AHS Careers – Volunteer Coordinator

my name is Silvia Advent I'm a

coordinator for volunteers I work at the

qe2 Hospital in Grand Prairie and also

look after the sites for Graham cash

beaver lodge and hike and I've done this

for just a little over ten years I do

love working with the volunteers making

sure that they are in a program that

they feel they are contributing in a

meaningful way I do individual

interviews with all new applicants for

their volunteering we provide them with

a packet that they need in that

application process I also do a an

orientation for the new volunteers so

that even though they may look at our

provincial handbook which is very

helpful we talk about how does that work

at the qe2 at hospital and then we do a

more site-specific orientation as to

their program patient care is really our

prime focus I find our volunteers can

come alongside and sit with patients

whereas professional staff may need to

be more task oriented so we have

volunteers who do visits they assist our

recreation therapy staff as well with

their programming whether that's our

patients in the hospital or residents in

long-term care facilities there are some

great volunteer coordination programs

and literature that is available for

training some great opportunities for a

person considering this role would be to

work with people in a volunteer fashion

probably have some volunteer experience

themselves and then be willing to just

be very flexible with your job I have

been a volunteer even prior to my


here and so I've just had a little bit

better than 20 years of volunteering

still maintain my role as a visitation

volunteer I think the best part of this

job for me is to interact with so many

people who are willing to give of their

time we can make an impact

to people to encourage them to give them

a quality of life that's very meaningful

and touching and it's just encouraged me

many times over to let other people know

that they do make a difference in other

people's lives