Ultimate Guide To Buying A Custom Suit Online (EASY Step By Step Process)

I said so for today's video you're gonna

want to take notes you're gonna want to

save this video because I'm going to go

into tons of detail I'm gonna give you

everything you need to know to buy the

perfect suit online rule number one to

buying a custom suit online make sure

that buying a custom suit online is the

right choice for you what I mean by this

is you have options first up

off-the-rack suits this is the most

common style of suit we see in box

stores and specialty menswear stores

these are pre-made suits in a variety of

different sizes a variety of different

cuts and if you look if you have time

you can actually find something that

fits you reasonably well can sometimes

get adjusted to fit you incredibly well

but I understand if you need a suit

today this is probably the best option

for you so why go custom because you

care about fit you care about the style

and you care about fabric so the fit

guess what if it's custom it's only made

to fit one person you if you're tall if

you're short if you're big if you're

small if you're a combination of those

guess what custom suits don't care

they're gonna be built exactly to fit

your measurements and your measurements

alone or if you're really particular you

have seen this fabric and you want that

particular sports jacket you want that

suit in that fabric guess what

custom is the way to go because you're

just simply gonna be able to choose the

fabric then get the exact style again

your particular you want peak lapels you

want hacking pockets you want you know

an inside really unique lining you can

get it when you go custom the second

thing to know about custom suits is it

is a process you can't get that suit

same day in fact this can be a

multi-week process they're making this

thing from scratch and understand that

sometimes there are multiple fittings

you're gonna have to get measurements

this is something especially the first

time you do it then it's gonna take a

bit of extra time but if you care about

getting the exact style you want the

exact fabric the fit spot-on then the

process is definitely worth it now let's

talk about measurements when you're

going in to get a custom suit guys you

can expect sometimes over 50

measurements to be taken of your body

yeah this is huge

because most of us will refine jeans to

measurements the inseam and the waist or

we're looking at a shirt small medium

large but here's the thing when you're

getting something custom they are gonna


all parts of your body from your neck to

your chest to your torso they're gonna

take your height they're gonna take your

weight but they're also gonna look at

the way that you stand how you basically

do your arms hang all of these details

are going to go into taking a

two-dimensional fabric and then weaving

it and building it into a work of art so

the key point here is make sure whoever

you're working with to get this custom

suit done that they're taking all the

right measurements and that they're

taking them correctly a lot of places

they'll let you take your own

measurements if you're going to do this

make sure that you measure twice so they

only have to cut once

because one of the worst things you can

do is send in the wrong measurements I

prefer if you can actually have someone

measure you and even better if they've

got a block system so a block system is

actually where they've got pre-made

garments after they take your

measurements they have you try these

garments on now what these garments are

telling them is actually okay this is

how it would fit on him we already know

his measurements but what does he think

about the fit of these trousers let's

say in the thigh area because fit is

very subjective one man likes a closer

fit another man likes a very loose fit

and another thing that a lot of people

don't think about when you go in to get

measured or you measure yourself make

sure that you are wearing your best

fitted clothing now guys if you're a fan

of real men real style you probably know

that I started off as a custom clothier

I designed over a thousand suits I used

to own an online clothing business so I

understand this business through and

through and that's why I'm excited to

bring you today's sponsor Indo Chino

I've talked about these guys before but

did you know when I started my first

business they were a competitor I always

looked at him I was very impressed

always by their website the way that

they were serving their customers and

these guys have continued to exceed my

expectations everything I'm wearing in

this video is made by indochina these

guys nailed it I was lucky enough to be

able to go into one of their Atlanta

showrooms where I was able to look at

all the different fabrics they had there

I was able to look at all the different

options and I got measured right there

and designed a beautiful suit the suit

you see me wearing right now they took

my measurements accurately and they use

that block system and I can tell you

that makes a huge difference

I was basically to get one of the best

fitting suits I

her own and I've owned lots of suits

costing thousands in thousands of


guess what endo Chino starts at 399

gentlemen this is a steel first up I

would highly recommend that you go into

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if you can't guess what you could enter

your own measurements and they will work

with you to make sure you get the

perfect fit I will get into options

later in this video in detail but I will

tell you I did some special things with

this suit had a lot of fun you want to

see I'm gonna reveal it right now check

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for my Canadian friends and anyone that

knows the history of endo Chino it

started out he was a Canadian company I

love a company that is just full of

go-getters and I met with the Atlanta

team such a great group of people and I

sort of said it but I want to be a

little bit more clear there are a lot

more than just suits so you want to get

a custom shirt they've got you covered

tons of great fabrics at an amazing

price you want a custom vest and I can

tell you the vest is one of the hardest

garments to get to fit your body

correctly absolutely love this vest and

the fit is spot-on so if your hard to

fit you want a unique fabric that's

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if you want to go with a unique design

