5 Minute Kielbasa Sausage recipe | Hello Sweet Biscuit

what's up guys welcome to another video

right alright so today we're making

polish kielbasa sausage

you know them sausage that you always

pass up in a supermarket that's in there

on sale

get him see him one that's what we're

making today now let's see let me get

comfortable okay

so what you're going to do is you're

gonna just cook your sausage in my size

pieces normally I'll use half but since

I had my daughter with me and you know

she's the one that wanted this thing I

decided to use the whole thing and we're

just going to cut it up in bite size

pieces nothing fancy

Dola nothing fancy alright and what

we're gonna do is we're gonna fry this

baby up make it all tasty and delicious

alright so when you're done chopping it

up you're going to add it to your little

plate and you're going to go ahead and

get your seasonings together I decided

to use Tomatoes you don't have to you

can use whatever you have whatever you

like it's your sausage right alright so

here I'm just rough chopping some

Tomatoes you see my knife skills a

terrible child I thought I was doing

something but I wasn't doing anything

special all right

so chop it up here rough chopping some

onions and right so almost chopped off

my finger I had to edit it

but anyway all fun and joke aside you're

going to chop up your onions your

Tomatoes I also went ahead and chopped

up some green onions as well or scallion

for all the Jamaican people in who's

watching my video hey all right so let's

give your scallion give your green onion

you know just a rough chop you see that

knife skill look at see it didn't even

cut the bottom people I kid you not it

didn't I had to go over and cook I had

to cut it all over you today I had to do

it over so you see what I'm saying this

ain't no perfect we do our nothing is

perfect on my channel nothing okay all

right now that we've gotten that out of

the way I'm going to go ahead and heat

up your skillet I'm using a griddle all

right and I'm going to add like a

tablespoon of vegetable oil now I didn't

want to go through crazy with the oil

because this sausage might produce its

own oil I don't know I'm about to find

out all right and we're going to add the

sausage to that and what we're going to

do is we're going to brown them on both

sides alright don't know what that means

we're going to sear them darling that's

what you guys say in America right

you're going to sear it meaning you're

just going to get it nice and brown one

side and then you're going to flip it

over and get it nice and brown on the

other side all right

just take that now give it a little bit

more flavor you'll love it

so you do it just like that for about

two three minutes all right now honestly

this thing salty I found it to me a

little salty all right so be careful

people with the hypertension careful

with this thing okay cause it kind of

had me seeing stuff when I ate it so I'm

not sure I'll be eating this anymore but

okay you could give it a try

all right so go ahead after your two

minutes of Siri just add your onions

your tomatoes and your green onions

and we're just going to saute this thing

until those onions become translucent

okay now say that's all just get them a

little tender and I'll light not too

crunchy and my stuff you know I mean

just get it nice and tender and that

takes one minute now some people would

stop right there but I went ahead and I

added ketchup you know why cuz I'm

Jamaican and I think I'll put ketchup on

everything only thing I'll put ketchup

on child is bread but you know I cook

with a lot of ketchup all right you

don't have to you can leave that out

okay there I'm adding black pepper onion

and now just to give it a little flavor

because it's more salty than anything I

don't taste anything extra coming out of

it all right

right there I added like a tablespoon of

sugar because I just needed to balance

this thing completely you know just to

try and calm down that salty flavor that

was going on all right next time what

you could do is you could boil this

thing first

maybe that work there I added some water

because it was drying out and I needed a

little more time to get my onions a

little bit more tender all right so

you're going to do that and it's done it

right there is finished it doesn't take

any time so quick it's so easy you could

have this on a table for your man in

like ten minutes all right make sure you

do it right or else he's going to use

that will stay all right

now we're going to make this thing that

nice and sexy on the plate here I went

ahead off-camera and I made some

macaroni and cheese muffins all right

now you put it on place a nice clean

plate by the way clean plates those

people like to put food Potter dirty

plate no right just make it look nice

and sexy on the plate you know if you

want that man to stay make sure

everything looks good

including you all right just give him

this this little snack or if you want to

give it to your daughter or your son or

whoever and that's it all right don't

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for watching and see you back again next

time alright we get to check out the

bloopers coming up next