How to STOP your hamster from biting

hey guys it's me and today's video is going to be talking about how to stop

your hamster from biting so the first thing is you need to recognize why your

hamster has bitten you is your hamster new and have you tamed to them yet

unlike dogs and cats when you get your hamster you are going to tame them to

become use to human interaction so it is really common for your hamster to bite

you if they are new and they just haven't been tamed yet because they are

quite scared I do have a video on how to tame your hamster and I will leave that

linked somewhere on the screen and in the description bar does your hamster

only bite it when you put your hands in the cage if so this means your hamster

is cage territorial and you can solve this by upgrading the cage because most

of the time a hamster who is cage territorial has a quite of a small cage

did you just eat if so your hamster probably just confused you with a snack

hamsters have a really really good sense of smell but a really poor sense of

vision so if they do bite you because you've just eaten it's probably your

fault so to prevent that just try washing your hands before you handle

your hamster did you just wake your hamster up or did you scare them

hamsters are nocturnal / crepuscular so if you did wake them up they may be

grumpy if you have scared your hamster biting is your hamsters way of defending

themselves so to prevent scaring your hamster try talking quietly around your

hamster and have slow movements around your hamster so if your hamster still

bites after all of that continue with the taming process you can use gloves

such as mittens to get your hamster used to the feeling of being lifted up

because sometimes hamsters get really scared and they don't understand why

they're being picked up so wearing gloves can help you prevent getting

yourself bitten and it can help your hamster get used to the feeling of being

lifted up use treats as rewards if a hamster realizes that when it doesn't

bite you it gets a treat it most likely won't bite you once your hamster

realizes you aren't a threat they should stop biting

please remember that hamsters are prey animals

so they are naturally just really scared and can be really timid another tip to

prevent yourself from getting bitten is that when you go to let your hamster's

nephew or pet them try using the back of your hand or a knuckle this just

prevents them from being able to bite you too badly because your back of the

hand is really flat and smooth so there's nothing really to grab lastly

just be patient with your hamster sometimes it can take weeks or months to

tame your hamster just to get them to stop biting so yeah guys I hope this

video has helped anybody who has a biting hamster don't give up you can

eventually get your hamster to be a loveable fun hamster so yeah guys thank

you for watching bye