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first suit and Indo Chino now this next

step to getting the perfect suit online

is often overlooked but incredibly

important and that is make sure the

people or the team or the person you're

dealing with has good communication

skills because guess what you have this

vision of what you want this custom suit

to look like how you want it to fit and

if they don't ask you the right

questions they're gonna build you a

monstrosity they're gonna go they're

gonna think oh this guy wants the modern

slim fit you thought you're gonna get

something a little bit looser but you

know that would fit your big build

little sudden you get the suit and

you're like oh my gosh what happened

here communication is key so make sure

that they've got a great communication

skills that they speak your language

that's what we're looking to do is

reduce mistakes

next up know what you want so many guys

going to buy custom and they do not know

what they want and if you run into a

Salesman or you work with someone that

really has your best interests in mind

and can direct you that's great but that

doesn't happen all the time

you want to make sure you're not led

astray not you know on purpose but that

person doesn't he can't read your mind

so you want to make sure you've got laid

out exactly what you need if you just

graduated law school and you're taking

that first job over in downtown Chicago

you're gonna be at that top law firm if

you're gonna be wearing a suit daily

find out what they wear to the law

office but by knowing that you'll be

able to build the wardrobe you need but

maybe you need sports jackets maybe you

need Aude trousers and it's gonna make

everyone's job easier when you can give

more specific information about what you

need now that being said this next point

incredibly important that is have one

garment made at a time and I'm talking

one suit made one shirt made one vest

made why don't you want to have like

five suits or ten shirts made because

what if this the first time they're

making it you want to make sure they

nail the fit you think that hey I wanted

to be able to put two fingers right in

here and the guy who was measuring you

thought that you didn't want to be able

to put anything but you don't want to

actually get ten shirts that are made

that way because that guy may argue he

may say hey no no this is what you asked

for and then all of a sudden you've got

an issue ask for one shirt ask for one

jacket ask for one set of trousers and

you should be able to go through

multiple fittings to be able to get

exactly what you want on the fit and

that takes us right to our next point

fittings so fittings are natural

especially when you're just starting off

your first garment you could expect to

have one two fittings as they work to

get it perfect this shirt yeah it may be

a little bit too loose a little bit too

tight in and around the neck maybe you

want the sleeves a little bit longer

this is when they're gonna take note of

this they're gonna say hey I'd like a

little bit slimmer on the sleeve and

they will be able to take it in and make

those adjustments the key point here is

that they not only make the adjustments

but they also adjust your pattern you

want to ask about this because when they

adjust your pattern then this is

something they'll be able to replicate

the garment you don't want them to

replicate a mistake you want to make

sure that if you have those adjustments

made they adjust the pattern and then

all your future suits all your fruits

features sports jackets guess what

they're gonna fit perfectly because you

did the work up front so now let's get

into the details yeah we're gonna go

deep down the rabbit hole first up

talking about suit fabric choice so

there are four things when you're

looking at fabric do you want to pay

attention to so first up the color if

this is your first custom suit hi

I recommend you go with a simple solid

Navy charcoal gray medium gray something

that you're gonna wear again and again

you may see an attorney I've already got

a couple suits like that in my wardrobe

but you have a custom suit like that

in your wardrobe the answer you probably

know and this is why you want to start

it's all about the fit and we can change

things up on the style but initially

your first custom suit go simple now if

this is your first custom suit you've

already made a few custom suits then

feel free based off your knowledge and

what you know about menswear to start

having a little bit more fun now let's

talk about patterns so patterns again

this is something initially no pattern

but you could if you really wanted to

bring in a pattern to start off with

maybe look at a herringbone a

herringbone weave in a solid fabric

actually is not very noticeable until

you get up close it adds a bit of depth

gives a little bit of a little bit of

weight to the fabric so it is gonna be a

thicker heavier fabric but I think it

looks absolutely beautiful you can also

look at bring in and we see windowpanes

we see checks we also see pinstripes

these when you start to bring these in

understand these are not your

interchangeable pieces these are going

to be much more memorable these are

gonna be suits that stand out but if you

already got five suits you've got six

suits why not bring in a pinstripe

pinstripes all about business

windowpanes checks these understand are

gonna be much more casual

now what about small repeating patterns

like Birds Eye shark-tooth nails head I

think that those are perfectly fine but

they are going to be a bit more casual

however if you already have like three

