How to Make Chocolate Crinkles | Cookie Recipes |

this decadent brownie like cookie recipe

for chocolate crinkles is perfect for

all the chocolate loving chocoholics out

there you know who you are or for anyone

looking to satisfy a sweet tooth okay

let's get started in a large bowl mix

together one cup of unsweetened cocoa

powder with two cups of sugar and a half

cup of vegetable oil


then using an electric mixer beat in

four eggs one at a time and add two

teaspoons of vanilla extract for a

flavor twist we're substituting one

teaspoon of vanilla extract with

peppermint extract in a separate bowl

add two cups of flour two teaspoons of

baking powder 1/2 teaspoon of salt and

stir this together to combine next are

the dry ingredients into the cocoa

mixture until fully mixed

cover the cookie dough and refrigerate

it for at least four hours

this helps the cookies get their

crinkled appearance once baked once the

dough has chilled preheat the oven to

350 degrees Fahrenheit and line several

baking sheets with parchment paper roll

the cookie dough into 1-inch balls we're

using a small scoop to keep them equal

in size this recipe makes six dozen

cookies if you don't want to bake that

many now you can wrap the extra dough

and freeze it for later coat each ball

and confectioners sugar you'll need

about 1/2 cup total and then place them

on the prepared baking sheets about one

inch apart bake in the preheated oven

for 10 to 12 minutes then let them cool

on the baking sheets for several minutes

before transferring them to a wire rack

to cool completely

check out the cracks and crinkles on

these beautiful chocolate crinkles

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writes YUM

as a once-a-week cookie Baker I know

these cookies are fantastic