How to keep your hamster BUSY

so I think one of the struggles of being a hamster owner can sometimes be trying

to keep your hamster entertained and not bored

hamsters aren't like dogs and cats and you can't just throw them a ball and

then them be entertained for hours and hours they really need things to

stimulate their brain to keep them busy from being bored to start off a good way

to keep your hamster busy is to change up their setup once in a while you don't

have to change up everything but switching out different toys or changing

how the layout is can help keep them busy because they have to kind of go

through explore everything and it's something new to them of course only do

this if your hamsters ok with it some hamsters like to have the exact same

setup but some do benefit from having it switched around sometimes another good

idea is to just get rid of their food dish altogether and scatter feed them

when you're giving your hamster just all of its food in a dish they basically

have to go to the dish take the food bring it back to their nest that's

literally it there is nothing complicated no foraging

involved and nothing so when you're scatter feeding your hamster they

actually have to look and forge and tap into that natural behavior of having to

look for food to bring back to their nest so it can be really helpful if you

have a bored hamster. Boredom breakers are another thing that can keep your

hamster from being bored the next couple of boredom breakers I'm gonna talk to

you guys about are all going to involve food because that is what I find works

best for keeping a hamster busy that is what they mainly get enrichment out of

so it's going to all involve food. so for this first boredom breaker all you're

gonna need are some willow balls as well as some seed mix or some type of healthy

hamster treat and all you're gonna want to do is just stuff these willow balls with

a couple of treats and then your hamster has to kind of shake at it and chew

through it just to get to the treat and it can keep them busy

the next boredom breaker is another easy one all you're going to need is a toilet

paper tube and some orchard grass hay and some of your hamster's seed mix

you're gonna take the toilet paper tube just fold it and then cut a couple of

triangles out on each side of it then you're gonna stuff the first little bit

with some orchard grass hay add some of your hamster's seed mix stuff it with

more hay add more seed mix and then add more hay and then give to your hamster

and then they have to kind of rip at it and destroy it

to get to the food inside for this next boredom breaker you're going to need a

kabob you can get these in any pet store really and I'll also leave a link in the

description bar where you can get one but you're also gonna need some fresh

food or some other types of treats so basically all you're going to want to do

is string all of your fruits and vegetables onto the kabob I also added a

peanut onto mine and then you can hang it in your hamsters cage and they have

to actually work to get the vegetables down and they have to kind of chew at

everything so it does keep them busy

the next boredom breaker is one of my favorites because you can do this to

pretty much anything so all you are going to need is some materials such as

cardboard tubes, hamster chews, wooden sticks basically anything and you're

also going to need some seed mix or some herbs as well as some flour I personally

chose to use buckwheat flour because this is the healthiest type and you're

also going to need some water so pretty much all you're gonna have to do is mix

your flour and water together and you want to get some type of school glue

consistency once you've gotten that consistency you can take a paintbrush

and paint some onto the chew and then quickly add whatever you want whether it

be seeds or some herbs onto it and all you got to do is let that dry and you

can give it to your hamster you can take toilet paper tubes and literally make a

hay covered tube and it's perfect for your hamster to chew and destroy

so for this last boredom breaker it is a type of foraging mat I would call it

but you are going to need some corrugated cardboard I've got mine from

an Ikea package usually it's packaged with their larger furniture like if you

buy an Ikea detolf it'll come with it or you can actually even sometimes find

corrugated cardboard in packages when you order stuff but you're going to need

that you're also going to need some seed mix and a box cutter all you're going to

want to do is draw out some circles and then start to cut those out and then

peel off the top layer of the cardboard so that it leaves this honeycomb looking

type of pattern then all you have to do is add your seeds into there and give it

to your hamster and they have to rip and dig and try to shred it just so that

they can get into the food so I really really hope this video can help because

I know it can be such a struggle trying to keep your hamster busy even when

you've tried every single option so hopefully these can help see ya guys

thank you for watching bye