Keepin' It Catholic: What to give up for Lent?

hey y'all welcome back to keeping a

Catholic my name is star and today we're

going to be talking about a couple

things that you can give up for Lent


let is gonna start today's Tuesday so

starts next Wednesday so we're about a

week and some change away from Lent

which is kind of crazy because Christmas

felt like it just ended so it's crazy

that we're gonna start going into this

season of one you know what is all about

prayer fasting and almsgiving and so I

really want to take this time to kind of

just go over some things that maybe you

can do to help get yourself in the

mindset and preparing yourself for

Easter you know Easter is coming up

Lent is the perfect time to just get

yourself prepared mentally and really

just bring things forth to your mind

that maybe even some things that you

want to change some things that you want

to do differently some things that maybe

you've been wanting to start spiritually

wise but you haven't really found the

opportunity to do it so what is the

perfect opportunity to kind of meditate

on that and really just start something

that you that's gonna help bring you

closer to God and to Christ and to

really walk with him throughout this

journey that he's gonna be going through

as well or that he went through right

before he right before his passion and

so so let's dive into it

alright so what is life so light is

again like I said it's a time for prayer

it's a time for fasting and it's a time

for almsgiving so why time prepare so

remember we're getting ourselves into

the mindset you know we're preparing for

Christ's passion we're preparing for his

resurrection we're preparing for Easter

okay we're preparing for that big moment

it's like the ultimate moment in our

faith when God proves to us you know

that this is my son

this is what he came for this is what he

came to do and he's gonna fulfill his

mission and so at the same time we're

kind of giving that same responsibility

to fulfill our mission as well as

Christians as Catholic Christians and so

by praying it's a perfect opportunity to

just get yourself in the rhythm get

yourself prepared mentally to just start

bringing things forth in your mind if

things are gonna bring you that maybe

things that you needed to talk to him

about okay so you know you're let's say

we're starting on prayer you need stuff

it's Ash Wednesday right lord I know

you're about to start you know this is

this is the forty days of Lent you're

about to start your process and I want

to start it with you and so I want to be

able to go through this journey with you

and just have that conversation with him

so yeah the almsgiving is really just

the time for you to just to get into the

giving mood and to just really reflect

on the good things that you've done as

well because you know Christ sees that

God sees that you know to think the good

things that you do and the good things

that you give up for him and his people

and so it's really important that we

take that into mind you know during this

time and fasting so fasting is like a

huge question I know a lot of people are

like oh why do Catholics like give a

meat on Fridays and you know why don't

you you know why on I know some people

in Good Friday like don't eat at all

some people it's really just based off

of your traditions but as Catholics on

Fridays we give up me we give up eating

red meat so the only thing we're allowed

to eat it's fish which will be another

video for that so I'm not gonna go too

much into detail because I don't want to

you know spill the beans on that one but

so fasting fasting is a way again

another thing for you to give up you

know when Christ was during his journey

through the forty days at that time of

reflection you know he barely ate I'm

sure you know he tastes he sacrificed

a lot during that time and so we should

be doing the same thing so you're

probably like alright so what can I give

up like what what are some things that I

can give up that are easy right we want

practical things that make sense to us

but are going to be very very meaningful

and play a huge role into something

that's going to change like pretty much

our mindset after the 40 days you know

after Easter is done after lent is over

you know those 40 days it's gonna be

like its it's gonna fly and then after

you know this 40 days those things are

going to become a habit and so this is

the perfect way to start forming a new

habit and a good habit so I know

normally people will be like alright I'm

gonna give up chocolate for Lent I'm

gonna give up coffee I'm gonna give up

TV like I'm not gonna watch TV please

don't don't like that's fine okay if we

were like a complete addict to like

chocolate fine coffee I don't recommend

it I know somebody who did it didn't

really end well for that person because

winter withdraw the caffeine withdrawal

yeah it's not fun it's not a good time

so I don't recommend it but if you

really have to I mean hey if it's a

really really big sacrifice for you and

you feel like that's something that you

really do need to give up hi

by all means but I want you to think

about some things that are just a slight

like things are just a little bit hurt

more harder that you don't realize that

you do but that we do like on a daily

basis I mean like everyday so the one

thing that I know that I sometimes do

and I know a lot of people do our age is

we wish sometimes we wish for something

that somebody else has right we're

comparing our lives to constantly to

someone else's like our friends or

someone we used to be friends with or