or four suits in your wardrobe I really

like bringing in something like this it

adds a bit of texture at the same time

from a distance it actually looks solid

and people won't see the pattern till

they get up close now something like

chalk stripe this is maybe if you

already got nine suits I maybe would

make an attempt but this is something

that really a big pattern like that

really is a distinctive pattern it can

really stand out if you know what you're

doing but it's not going to be a suit

that you can wear more than once or

twice a month next up let's talk about

materials and 99% of you want to go with

100% wool is where it's at you're gonna

see the word worsted we'll all this

simply means is that the wool has been

woven into a tight thread and it is

perfect for suti beautiful drape even

cheap worsted wolves have really come a

long way now what you don't want to go

with is a blend and a blend is where

they put in a little bit of polyester

sometimes 50

50 with wool basically because they're

using this material it is next to

nothing in cost and it also just never

looks as good now what about silk

what about cotton and what about linen I

think that when blended with wool you

can get some amazing options but don't

do this with a fur suit because if you

get your first suit it's got 50% linen

or you know it's gonna require more

upkeep it also could wrinkle more I do

think there in the summer these are

interesting options but for most guys

just starting off go with worsted wool

and now let's talk about fabric cost and

this is important because custom suits

the price the final price is often based

off of what was the cost of the material

so your fabric it takes about three and

a half yards for an average custom suit

this right here can range anywhere from

a few dollars per yard to over a

thousand dollars per yard depending on

the fabric depending on what mill it

comes from what is in it so if it's wool

versus polyester versus a silk blend

versus a very rare wool they've had

actually fabrics woven with a little bit

of gold in them yes and those can cost a

lot of money so understand that when a

tailor's doing this for him it's about

the same amount of work that goes into

it it's really about the raw materials

and how much those cost so if you want

to go with something really rare if you

want to go with something really

high-end something that they don't they

don't make that much of that is gonna

drive the cost up substantially however

if you go with the material that they

have plenty of that's a staple that's

classic you're gonna find that the cost

is gonna be driven down and let's talk

about the super number so you see super

80s super 120 super 220 understand that

none of this is regulated so one

company's super 120 could be in there

the company's super 220 but they do

understand at least the people in sales

that a lot of people view these like

megapixels and cameras so whatever you

see a camera with a lot of megapixel

people want to go buy that cuz it's the

newest and greatest guys don't fall for

it any super like 100 any super 120 is

going to be just beautiful perfectly

fine I would expect in general super 2

20s at that range right there to be

really nice and in general you will see

the cost go up as the super number does

now let's talk about design and my

advice to you is kiss keep it simple

silly seriously I've got two dozen suits

right here and I will tell you the ones

I wear the least or the ones that I got


overcomplicated on the design don't do

an eclectic here eclectic there changing

this up to be different all of a sudden

you've got something which is a


so when you're looking at the lapels

yeah I went with peak right here I had a

little bit of fun but this is pretty

much one of two things I had fun on this

jacket but most people notch lapels are

gonna be perfectly fine peak lapels are

gonna be a little bit more formal if you

want to go with shawl lapels that is

very rare and you see it more on Black

Tie but in general notch lapels are

gonna be fine how many buttons in the

front two in general ninety-five percent

of jackets out there are to button oh

you can go with the double-breasted guys

if this is your first custom suit don't

go with a double-breasted suit because

you don't own any double-breasted suits

and you don't normally wear them don't

buy something that again is gonna be

really pushing you but there are many

things you can change up by the way

which nobody will see I talked about my

inner lining on my jacket this is where

you can have a lot of fun or it can be

something small like the back of the

jacket a lot of people whenever they buy

something off the rack they got to go

with the single vent I highly recommend

you go with the double vent it doesn't

seem like much but this makes a huge

difference in the way the jacket fits

and the way it flows whenever you're

walking you can also maybe look at the

buttons right here make sure you go with

working buttons you may want to go with

the contrast stitching right here I want

for a little bit maroon right there

contrast stitching is another great

little thing you can do change up the

buttons maybe change up a few things

here there but guys overall keep it

simple and the same thing with the

trousers guys keep it simple so if you

don't normally have pleats on your

trousers don't buy pleats now if you

don't normally cuff your trousers go

with straight at the bottom hem one

thing I highly recommend is go with

suspender buttons on the inside nobody's

gonna see it you may never even use them

but you always have them there is an

option if you want to buy suspenders now

