Mexican-Style Shrimp Cocktail - How to Make a Mexican-Style Seafood Cocktail


hello this is chef john from food wishes

calm with mexican-style shrimp cocktail

that's right I'm excited to show you my

take on North America's others shrimp

cocktail and I know you didn't even know

there was another kind of shrimp

cocktail but there is and while

certainly not as popular I find this

version much more interesting delicious

and not to mention beautiful to look at

and of course all that subjective which

basically means I could never win or

lose that argument but that's okay who

has time to argue when we could be

making and eating this so let's go ahead

and get started with our shrimp and what

I have right here is one pound that have

been peeled and deveined and in case

you're keeping score at home these are

the 25 to a pound size bus's we're gonna

cut these up after we cook them you

really can use any size shrimp you want

and then speaking of cooking these are

usually boiled in a pot of salted water

but I don't do it that way what we're

gonna do is actually cook these in a

little bit of clam juice which to me

works out better since we're gonna add

clam juice anyway we might as well

infuse it with some shrimp flavor plus

when you cook shrimp in a big pot of

boiling water you run the risk of

leaching out some of the flavor so using

this method we ensure a hundred percent

of the shrimp enos is going into the

cocktail and all we're gonna do is add a

pinch of dry oregano and bring this up

to a boil on medium high heat and as

soon as that does start to boil what

we'll do is transfer in our shrimp and

we'll cook that stirring ideally with a

freakishly small wooden spoon for about

two minutes or until just barely cooked

and don't worry if it seems like there's

not enough liquid there is just keep

stirring and keep them moving until like

I said they're just barely cooked and by

the way don't be afraid if they're

slightly undercooked because there's

anyone that's ever made a ceviche knows

the acidity in our cocktail from the

lime and the tomato will actually finish

the job for you so better to go a few

seconds under then to overcook these so

I cooked mine stirring for just two

minutes until they just firmed up at

which point I'm gonna take my strainer

and quickly remove those from the pot

into a bowl and please do not discard

that liquid what we're gonna do is let

that cool before straining it and

reserving it for later because adding

that stuff to our cocktail is going to

be one of the secrets to this recipe so

like I said we'll remove the shrimp to a

bowl and once that's cool enough to

handle we'll go ahead and cut it up not

to mention remove any of those veins we

might have missed since I can see a

couple here and there

and while we're waiting for that to cool

we can move on to the rest of the

cocktail which is going to start with

some fresh tomatoes and I'm the blog I'm

going to go over all the different

choices you have but today I'm going to

be using some fresh cherry tomatoes

since they were so gorgeous and

incredibly sweet but I've also used a

concassé of regular large Tomatoes as

well as can San Marzano tomatoes so like

I said I will go over those options on

the blog but for this particular version

I'm going to go ahead and quarter up a

generous cup or so of those cherry

tomatoes to which we will add our second

tomato product a generous helping a

premium ketchup and then to that

assuming it's been cooled and strained

we'll go ahead and pour in our clam

juice which has now been infused with

that beautiful sweet shrimp flavor and

then speaking of flavor we're also gonna

want to do some lime juice freshly

squeezed of course and then once that's

set we can move on to the diced


which i think is what really sets this

room cocktail apart so we're gonna go

ahead and toss in some diced English

cucumbers which by the way have a very

tender mild skin which is why I left

most of it on if you use regular

cucumbers you should probably peel and

see them we'll also do some diced red

onion as well as some diced celery and

then we'll also go ahead and add some

diced jalapeno which are not only gonna

add a little bit of heat but along with

the celery we're also gonna add a little

bit of bitterness which is I may have

mentioned before it helps bring out the

sweetness in the other ingredients and

then we'll finish up our vegetation with

a very generous handful of chopped

cilantro before we season this up with a

little bit of cayenne as well as a

splash of mexican hot sauce I don't want

to give you the brand but it rhymes with

hallelujah and then last but not least

we will finish up with some kosher salt

and that at least for me is going to be

it and then we'll go ahead and take a

spatula and give this a mix and

obviously whenever we do something like

this it could be adapted to your taste

some people like to put some lemon in or

some garlic or even some horseradish but

as usual that will be up to you

you are the Etzel forward fond of making

sure this doesn't taste wrong so feel

free to add and delete as you see fit

and what we'll do once that's mixed is

set that aside while we cut up our now

