Cheddar Soup tastes

just like the kind that Panera fans can't get enough of.

Chicken broth, heavy cream and turmeric come together

for a velvety base.

Add your fresh or frozen broccoli florets

and carrots and don't skimp on the cheddar cheese.

Comment below Panera fans and let us know

how this copycat soup measures up to the real deal.

♪ I've been waiting for this moment. ♪

- Asparagus, grape tomatoes and frozen English peas

are the veggie stars of this pasta primavera recipe.

Prosciutto and Parmesan cheese give the vegetable laden

fettuccine a savory twist while fresh basil brightens up

the dish with a spring time vibrance.

If you started this video with some doubt,

we hope our recipes have enlightened you

to the appetizing practicality of cooking

with frozen vegetables.

Not only can they save you some time in a dinner rush,

they can also add some nutritional variety

to your beloved comfort food dishes.

Let us know which recipe's your favorites

in the comments below.

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