Saltine Cracker Salad from the South

chef buck here and today we're gonna cook up a true down-home old-timey

country salad made with saltine crackers redneck yeah I got this recipe from

camera girls mom we're in her kitchen right now in fact I just got off the

phone with her mother asking her about the origin of this salad because I've

never heard of it you know I spent a lot of my time in Georgia when I was a

little kid as my grandma she lived way off in the woods

in Georgia never heard of this here that's a lot of camera girls mother made

it and she was saying that her grandmother used to make it for and her

mother so it's been around for a long time come down here look at these

ingredients super simple I mean there's nothing to this crackers mayonnaise

tomato egg green onions salt pepper sounds like a recipe for disaster

and it's gonna look kind of funky but it's delicious so easy to make just take

a sleeve of crackers then you just want to smash them up by hand you don't need

all the crackers so to my let's eat one that's fun yeah let's mash them too much

no no no just give them a crunch crunch crunch with your hands boom boom boom

and you want them rough you know leave them nice chunky pieces like this here

you don't want it to be SuperDuper fine and now we're just gonna add the rest of

our ingredients in there you know you could just put one lonely green onion no

or you can put a bunch of green onions in here but you know two or three is

probably a good number I got four here cuz I had to trim off a lot of the green

part which is unfortunate cuz I'd like to have the green you know for a little

more color well we're just gonna have to make soup of that onion flavor and less

cover that's throwing it in there I tell you the first time camera girls a mom

made this salad for me I just thought I'd just stand it stupid

I was like what but it's so delicious but you have to eat it when you make it

cuz it doesn't hold up over time very well well you got tomatoes and crackers

and mayonnaise just gonna do one egg one boiled egg you

could do two depending on how much you like eggs and I'm just gonna cut this up

and some little chunky chunky tsa's you can add relish if you want you can add a

lot of stuff to this salad but we're just gonna do the bare bones basic you

know I think a little bit of horseradish would be good in here or some hot sauce

I've heard a little bit of zing maybe some paprika chili powder but we're just

gonna do salt pepper but now we're gonna do our tomato I got three Tomatoes right

here no but that's probably too much camera girls right so let's see let's

see we'll go ahead and get rid of this one and then if we need it then we will

use it but I guess I'm cherry tomatoes here I like using cherry tomatoes seems

like cherry tomatoes have more flavor then of these bigger Tomatoes nowadays

but I don't have enough I don't think so I'll just do these plus there's more

moisture in these big ones and moisture with saltines yeah yeah yeah but I don't

like it too moist I like it a little bit dry but the mayonnaise is really going

to make it wet so just give your tomato a rough chop I think so I like that to

me in it you just want me to put half of it in here yeah it's okay it's just it

really does well here on I'll just I'll just I'll just set half of that aside Oh

what you gonna do you can't put a tomato in their fridge and then expand you know

like that I'll just set it aside though we'll see if we want to put it into the

salad no throw this in here all right and now

I got about a cup of mayonnaise here you can adjust the mayonnaise to taste and

that's all there is to this now we just mix it up

salt pepper oh that's right he salt and pepper you want to do that to taste but

you really want to add it at the end you know give it a taste test actually

before you even add the salt because I'm using saltines and these are the regular

salt 'its whole team so there might be enough salt in here already let me go

ahead and add some pepper what's really great in this it's cracked pepper fresh

cracked pepper and I don't have that yes you do do that yeah your mama's got some

where's that I couldn't yeah it's on the table huh really in the

little shaker no in the colored one the red blue green that's a lot of

mayonnaise alrighty we do have some fresh cracked pepper in the world's

ugliest pepper thingamabob what I'll tell you this looks tacky which is your

mother steal this from a casino all right so throw a little bit of pepper on

there are lots of pepper actually maybe a horseradish sounds really good I know

horseradish I think would be awesome in here but this is how your mom always

makes it just plain Jane and I think you're right oh I don't think we need

that other half of tomato all right let me give a taste test here look at that

doesn't that look dumb I mean saltine crackers mayonnaise

tomato green onions just like an egg throw that in a ball and this is so good

right now fresh like this and you see how quick it

comes together you can make this last thing before you serve your dinner and

it's gonna be so good it's like a picnic ewwww mmm in the summer there's still

got some of that crunch with the crackers but that'll go fast you know if

this sits around for a very long you're not gonna have that crunch in the bite

of the onion it's just an awesome balance of flavors and I'm not gonna add

any salt in here you know cuz I think there's plenty of salt from the saltines

I know uh camera girls momma throw a bunch of more salt in here and even

camera girl will - but I'm middle-aged alright let's see if you did it proud

cuz it's such a difficult recipe yeah did I make it all righty it's kind of

hard to go wrong isn't it mm-hmm it is just decadent and delectable ah it is

ridiculous how good those ingredients are there you have it super simple

down-home country cracker salad it's ridiculous and definitely try it try it

and let me know what you think because you're gonna be shocked you're going to

be flabbergasted you're going to be why don't you just ask them to

surprised at how good it is tell you other simple recipes you thank you

that's it yeah yeah do you have a you have a weird recipe now I'll put a link

to the pear salad around here to what other kind of country trailer you

recipes to be yeah you got a martini and a mason jar glass Oh like a couple of

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