somebody we went to school with and as

we're comparing we're kind of like it's

almost like a competition right

but in the end it's really not a


we shouldn't be wishing for something

that somebody else has okay because that

is called envy and envy is a mortal sin

and so we want to stay far away from

that we want to stay far away from that

as possible possible and so if you ever

find yourself kind of being like man

like I can't believe she got a new car

or like oh my god I can't believe she

just moved down to her whole own house

and you know she's doing her own thing

instead of making those types of

comments just be like wow that's great

I'm so happy for that person or Wow Lord

bless that person you know maybe that's

what they really wanted you don't know

how hard somebody fought to get to that

point okay so we don't want to sit there

and compare our lives God places us on

different paths for a reason we all have

a purpose in our life and so we want to

make sure that we stay very grounded on

that path no matter where it takes us

the good and the bad you know we want to

we want to stay on that path and we want

to be grateful we want to be grateful

for what we already have instead of

trying trying to compare and being

ungrateful we want to be grateful and

say you know what I have I'm going to

school you know I have the opportunity

to further my education I have a job I

have a car you know you have your basic

necessities you have everything you

already need and maybe there are just

some things that you want but they may

not be things that you need and so

linens the perfect perfect way to just

stop comparing ourselves stop getting

ourselves into the habit of like wishing

for something that somebody else had

just just stop like just just don't do

it it's not healthy it's not good for

you and I know 100% that God would not

want you to sit there and compare

yourself to other people you are perfect

to him and your purpose and life is even

that more important to him and so just

be mindful of that all right second

thing second thing that we should greed

a should give up

is buying things that aren't essential

so what do I mean by that so meaning

alright I'm gonna go to the mall and I'm

gonna pick up these pair of shoes but do

I really need these shoes like do I

really need these shoes they may be cute

but do I really need them probably not

you know don't use light as an

opportunity to give up on overspending

or buying things that you don't need

like or going out to places to eat or

you know buying luxurious things or

buying the top of the top unit II mean

it's not those things don't matter you

know those things aren't important to

God those materialistic things don't

matter to him and so just as equally

they shouldn't matter to you especially

during that time I mean this is a time

of sacrifice and so we we should really

be putting into mine things that we

should be giving up as well um second

thing which is hard sometimes but we

should stop being lazy people stop being

lazy it's hard I know it's hard trust me

sometimes I just want to lay on the

couch click neck flex and just watch my

shoes right it's after a hard week after

all you know after some craziness if you

had a really bad week of course we just

want to lay up and do nothing nothing

right but stop being lazy if someone

says hey do you want to do something yes

go if there's mass and you normally

don't go to mass and you're just like

making excuses and you're just like I'm

not gonna go because I'd rather just


no don't stop being lazy get up go spend

time with God go spend time with your

family go spend time with your closest

friends those are those people who are

just gonna bring you closer and make

that time remaining full for Lent

you know spend time with those people go

to maybe a young adult group maybe

you've always wanted to go young adult

group or youth group and you've just

never wanted to go go make this make


you're I don't know what the word is but

just make that your thing for let make

that something that you want to add on

to your on to your life and so that's

the perfect opportunity to do that so

fourth thing I don't know if I'm going

in the right order but that's okay so

fourth thing this is something we do

probably every day

unconsciously maybe but this is

something we do every day

okay Gossett do not cost people do not

talk about anybody

do not talk badly of anyone do not

spread rumors don't worry about what

everyone else is doing focus on you and

God okay that that those two things

especially during this time is the most

important thing because that's how this

this relationship is gonna grow even

stronger okay is if your focus is

strictly on you and God and I'm not

saying you got a completely just own

yourself from the world and hide in your

house and not talk to anybody put on

that something saying what I'm saying is

refrain from doing and especially

talking about people or talking

negatively about somebody refrain from

doing that because that's only you just

basically talking down about somebody

when they're not even there and you're

talking about a soul that God cares

about right so and God loves everybody

no matter who they are no matter what

they do good or bad God loves you right

God loves us and so if we're sitting

there and we're having a bad

conversation about somebody then I mean

God's probably can notice like really

instead of you focusing putting your

focus on this person and what they're

doing what they're not doing or what

they're not doing right you should be

