How To Get Your Hamster To Chew

hi guys updates videos on how to have

your hamster chill and running by like

cheer was in my house so does not she

wouldn't choose except from this one

that's only because I've got a method

for it if you want your hands at the

start chewing things like wooden chairs

and I'm going to show you a method on

how I done it because if i had this

nearly all his life and it never took a

noise to episode done this method so

they've been it's been a week i think

and he's chill did quite a bit and all

houses probably are different sometimes

as love to chew some gum says don't and

brian is going to show you now how has

helped me and it's obviously good for

your hamster's teeth and so we want to

do is make sure well make sure you want

to get sucked like a supply of your

hamster's treats that they live that's

his favorite and my house favorite

treats are meal worms and cheese cheese

trade shows and my chips and treats and

I flicked up you better found like a

container that you can seal and you can

put the Treat inside so obviously my

treats are kept in the jars and it comes

with a lid that's all good um so why you

want to do a really simple method we

want to us up make sure the treatise the

rights you can obviously change that

into Chinese tab big tub times I bake

the treatise and my troops is perfect to

fit inside you it's almost going to pop

it in and make sure see your hamsters

favorite eat because I will screw the

lid on and because it don't seem to work

otherwise we can but doesn't work as

good as much as you want this you can

see the treat is in there

there's a lot of other methods we do

this but i found this is better for him

more end of the shake it xie xie shake

oh my goodness wanna get a good good

scent on i knows no good scent on the

treat i try to keep this on top of new

ones cuz I thought my captain mealworms

and because I think they're gross and I

want to see if I can be able to get me

I'm gonna bash touching them but you

want to give him a good old shake ya got

you out mountainous buzzin of me was

absolutely buzzing and threw a lid back

on here and as you can see ticking well

you did you went straight towards the

treat because he could smell it and if

you'll give you treat Italy hamster to

you if you give treats to your hamster

quite often then it might not work for

you because of see you thinking no I put

the full treat that I can actually eat

instead of eating the world only just a

sec what and no snow does get I see

Kazmir worms a lot of view rooms about

three times a week so you guys are quite

often because he really like Sam and I

thinking obviously what do you like well

it can't be quietly as he hamsters can

and they probably thinking well no I can

make the actual treat instead of hittin

the word via this method really works me

as you see he's chilled it quite a bit

masters within a week and you've never

achieved anything really apart from Troy

motives both won again to chew i thought

i answered for you and for ya I'm gonna

leave you guys they nice and short video

and a quick way to get your hamsa to

chill chill one is toys so yeah I see

you guys next time I'm Frank you're

watching bye