How To Make Icing Using Powdered Sugar

hi there my name is auntie Milton I'm

also known as cookie girl and today I'm

going to show you how to make frosting

using powdered sugar

okay so here I've got my powdered sugar

also known as icing sugar and I've got

eight ounces of it in this bowl and here

I've just got some plain water so I'm

going to done exactly how much water I'm

going to use so I'm just going to put a

tablespoon in here that's a half

tablespoon and another half and now I'm

just going to add some color to the

water it's easier if you use color paste

which gives you the best intensity of

color it's best to add it to the water

it's much easier to blend in so now I've

got some food color in the water I'm

just going to add that a little at a

time and then mix it in

now that's a whole tablespoon of water

and I may need a little more but I'm

just going to spend a little while

trying to get all the liquid

incorporated I'm adding another half a

tablespoon the best thing is just to add

a bit at that time if you do find that

you add too much water you can always

add some more icing sugar to get the

mixture thicker again

now I'm just using quite a lot of

pressure to get the mixture smooth

obviously you can use the electric whisk

for this but it's quite an easy job to

do this with a wooden spoon and a bowl

now this is about the consistency I want

they can have to stay on the cake but

runny enough to be able to ice now I'm

going to use a palette knife to just put

a little icing on top and smooth it

around and you can see that's just the

right consistency it's not running off

the cake but it's nice and easy to put

on there we have it