you wake up at 8 a.m. in the morning and

your throat feels scratchy and painful

you have an intense thirst your head

hurts and you possibly have a fever yet

you still have work to do or some place

to be this isn't the first time this has

happened to you and if you live in the

United States you are one of the 30 to

40 million children and adults who

suffer from the same sword nests in

their throats every year yet you always

wonder why you hi and welcome to my

simplified today we will be talking

about sore throat a common painful

condition that has millions suffering

worldwide we will look at what causes

sore throat the signs and symptoms of a

sore throat and how do we treat a sore

throat and what can you do to prevent a

sore throat - so let's begin first let's

look at how a human throat is from the

inside the human throat consists of a

pharynx epiglottis and the larynx the

pharynx is connected to the mouth

allowing food and liquid to pass down

via the east of Vegas and allows inhaled

air from the nose to enter the lungs it

is the epiglottis which acts like a lid

and prevents food or liquid to enter the

lungs the larynx contain the vocal cords

and they help you to speak hence it is

also known as a voice box now that we

have looked at structure of our throat

let's look at what causes a sore throat

although there are various causes of a

sore throat they can be broadly divided

into infectious and non-infectious

causes infectious causes include

bacteria and viruses that can infect

your throat viruses that can infect your

throat our Rhino viruses which it causes

common cold influenza virus

mononucleosis virus measles and

varicella virus a number of bacterial

infections can also cause a sore throat

the most common being the streptococcus

pyogenes which is caused by the Group A

streptococcus and that is known as the

strep throat now there are many cases of

sore throat which are not caused by any

of these pathogens and these come under

the non-infectious causes of sore throat

these can include allergies especially

allergies to pets molds dust and pollen


also caused a sore throat sore throat

due to irritation with irritants like

tobacco smoke or chewing tobacco

drinking excessive alcohol and eating

spicy foods can also irritate your

throat sore throat can also develop due

to a strain in the vocal cords which can

be caused by excessive yelling talking

loudly or talking for long periods

without rest

gastroesophageal reflux disease which is

a digestive system disorder can also

lead to acid reflux into the vocal cords

and the pharynx and can cause a sore

throat tumors of throat tongue or larynx

can also lead to a sore throat breathing

excessively through your mouth can also

cause a dry sore throat let's look at

some of the signs and symptoms of a sore

throat pain or a scratchy sensation in

throat that worsens with swallowing or

talking difficulty swallowing sore

swollen glands in your jaw or neck white

patches or pass on your tonsils a horse

or muffled voice fever runny nose

sneezing body aches headaches nausea and

vomiting now let's look at some of the

danger signs of sore throat a sore

throat that is severe or lasts longer

than a week difficulty breathing

sore throat associated with joint pains

sore throat associated with earache if

you develop a rash on your skin and a

sore throat it's also a danger sign if

you develop fever higher than 101 degree

Fahrenheit during a sore throat that is

also a danger sign blood in your saliva

swelling in your neck or face is also a

danger sign

although anyone can get a sore throat

some factors make you more susceptible

these include age children and Dean's

are most likely to develop sore throats

exposure to tobacco smoke smoking and

secondhand smoke can irritate the throat

chronic and frequent sinus infections

bacteria from your nose can irritate

your throat or spread infection

close-quarters viral and bacterial

infection spread easily anywhere people

gather whether in childcare centers

classrooms offices or airplanes you are

more susceptible to infections in

general if your immunity is low common

causes of lowered immunity include HIV

diabetes treatment with steroids or

chemotherapy drugs stress fatigue and

poor diet also contribute to weakened


hugely sore throat is a self diagnosis

but let's look at how sore throat is

diagnosed in clinics the doctor will

start with a physical examination that

will include the use of a lighted

instrument to look at the throat and

likely the ears and the nasal passage

gently palpating or feeling the neck to

check for swollen glands also known as

lymph nodes listening to your child's

breathing with a stethoscope and many

cases doctors use a simple test to

detect step to avoid bacteria which is

the cause of strep throat this test is

the throat swab the doctor rubs a

sterile swab over the back of the throat

to get a sample of secretions and sends

a sample to a lab for testing

sore throat caused by viral infection

usually lasts 5 to 7 days and doesn't

require medical treatment to ease pain

and fever many people turn to

acetaminophen tylenol or adult mild pain


however if your sore throat is caused by

a bacterial infection your doctor or

pediatrician will prescribe antibiotics

regardless of the cause of your sore


there are at-home strategies that will

help you to ease you or your child's

symptoms the first one of them is rest

get good amounts of sleep rest your

voice to drink plenty of fluids fluids

keep the throat moist and prevent

dehydration avoid caffeine and alcohol

which can dehydrate you try comforting

foods and beverages like caffeine free

tea or warm water with honey gargle with

salt water add one teaspoon of salt

to 200 ml warm water and use that for

gargling 8 to 10 times do it especially

before you sleep and you will feel a lot

better when you wake up in the morning

humidify the air around you you can keep

a pan of steaming water in your room or

use a traditional room humidifier

consider lozenges and avoid irritants

like smoking

the best way to prevent sore throat is

to avoid the germs that cause them and

practice good hygiene follow these tips

and teach your child to do the same wash

your hands thoroughly and frequently

especially after using the toilet before

eating and after sneezing or coughing

cough or sneeze into a tissue and throw

it away when necessary sneeze into your

elbow use alcohol-based hand sanitizers

as an alternative to washing hands when

slope and water aren't available avoid

touching public phones or drinking

fountains with your mouth regularly

clean telephones TV remotes and computer

keyboards with sanitizing cleanser when

you travel clean phones and remotes in

your hotel room avoid close contact with

people who are sick

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