focusing on me focusing on the things

that you're not doing the things that

you're not doing right and doing better

and so I know it's so hard because it's

so easy to be like oh did you hear about


no I did and what happened like that's

just like the little worm in the ear

that just keeps going deeper and deeper

and deeper and it just doesn't stop and

so just please try try to stop doing


I know it's hard it's just it's a nasty

thing that I think some of us really

need to work on last or the second to

last thing is to refrain from saying

Jesus or God outside of prayer okay what

I mean by that meaning if someone says

lord please forgive me this is just an

example be like it's like somebody

scared you're like oh yeah Jesus really

oh Jesus no don't don't don't do that

don't don't take his name in vain

don't say oMG I'm not gonna say it out

loud but don't say oMG or like you know

I said it earlier on the video actually

I shouldn't have said that but I did but

you know don't try harder to be more

mindful of that try harder to just be

like whoa like okay I gotta stop myself

from taking his name in vain and of

course if you're praying to him and

you're like Jesus like I really need

this God I really need this I I'm going

through this thing God what am I

supposed to do that's fine but if you're

just like OMG bla bla bla bla you're

like you're going on a rant about

something or you're upset about


you know don't don't use his name in

that sentence please don't I mean he

doesn't want to be used in that context

you wouldn't want to be used in that

context and so let's just really be

mindful of that let's be try to be more

respectful of his name and and the

meaning of the meaning behind it you

know how especially during this time how

important it is to really just be just

be mindful of all the sacrifices that

he's did for that he's done for us

everything from the beginning until the

end you know we really really really

need to be more mindful and respectful

of all that so

I know that's a really hard one and the

last thing is also a very hard thing

something maybe a type of embarrassment

but stop hiding your faith from those

around you okay so stop so let's say you

go to youth group re or you go to young

adult and you know you're this young

adult weird group is your family these

are your friends these are everybody

that you love and care about and you

really just have grown strong in this in

this group or even if you go to church

and you're just you're no you're really

strong in that community share that

faith share that family share that

testimony don't be afraid to say I love

God I love Jesus I love my church I do

this on the weekends for my church I'm

in this youth group I'm in this young

adult group don't be afraid be proud of

that be proud of it

God sacrificed his only Son for you to

be proud of that for you to be proud of

the fact to say I am Catholic I am

Christian I that I think you're just

happy about it just to be happy about it

and share it share that love share that

passion the way that he shared his son

for you for me for your mom your dad

your sister your grandma for everybody I

mean be proud of that that is something

to be so proud of and the way that I'm

sure you would be one day if you have

kids and you're like your kid want a big

old championship and you're like that's

my son or that's my daughter

do the same thing don't be scared if

someone's gonna judge you let someone

judge you who cares why what do you why

do you care cause P we're gonna gossip

about you guess what they're not doing

what you're supposed to be doing well

they're not doing what you're gonna be

giving up doing okay so just be proud of


be proud of your faith stand firm in

everything that God is going to be doing

for you this season during Lent be proud

of that and don't take it for

and there are so many young people

nowadays who just take who just take

everything that was done for us for

granted and we don't even recognize this

some people don't even recognize it or

even go to church or their go to Easter

for one day for the one mass I mean

that's fine that's great but how like

how how was a relationship built how did

you grow during these 40 days if you

didn't sacrifice anything and he

sacrificed everything for you and so I

really really encourage you to just make

this this season of Lent an opportunity

of growth this is the up this is the

time for growth for meditation for you

to just sit back and realize all the

good things that you have all the things

that you could be doing better and I

don't mean better like better isn't like

I can get better grades better as in

like things that you could do better for

you to grow closer to Christ to go

krause it to to grow closer to God

really just meditate on that and think

about that I mean it's so important this

could be the first set for you if you

don't even go to church or you're not

you you know you're not really well well

not you don't know really that much

about the faith that's fine you don't

have to know but if you're like even the

slightest bit kind of interested just

take take advantage of this opportunity

of this moment in time these 40 days

that are about to be coming up and

really just take this time to sacrifice

something to give something to him to

pray to talk to him more and to just be

more more aware and more aware of the

things that we could be changing and so

I really hope you enjoyed this video I'm

really excited for the next one we have

some really really exciting videos


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