How do I Make Red by Blending Paint Colors?

hi there my name is David Harris I've

been an interior exterior commercial

residential painter for the last 11

years and today we're going to discuss

how to make red by blending paint colors

the simple answer is that you can't make

red by budding paint colors red the

primary color along with yellow and blue

and what primary color means is that you

can't blend any two colors to make that

color those are called secondary colors

so the obvious next question is how then

does a paint supplier make red paint how

that happens is they take a white base

coat like they do for all paints and

they add a red pigment to it now a long

time ago it used to be that pigments

were only found in nature you would have

to go to a mineral or a plant to find a

red pigment to add to paint to paint red

nowadays especially in latex paint all

pigments are artificial in fact the only

place I think they still use natural

pigments is in fine art oil painting now

just because you can't use to paint

colors to make red doesn't mean that you

can't blend new paints to make new red

colors you're going to look at if you're

going to look at a color wheel you're

going to find that red falls between

yellow and blue and Red's that favor the

yellow side are going to look a little

more orange or maybe even a little brown

and the Reds that fall towards the blue

side are going to look more like a

purple and you can have a lot of fun

with staying inside the red family by

working around this concept so what we

have here are four different paint

colors to represent the spectrum of red

on this side we've got kind of an orange

II red or a brick red and on this side

we have kind of a a purpley red also

we've got kind of a bright yellow and a

dark blue

now what we're going to do is we're

going to take a little bit of this this

purple red a little bit of this orange E


I'm going to add it to a cup I'm going

to take a little bit of this blue I'm

going to add it in there

we can get it out that is

and then we're going to take a little

bit of the CLO and we're going to add it

to the orange e red

then what we're going to do is we're

just going to use a little foam brush to

kind of mix it up and get a new color

and the trick to mixing paint like this

just to make sure that you don't see any

any streaks of either of the original

colors so the tip to mixing paint like

this that you don't want to see any

streaks of the original colors on the

inside because once you apply to a wall

you can have a much harder time blending

the two colors together

so now that we have four different paint

colors why don't we put them on the wall

and see what we got

so what you see on the wall right now is

a color spectrum going from orange to

purple now on the far side of the orange

would be that bright yellow that I mixed

into the paint

and on the far side of the purple would

be that dark blue and if we continue

this process we would eventually end up

with a complete circle bleeding from one

end to the other so there you can see

four colors out of two paints

so my name is Dave Harris I'd like to

thank you for joining me today and

allowing me to share some of my

expertise with you and that is the

basics of how you blend paint colors to

make different kinds of red