How to get your hamster to chew on wood

hey guys welcome and welcome back to my


so in today's video i'm going to be

showing you guys some ways that you can

get your hamster to

chew now chewing is super important

for enhancers health because their teeth


continuously grow unlike humans

so because their teeth are continuously

growing you don't want them to become


you have to make sure that they're they

are chewing things

when they chew things hard that

basically means

and trimming their teeth up um and then

their teeth just become sanded and then

it just gets shorter and shorter

so that's why it's always recommended by

lots of people

to provide a lot of chews

for your hamster however

a lot of hamsters do not enjoy chewing

on wood

so in this video i'm going to show you


how to get your hampton to chew on wood

and on a side note i would like to


that chewing on the bars does not count


trimming their teeth or anything like

that because chewing

on the bars is very unhealthy it means

that they are stressed

and they are not

and it means that they have a small cage

so if your hamster is chewing on the

bars please change them to a large cage

the first tip to get your hamster to

chew on wood

is to give them a ton of different

shoes so just here i have a few shoes um

yeah so you have to make sure because

some hamsters are pretty picky about the

wood they chew and

maybe the only chihuahua loofah or their

only two

on willow so it's really important that

you're giving them a variety of

different types of chews

you need a you need some

chews doesn't really matter just get

some wooden shoes i just have

a wooden shoe here and some sticks

and then you also need your hamsters at

food mix so i'm going to take my

chews and i'm just going to stick them

in the food make sure they're

really well buried yeah just

stick those in there the lid on

i would recommend you leave this in more

than 24 hours

because you know it's just the smaller

go on it better

and then after a few days you can just

take your stick out

take it out your stick should smell like

their food mix

and then you just put it in their cage

they're gonna smell the food and they're

gonna be like oh my gosh i love this

and then they're gonna chew it and this

works really well for a lot of hamsters

so i really recommend this

way to do it for the next hack

you can take a

um willow ball this is just made of


and you're also going to need some

tree and now you're going to take your


and you're going to kind of slip it in


kind of slip that in there

slip this one in here

so you kind of squeeze it through the

little ball there

so i just have some seeds and then see

you can't you can see them inside there

and now it's really nice and your

hamster is going to really like to chew

this because

as soon as they see the treats inside

they're going to try their best

to get the treats out for the next tip

you are going to need some peanut butter

i just have some supernatural peanut

butter creamy

um you're also going to need a wooden


and a knife

so i took a little bit of peanut butter

that is almost how much i took um

now you only should use a little bit


too much peanut butter will be bad for

your hamster

so you should have your two and then you

have to put place the peanut butter on

their stick kind of like that

um and then scrape it down with the back

of your knife

like that

sure that you have a very thin layer

um on this so you can't see the peanut

butter but it's on there

so i spread the peanut butter on my


now i have a tissue and i'm just going

to kind of

wipe it all off um

like that

there we go so i got all the peanut

butter off now

only the smell is left on the stick and

now your hamster is going to smell

it and think they are eating a peanut

when they are actually eating water

so yeah guys thank you so much for

watching i hope you have enjoyed