How to Get Your Hamster to Chew!

hey guys it's me fuzzy polka dot in

today's video is going to be on how to

get your hamster to chew I noticed that

most hamsters are normally not

interested in the wood shoes unless they

have a flavor

so here are two chews I highly recommend

if you don't already have them so as you

can see I have to choose right here and

these are muffins favorite chew she

absolutely loves them

this one is the whimsies alligator -

also known as the paragon alligator -

and then this one is a cheesy chew and I

got both of these from Petco now

hamsters absolutely love these most

hamsters will not go wrong with these

chews so if you don't already have them

I would definitely purchase these before

doing anything else with your choose now

if you are unable to purchase those

chews or your hamster will not chew on

those here's what you can do firstly you

can try rubbing a teeny bit of peanut

butter on one of your chews though do be

aware that it does contain sugar and you

will want to be careful when giving it

to diabetes prone hamsters such as

Russian Campbell's winter whites and

Chinese now most likely this will get

your hamster interested

the only Hampshire that I actually know

will absolutely not touch peanut butter

is a muffin so this does work with

almost all hamsters and I'm sure this

will get your hamster interested now if

your hamster just happens to not like

peanut butter

you can try rubbing something else that

they really like on the choose probably

something strong like carrots or bananas

and you do want to be careful though you

don't want to put it like a ton on there

but just a little bit so then they will

be interested in it and they will want

to chew and the last thing you can try

doing is soaking your chew in homemade

fruit juice just be sure that you've

squeezed it yourself as store-bought


contain too many added ingredients

always be sure that the juice you're

using is not going to be too acidic

neither will it be a citrus juice as

citrus fruits are bad for hamsters so

yeah guys I hope this video is helpful

and that you've enjoyed good luck with

your hamster and thanks for watching bye