3 Toys Every Hamster NEEDS!

hey guys today I want to share with you

my top 3 toys that every hamster owner

me these are all toys I have used for

many years I have found myself using

them over and over and over again

finding my hamsters continuously loving

them and I really feel like every

hamster could benefit from having at

least one of these 3 toys if not all

three of them number one will come as no

surprise to a lot of you bendy bridges

bendy bendy bendy bendy bendy bendy

bendy bridges I have a problem and I am

totally not ashamed the reason I have so

many bendy bridges is because they can

be used for so many different things

they can be used as a house or a bridge

a seesaw a climbing obstacle around a

shelf low level and from the top of a

cage they can be used as a screening

platform they can be used to create

dividers throughout your cage to

separate off different areas or

different types of substrates they can

be used for purely decorative reasons

and of course being made of wood it

means they can also be chewed on by your

hamster you can also get bendy bridges

in several different sizes including

small medium there's one even bigger

than ik and you can get a long version

like this toy number two is any kind of

hide-and-seek toy everything from

hide-and-seek logs to hide-and-seek cube

and all the weird things in between the

only downside would hide the features

like with a lot of half the toys is

those soul towards hamsters tend to be

only big enough for dwarf and Chinese

hamsters so if you're looking for these

kind of toys for Sirians I would always

recommend going for sizes made for rats

or maybe even bigger animals such as

ferret the majority of hamsters will

love playing with these toys

dipping and diving in and out of the

hole I find dwarf pit especially loved

playing in these kinds of toys and you

don't even have to spend any money on

them because they're so easy to make at

home using something as simple as a card

we'll choose that you just cut holes out

of or even a paper edge carton again you

can just cut holes out of the third and

final must-have toy is one that I think

is massively underrated massive

under recommended and definitely under

used by hamster owners and that is any

kind of simple puzzle toy these are so

important for keeping your hands the

busy active keeping their mind

stimulated keeping them thinking I think

a lot of people underestimate how

intelligent hamsters actually are and

while they aren't quite as intelligent

as they might all rap they still have a

high level of intelligence and they

still need to have some challenges in

their life and that's exactly what

puzzle toys will offer them personally I

find the best puzzle toys for hamsters

are the homemade kind since a lot of the

commercial ones are made for more

intelligent animals like laps and houses

gonna have a harder time working these

eggs even something as simple as a

cardboard tube gives you multiple

options for different puzzle toys

including this little ball puzzle which

has been one of the most popular one

among my past hamsters I have an entire

video on 10 different toys you can make

using cardboard tube and that video

includes several kinds of puzzle toys so

I will link that down below in case

you're interested in looking at them one

of my other favorite hamster toys is one

I made a few years back and that is the

walnut hanger this is simply made from

walnut shells and you hide your hamsters

favorite snack among them they have to

climb and forage in order to get to all

of their trees mesh bird feeders could

also make great puzzles and you can fill

them with anything it doesn't just have

to be seeds if somebody was going to ask

me what one toy would I absolutely

recommend for every single house that it

would always be puzzle toys I think

these really are the greatest kind of

toys that you can offer to your pet so

there we are those are my top three

must-have toys for all hamster owners if

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thank you so much for watching and I'll

see you guys next time bye bye