Should You Give Melatonin to Children - Sleep in the News

hi Xavier was sleep well and this is

sleep in the news and today I want to

cover an article that was in People

magazine on April 24th it's an article

that was covered by parenting magazine

and it's what it is is it's a article

about what we know or what to know

before giving your child melatonin

gummies as a sleep aid so I didn't even

know that this was an option it's such a

bad idea that I can't begin to tell you

what's where I can't even know where to

start on this so and the thought the

article is written by about a dr. Judith

Owens who is a director of the Sleep

Center at Boston Children's Hospital so

basically what's going on is a lot of

doctors are prescribing melatonin to

children with ADHD a DD and autism and

other neurodevelopmental what happens is

it makes the child feel tired therefore

getting more rest so the causes here are

number one a lot of the symptoms of ADHD

AED are the same symptoms as sleep

deprivation for children inability to

focus and ability to control oneself

inability to remember things things like

that because remember when a child gets

tired it's not like an adult that kind

of slows down and gets sluggish a child

is excitable doesn't know how to handle

it and it can come across as an ad

symptom so doctors are telling parents

to take these melatonin gummies and the

child will rest more will be able to

control themselves more well it sounds

like a good idea

because it helps them with those

symptoms it actually upsets the child

sleep pattern so a little bit about

melatonin melatonin is a hormone

secreted by your body that helps you

fall asleep faster and helps you rest

better okay so we have this thing called

a circadian rhythm the circadian rhythm

is actually

the governing cycle in our body of when

to be awake and when to be asleep as the

Sun sets more melatonin gets released

into our system our body temperatures

lower we get tired it's been like a

trigger for a sleep time okay so as you

add melatonin to the system it does make

you groggy it can upset your sleep

pattern it can mmm you can honestly mess

up your development because of the fact

that you're not naturally sleeping

you're actually introducing something

that's going to make the child have an

even harder time falling asleep

naturally the argument is isn't

melatonin natural yes it's in our body

the the the answer is that it's in our

body but it's released by our body at

certain times to help us rest naturally

it isn't something that we add to our

body to help us sleep at certain times

so a doctor Judith Owens is interviewed

by parent magazines and she's the

director of sleep at the Boston

Children's Hospital and she is very much

against this she's saying that before

you start introducing melatonin to your

child you need to understand the whole

process of sleep you need to understand

that you're upsetting natural balances

within the bodies of the child there we

honestly don't know what the long-term

effects of taking melatonin are whether

you're adult or child Marais of of

making yourself fall asleep during times

when you're having problems falling

asleep but is it something that we want

our children to take no I do not believe

so and dr. Judith Owens agrees with that

or I agree with her on this you are most

likely doing more damage by disrupting

their sleep cycle then you are helping

them with their focus I think a lot of

times we look for shortcuts and I think

that introducing melatonin gummies to

children is just looking for a shortcut

I I would like to point people to

various blogs mine included on how to

help your child develop a sleep

discipline where there is a set bedtime

where there is a set wake-up time so

that way you can help your child to have

that discipline not only now while their

children but later on when they're

adults because there's a lot of

free-flowing thought on on sleep in a

lot of houses and children just aren't

getting enough sleep

the any anybody below 12 years old is

supposed to be getting nine hours of

sleep and from 13 up eight hours of

sleep how many teenagers do we know that

are actually getting that I can tell you

probably very few and that's a problem

that is that is a problem that we need

to face because we're raising a

generation that doesn't know quality

sleep there's there they're missing out

on grades are missing out on learning

they're missing out on a memory

development all kinds of things and and

I hope that when you read this article

now I'm definitely gonna put the link in

the blog and I'm also gonna put the

links are a links for our blog articles

on children's health as well at the

bottom of this video I hope that you

take the time to investigate this and

find that it's not really that hard of a

process to set steps in place to help

your child fall asleep on time at a

regular time and wake up at a regular

time and with that I thank you for

watching the video and I thank you for

giving us the time in your life to to to

know that sleep is this important to

everyone and I hope that you remember

that when you sleep well you live well

have a great day