CHEWY Vanilla Sugar Cookie Recipe

how will you buy so today we're going to

be making delicious chewy vanilla sugar

cookies now you're probably wondering

what's so special about these cookies

well a lot of times sugar cookies once

you take them out of the oven as they

sit they do tend to harden not these

Peggy's these will remain forever chilly

I thought this recipe would be perfect

to share with you guys because everybody

should have it could go to vanilla

cookie recipe

they're perfect for any kind of events

birthday parties party in general

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so in my bowl here I have some melted

butter or almost the reason I use melted

butter is because it will prevent you

from whipping up the butter and

incorporating too much air resulting and

a cakey cookie

however using melted butter will yield a

very chewy cookie I've added my sugar

and I'm going to add my vanilla extract

this is homemade I will leave a link for

that in the description box below makes

these ingredients together just until

well combined and then you can go ahead

and add the egg yolks I don't like to

use whole eggs for my cookie recipes

because whites don't really provide

anything and cookie recipes if not

buying the ingredients together and give

you some volume but they don't contain

fats so if you want a tender cookie you

only need the yolks add your dry

ingredients careful to not over mix as

soon as the flour disappears stop mixing

now because this is a vanilla cookie

recipe and because my inner kid was

calling me I'm going to add some

sprinkles you do not have to add

sprinkles I personally love to have

sprinkles to this recipe you don't have

to as I said you could also add some

white chocolate chunks that would be so

delicious I didn't have any but you

could do that any way to form your

cookies just use a small ice cream

GUP or your hands and shape these into

balls I'm adding some more sprinkles on

top and you're going to tell these for

about 30 minutes before baking them so

once they have chilled you're going to

place your cookies onto a cookie sheet

lined with parchment paper and bake

these in a preheated oven at 180 degrees

Celsius or 350 Fahrenheit for 10 minutes

do not cook these longer than 10 minutes

unless you're making giant cookies when

you take these out of the oven they will

have these beautiful crinkles which is a

must for chewy cookies and they'll still

be soft they will set a bit more as they

cool so let this cool and then enjoy can

we just take a look at how they ban

skies that is the most perfect chili

cookie they're everything you want in a

vanilla sugar cookie sweet and so

delicious but I do like to add salt to

my vanilla cookies so the salt really

cuts the sweetness brings out the flavor

and just gives you the most balanced and

delicious vanilla cookie if you did

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I was