How to make Icing Sugar? (Confectioners Sugar)






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today I am making icing sugar with

holidays around the corner

we need this icing sugar in many dessert

recipes and people have been asking me

about this icing sugar so this icing

sugar is nothing but powdered sugar

with the addition of a little bit of

cornstarch in that and making your own

icing sugar is really very very easy and

expensive so to make this icing sugar or

confectioners sugar we need just two

simple ingredients so here I have a cup

of crystal sugar you can also use

regular granulated sugar and I have

taken a tablespoon of cornstarch so for

each cup of sugar we need a tablespoon

of cornstarch so I'm gonna put this

sugar into a blender pot so first we're

gonna put it on our crystal sugar so

we'll give it a pulse few times now just

don't put your blender on high and leave

the sugar part blending for a minute as

the heat under terapia this blender

blender blades can't burn this sugar now

pulsing this a sugar for a few seconds

then scrapping down the sides and

pulsing it again will prevent this sugar

from overheating

alright let's check that out

perfect now this sugar is ready it has

turned into a fine powder you know

finally we'll add in this tablespoon of

cornstarch in that mix that Ruffy will

close this up and we'll give this few

more pulses and this cornstarch acts as

a binding agent and now this icing sugar

is all ready now let me just transfer

this take a deep purple

we'll give that one more gentle looks

and remove that forget that

and this convert that actually we have

added in the powdered sugar it actually

acts as a binding agent and at the same

time it also prevents this icing sugar

from clumping together and there you

have it your own homemade icing sugar

and you can use this up in many dessert

recipes such as for making frostings as

well as in making cakes cupcakes or any

dessert recipe which calls for the use

of this icing sugar I hope you liked my

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