Vanilla Glaze - easy recipe

I'm going to show you how to make a

vanilla pound cake glaze first you need

one and a half cups of powdered sugar a

teaspoon of melted butter you're going

to add it to the paddle

we're going to slowly add first about a

tablespoon of milk teaspoon of vanilla

extract now mix this together we want

this to be horrible but you want it to

be thick so that's what we're not going

to add all the milk in at one time now

add another tablespoon of milk mix it

and this looks like about right

next distance is very smooth

so you wanted to be kind of thick let's

see it's still thick horrible so now my

pancake here I'll just spoon this all

over your cake now when you business and

I can't just call a bunch on the spoon

and just lay your spoon across real fast

we're going to sit for a few minutes

just to kind of harden up a little bit

and then slice into the service how you


I hope you guys find this helpful please

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