Old-Fashion Peanut Butter Candy Recipe

chef buck here I'm back in mama Redbuck's

and she's gonna make one of my

favorite treats kind of a peanut butter

of sugar candy they're all is peanut

butter and sugar basically right peanut

butter sugar and milk so what are you

gonna do first off we're going to I got

a dis little small bowl here you don't

need no big large bone just

confectionery sugar what is that a cup

and a half you can put as much as you

want I don't know that looks like a big

heap gonna always add cuz it doesn't

matter you just want to have your milk

to sugar ratio to it the right

consistency yeah let's put just don't

touch your milk literally just a touch

yeah a whole bunch of powdered sugar

then a wee little bit of milk yeah we're

gonna stir it up because it's very easy

to go overboard with those yeah because

this you put too much milk you got

you're just gonna have to keep adding

sugar then add just a little bit more we

can always add yeah I think that was the

problem that I had when I tried making

them as I as I made my my sugar the

consistency was too liquidy you got too

much too much milk in it you're not

going to really be able to do anything

about it how long you been making these

I remember these from when I was a

little kid is this is this a recipe you

learned from Grandma yeah from dad's mom

yeah so she used to make these for him

when he was a kid yeah so this is like

poor people can do this is poor people

can do yes oh you need sugar milk and

peanut butter you can you can get peanut

butter with peanuts in it you've never

made crunchy versions of these evidence

yes I have I don't remember that I made

them for your dad but he didn't he

didn't care for him he'd rather have

just the plain just the plain peanut

butter so I really didn't you know maybe

every once in a while now I kind of want

to sort of try one with crunchy peanut

yeah we're gonna put just a little bit

here so it's almost like it's almost

like you're flowering up yeah your boy

but you're using sugar so now you left

but in there but you got you kind of put

enough liquid in there to get you a

little sugar dough ball it's almost like

the size of a biscuit like a big biscuit

now we're gonna roll him out just a

little bit now I don't remember you ever

using a roller before I have but I've

used a big rolling pin I don't even

remember you using a rolling yeah yeah

yes a head so you know now you just roll

it out a little bit sugar on there to

keep it from rolling up and you got a

lot of fancy gadgets for this well I'm

gonna I'm loosening it on the bottom so

here oh this sugar it will stick to it

yeah that's why I say they're messy yeah

you got to be careful putting this

together you got to have the right ratio

of milk to sugar and then you got to be

careful that it doesn't stick so then

you can make a lot of mistakes you know

that'll cause this to be difficult to

handle the mama's done this so many

times she makes it look easy but I had a

have to make these they're nice to make

especially like it Christmas okay now

there's your coating for the outside and

we're going to now I just cover it with

peanut butter and some peanut butters

don't don't spread as smoothly as this

now one of the reasons why you've gone

to Reese's and you like that no I think

it's good I think really it's got a

better case yeah cuz it's got sugar

sugar on inside your sugar well and

these you can put in the refrigerator I

mean you can cover them up and you can

you can keep them I mean it's not like

you've got to sit down any everything

there is yeah these things last forever

although they don't generally lasts that

long around me but I know sometimes

you'll you'll make these and you'll just

have them sitting in the fridge yeah

when I show up they're there

you look like an artist yeah I've just

painted a picture now we're going down

hold on hold on before you go any

further let's let's wait for the Whom

the Bell Tolls okay there it is so it's

just three o'clock okay this make sure

it's good and loose on the bottom and

we're just gonna rolling just gonna

start rolling in here that's why we only

make just a little bit at a time you

know because if you don't you got off

you've got a big mess it's easier to do

a little bit at a time so you got like a

little sugar snake that's exactly what

it is it's a snake sound that is the

bottom of your worm so that's where you

get it sealed right in there okay so

some of the damp parts yeah bleeding

through you're putting some fresh sugar

on there you're kind of kneading it out

of making it a little longer now action

so now you're gonna get a knife to cut

him mother okay we're gonna take the

ends and just cut those off what are you

gonna do with those you can knead them

if you want you can cut them any size

you want you make big ones you can make

them smaller however you want to do them

and then we're going to put them on the

plate they're very soft yeah yeah but

they will harden up yeah they will they

will get they will get hard it's gonna

take a few minutes yeah that they firm

up and they're much easier to handle

right now they're very soft they're not

as good when you first make them it

tastes just like sugar and peanut butter

which is all it is but once these sit

around for a little bit

especially after you put them in the

refrigerator they'll kind of harden up

and the sugar will become like a a hard

outer crust and then you have the creamy

peanut butter inside ya know they'll

firm up and then you can stack them on

top of each other and you can make as

many as you want you know just just keep

making them like that all right I'm

gonna hold the camera right here and you

keep making them but you just got to

take your time and make sure you get the

right consistency

yeah if you you have it you know too wet

you're not gonna be able to mess with it

you're not gonna be able to you know

yeah I think that's the issue that I had

when I took whenever I've tried to make

them I've always had a too wet and then

I try to try to spread it out and roll

it and it just becomes a big mess no you

can't can't really do it like that but

you've made it so many times you got the

magic touch

well I don't have a magic touch you know

just kind of you can just kind of feel

it when you when you're making it is you

don't need big hunk and chunks of this

candy because it's it's literally a

mouthful of sugar and peanut butter now

these are the ones she just did and see

when I touch them you see how soft and

malleable they are but yeah I can tell I

can tell that this is one of the old

ones and this is one of them big

difference yeah you definitely can so

they'll sit around and harden up and

they'll turn into some nice candies

we'll go ahead and slide them in the

fridge and we'll check on them in a

little bit now I know you these pieces

here you think are ugly but I'm gonna go

ahead and put these on this plate - and

then we'll firm these up yeah those are

very ugly because I would rather I would

rather eat them after they've firmed up

a little bit yeah this will be the

fridge cam all righty so we'll slide

them in the fridge we'll come back and

check on them just a wee little bit so

these were in the fridge for about 30

minutes and the more they sit out the

harder oh yeah they're so good but right

now they're so hard you know they firmed

up so much that you can actually you can

kind of manhandle them I think you put

his fingers on all of them so nobody

else could have any I'm just trying to

illustrate yeah how they firmed up

because they're very soft when you first

make them you know when you were little

and you lick something so nobody else

that wanted yeah that's what but anyway

I have loved these since when I was a

little kid really muy fantastico I'll

probably about five more of these and

then I'll go into a deep sleep I haven't

had a lot of success making these my mom

makes it look easy and I think it is

easy you just got to you just got to our

practice practice practice it's like

playing piano you play piano no well she

can make a peanut butter candy

no Gary tuned but anyway if you wanna

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there thanks for watching and

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