if you have the option I always

recommend you buy an extra set of

trousers most times when a suit is

damaged it is the trousers but if you've

got two pairs of trousers you've got

that suit and this is your go-to suit

guess what you've got something that's

gonna last a lot longer just make sure

when you send them out to the cleaners

that you send them out as a set and if

you get two sets of trousers consider

getting one of them with side taps so

get rid of the belt loops instead it's

simply gonna cinch up on the sides I

absolutely love this look very unique

but something I wouldn't recommend if

you only have one pair of trousers

because if you

gain or lose weight it can be an issue

now what about vests I absolutely love

it and I recommend that if you want to

add some pizzazz to your look go with a

contrasting vest or maybe go with the

matching vest go for the three-piece

suit look if you wear the suit again and

again but I said it this early and I

want to say it again the vest is one of

the hardest garments to get fit so make

sure that if you're buying this custom

that you get this adjusted if it does

not fit correctly because the vest is

one of those things there's not really

much room to give or to loosen up and

you want to make sure that you get

exactly what you're looking for most of

us when you go and you buy them off the

rack even if you find the right fit

you're stuck with the style that they

give you when you go custom you can get

styles that you can only dream of and

this is where I do like to have a little

bit of fun you notice right here four

buttons on each side went double

breasted double breasted vests very rare

and I knew that they're also incredibly

hard to get fitted properly so when I

have the chance to get one custom from

Indo Chino you bet I jumped on it and I

absolutely love it now one of the

contrasting fabric that I felt worked

really well with the brown because it's

got a little bit of brown in it and

there's another trick when you're

looking at maybe matching things see if

you can actually find a fabric that has

a little bit this one a little bit of

that repeating Brown so because it has

the brown I knew it would naturally

match with the brown suit now what about

custom shirts well if they could make

suits if they can make vests you bet

they can make custom shirts and so for

me it's an easy choice when they've got

your measurements that's what I like

about choosing one manufacturer one

company to go with keep it simple silly

with the design but have a little bit of

fun I do like to simply go with a

classic color as you guys know I love

white and blue shorts it's just my I

mean come on it just works with

everything I have but there are so many

options you can have when it comes to

the style of the collar and that's where

you can have so much fun you can keep

the color simple but you can change up

the style and if you get that fit right

that shirt is gonna look amazing on you

alright so it's been a couple weeks you

get the suit you get the shirt you get

the vest you get the trousers now let's

talk fittings so this is a very natural

part of the process especially the first

time you buy from anyone that's making

something custom you are gonna want to

have some adjustments made now I can

tell you what Indo Chino sent me is

spot-on I'm not gonna have anything

adjusted maybe you know that shirt right

here I will adjust the button that is it

that's what

the whole block system but most time if

you're using someone that doesn't use a

block system you're gonna have to get

some fittings done but understand

adjustments are just part of the process

and so when you're going through these

fittings it's best if you can go in and

actually get them to look at it and make

the adjustments so that they can update

your profile your pattern you want them

to make you that one shirt that one pair

of trousers that one jacket that one

vest and then based off of the

adjustments you make they will then make

the rest of your order because if you're

ordered 10 shirts if you ordered five

suits you don't want to get five that

are the wrong size or too tight in the

chest some places they'll have you

actually go if you buy it online they'll

have you go to a local tailor so you

want to call around make sure that that

person can adjust the suit if it's too

much if it's a major adjustment you're

probably gonna have to ship it back to

them along with photos along with what

needs to be done but that is why

communication is so key and I feel it's


because when it comes to the adjustments

this is when the magic happens you go

from really good to friggin amazing so

at this point you've now got a perfectly

fitted suit you've got a great-looking

shirt you've got a good-looking vest you

have an outfit which makes you feel like

a million bucks what do you do now wear

it gentlemen the most expensive clothing

you'll ever own it's the clothing you

never wear wear it so many times that

eventually you have to go get more I

know when I dress sharp even if I'm at

home if I've got a big call if I've got

a big meeting I dress better why do I do

this because it puts me in the zone it

makes me feel better and studies have

shown that actually dressing the part

you feel better you perform better the

scientific term is called in clothes

cognition and this is when your clothing

has an effect on how you see yourself

and how you perform it's real gentleman

so suit up dress sharp and become the

man you know yourself to be

so what video to watch next how about

custom versus off-the-rack suits in this

video I break out the advantages and

disadvantages of each type of suit