Eliminate Vaginal Odor Naturally - "The Doctors" Discuss A Healthy Alternative to Douching

hey dr. Lisa my name is Jennifer and

I've heard you say a lot of times on the

show that douching is bad for women I

have a friend who tried it once and she

said that it made her feel very

uncomfortable and itchy I want to smell

good everywhere and there are definitely

days and I have that not-so-fresh

feeling if you know what I mean I was

wondering if there is anything I could

watch with down there that wouldn't hurt

me what do you recommend well you know

douching I've always said bad bad bad

bad bad because the vagina is a

self-cleaning oven it has a normal

vaginal acidic pH and that keeps the you

know environment nice to you know keep

the bacteria away and yeast away so when

you start putting those perfumes up

there it's like detergent exactly not

only changes the environment but also

changes the chemistry and predisposes

makes you more susceptible to infection

well all of us women are worried about

odors down there and you know that's

very very real we want to smell fresh

and the commercials will always show the

woman sprinting out and we're supposed

to fly rowing out down there and it's

right yeah I mean so that's what every

woman thinks it's good to have this

perfume er when in fact it really

shouldn't smell like anything if you're

not supposed to use detergent and we

don't want to smell like we do

especially that time of the month what

do we do right well first of all that

time of the month you will have a

different odor because the different

hormones they change the the odor down

there so that's really really normal and

also you want to know your normal order

because if you have an abnormal odor you

need to go to the doctor and odor is

very oftentimes due to an infection so

you shouldn't have a foul odor most of

us as women have at some point is using

concerns and they're real you know you

want to make sure that you wash with

soap and water you know daily sometimes

twice a day depending on how active you

are we've talked about I join sometimes

isn't enough right we've talked about V

scaping or or you know making sure

you're really gross down everything that

can help with odors as well but you've

got something I think is absolutely

phenomenal and that every woman should

know about this is actually I I came

across this company who developed this

product called waterworks which is a

vaginal cleansing system and the key to

it is the stainless steel nozzle

sprinkler one of those personal

massagers karaoke the thing about the

nozzle is a good point though is because

it flows downhill instead of uphill one

of the problems with douches is that

they propel fluid upwards and that's

what gives you the risk of pelvic

inflammatory disease and infection is in

your vagina

and the water flows down just along the

side of the thing and it's the contact

of the stainless steel with the wall of

the vagina so you have to kind of push

it in and rub it around that eliminates

odor via flushing it out and also via

the reaction between the stainless steel

and the bacteria what this does in

addition to eliminating odor which is

caused by the bacteria bacteria is what

gives you that smell it also helps to

maintain what you were talking about

earlier the vaginal ecosystem you know

chefs use this very same stainless steel

to eliminate the smell of garlic

eliminate the smell or ideas in their

hands so you know they're even coming

out with one that goes under the armpit

I mean I think it's great for something

so simple let me show you can just use

tap water right use regular tap water

you fill it up in the shower and then if

this is going I mean if you were if it

was in your new new as we call it my

family it just flows down we have

valishia here and she absolutely swears

by water works right you believe totally

believe in this but inside you for you

it has changed my life I had odor

problems every month a week before my

period for years and I'd always go to

the doctor and they tell me he's an

over-the-counter or prescribe me

something and I even had one

gynecologist telling me to start

douching with vinegar and nothing was

working every month it would come back

and I saw dr. Berman and she suggested

that I start using this and I've never

had a problem since dr. Berger has

introduced us today to how to have a

fresher down there and all of you are

gonna get one yes

for donating this to everybody