hopefully cooled shrimp and for shrimp

this size I usually cut them in three

pieces but there are a lot of different

opinions on the perfect size some people

leave them whole other people chop them

up really fine

but this is my preference right here

although I do like to leave a few of

them uncut

that way we can garnish the top

of our cocktail with a trophy shrimp but

anyway we're gonna go ahead and cut most

of those up before adding those to our

bowl and then we'll give that a thorough

mixing before wrapping it up and

chilling it thoroughly and one thing I

like to do is I finish up the mixing

just take my spatula and give those

shrimp the old poka poka so they're

under the surface absorbing all that

amazing flavor and would that really

make a big difference if we didn't

probably not but I just can't take that


so I'm gonna go ahead and Nestle those

down before like I said we're gonna wrap

this up and pop it in the fridge for at

least two to three hours or until

thoroughly thoroughly chilled you do not

want to eat a Mexican shrimp cocktail

that has no chill and besides we want to

give all those flavors enough time to

mingle together so we'll leave that in

the fridge for a few hours at which

point we can pull it out unwrap it and

move into final production and the first

thing I'm going to check for is the

viscosity all right this should be a

little juicier than when you put it in

the fridge because that salt will have

drawn out a little bit of liquid from

the vegetables but I generally tend to

add a little more liquid at this point

because I don't like this to be too

thick and we could thin this with tomato

juice or some more clam juice or my

other secret ingredient a little splash

of pickle brine so to paint on what

yours looks like you'll have to decide

whether to do that or not and yes you

could just use a little bit of fresh

cold water but I'm gonna use a splash of

brine to just lighten this up a little

bit and then yes of course you're gonna

taste for salt and acid and spice and

adjust if need be and then once we're

happy with the texture and the taste we

can go ahead and add the last optional

ingredient some diced avocado and the

prep those all we have to do is take a

half an avocado and cut across this way

right down to the skin by the way the

skin of the avocado not your hand and

then we'll turn it and cut across the

other way and by the way there's two

ways you can safely do this with a dull

knife and no towel to protect your hand

or a sharp knife in a towel to protect

your hand okay so to recap do not cut

your hand and once we've cut those both

ways all we have to do is take a spoon

and as you scoop it out you'll see it's

all perfectly diced and we'll go ahead

and add that to our cocktail and stir it

in and as soon as that's combined we are

pretty much ready to serve although it's

never a bad idea to give it one last

taste I didn't show any more but this

almost always needs a little more salt

so we may or may not have to adjust

those seasonings but we'll give it one

last taste just in case and then once

we're happy with that we'll go ahead and

serve it up into hopefully some kind of

clear dish or bowl okay it's gonna taste

the same no matter what you serve it in

Bob being able to see through to that

beautiful cocktail is a nice bonus and

I've never once got this at a Mexican

restaurant where it wasn't served in a

glass bowl so that's the official

recommendation as is topping with one

whole shrimp that you'll probably want

to dust with a little bit of cayenne or

some Chipotle if you want a little bit

of smokiness and then we'll finish up

with a fresh cilantro oh yeah I don't

want to brag but that sprig placement

was money and that's it our Mexican

style shrimp cocktail is done and you

may have already known about this but I

really hope you haven't because when you

make and try this you're gonna be like

oh my god I can't believe I didn't know

about this before I'm gonna need to make

up for lost time this is one of the most

delicious and interesting seafood

cocktails you will ever eat

I mean imagine the best gazpacho you

ever had combined with the best shrimp

cocktail you ever had that's sort of

what's going on here we have those

perfectly cooked pieces of sweet shrimp

swimming in our aromatic herbaceous kind

of spicy kind of tangy extremely

flavorful vibrant sauce there's just

nothing not to like about this I mean

sure if you want a nitpick there's like

15 or 20 minutes of dicing involved but

that's a small price to pay for

something that's amazing

not to mention I think this is also

relatively healthy in fact it might even

be paleo friendly and I'm not gonna lie

I don't know a lot about what they call

the caveman diet most of what I know I

learned from the Flintstones but if you

do swing that way I believe this would

be a good option but anyway that's it my

take on a Mexican style shrimp cocktail

I'm not saying there's anything wrong

with the regular shrimp cocktail you're

used to I'm just saying there's so much

right with this one so I really do hope

you give this a try soon head over to

food wishes comm for all the ingredient

amounts and more info as usual and as

always enjoy