Awesome Oregon Road Trip: Exploring Eastern Oregon

man oh man check it out


howdy folks I'm driving along here in

Eastern Oregon just a little ways north

of Byrnes

I left my brother's house in the ground

yesterday this is his truck I'm driving

it I've done a few different boring and

road trips

Oregon is really amazing as he just saw

and it is not all nice lush green forest

but there's plenty of varied landscapes

of all types including fawn desert so

this is going to be fun little trip I

have a few more to three more days left

I left yesterday late in the afternoon

and then camp last night just a few

minutes northern here

it was very stormy there was lightning

Oh check out these awesome views here

yesterday was stormy and ended up

raining on me last night

but as you can see today is looking

pretty nice it's gonna be fun little

adventure so here we go

check this out I'm just off the road

down there just saw this really cool

sort of plateau area going through this

valley that obviously a river cut

through and I thought that I would just

pull over and do a little short hike

here maybe get up on top of that rock

platform up there get the view if I can

this is really awesome territory I love

this dry sagebrush nice wide-open sort

of landscapes I don't exactly have the

best Footwear on at the moment

got my sandals on I got shoes in the in

the truck but just thought that I'd put

up with the stuff getting in my feet and

everything for the sake of being a

little bit cooler and here I'm at the

top where it's a little bit windy

and here's the thriving metropolis of

Bern Dorgan I'm looking for some lunch

and hopefully a milkshake metal find one

all right so I'm here at the

intersection of Highway 205 and Steen's

mountain loop which heads on out that

way up into the Steen's mountains behind

me here is the little town of French

Glen bear leaving a town just a hotel a

kind of old fancy looking hotel there

the French Glen hotel so I think I'm

gonna head up that gravel road there

here's the map so let's see here is

French Glen up here is burned where I

came from and where I had the burger and

fries and did indeed find a milkshake

very delicious strawberry milkshake and

headed on down this way and then here is

that loop that Steen's Mountain loop

that heads over here wraps around and

then comes back to this highway 205 that

I'm on these red triangles were

campground that's campground campground

campground campground so I think I'm

going to drive out there tonight say one

of these campgrounds right here stay

there for a night maybe to do some

hiking around here and then finish the

loop and then head back north after that

on Friday or Saturday Sara looking

forward to it

from here doesn't look too interesting

it's kind of just rolling hills but the

Steen's mountains are supposed to be

pretty nice so hopefully within 10 or 15

miles they'll start looking a little bit

more spectacular me Chelsea here we are

coming to a pretty forested area

and the campground is just ahead

all right


recreation sites self-service pay

station here we are eight bucks not bad

think I'll stay here for the night the

sun's going down here

I just hiked up from the campground just

down there get a little better view and

watch the Sun going down check out the

landscapes so the road continues right

up there and then goes up and around and

then comes back somewhere out that way

it's not exactly what I was expecting I

was thinking more you know majestic

looking peaks but that sign said that

the peaks are almost 10,000 feet so I'm

not sure what the elevation is here it

it must be higher than then it seems or

else maybe there's going to be some

higher peaks you know once I get here

tomorrow once I'm driving up the road

we'll see but anyways it's really pretty


so I drove up the road a little ways

from the campground and then came to a


took a left there just went a short ways

to a parking lot there and then there's

this little trail coming out this way

apparently I'm at like somewhere between

eight and nine thousand feet it's kind

of a trip because it doesn't feel like

it it's just these tiny little hills I

was kind of looking for something a

little bit more spectacular okay a

little bit let down here I was hoping to

see something kind of you know majestic

magnificent something uh something you

know kind of amazing Oh check it out oh

well that's pretty cool haha so I didn't

expect to see this as I said I drove at

the road there was a sign that said

Tiger viewpoint 1/4 mile or a quarter

mile so I drove out to the end of the

road park there and here we go Tiger

Gorge pretty amazing most of this area

is indeed kind of you know just hellish

looking but worth the drive out you're

for sure absolutely amazing there's a

sign over there that explains that it's

a glacially carved out valley which is

you know pretty pretty obvious perfect

like u-shaped there really awesome so

not so bad for just driving up a road

and coming across a massive Gorge like

this pretty cool alright I think I'm

going to do a little hiking around see

what else I see

so the views get even better check this


so here's Kiger gorge I was previously

across the canyon there somewhere over

there and then here's a another view

looking down into the canyon and then

take a look at this looking even further

down into the lower elevations the

extreme desert out there as you can see

totally barren so as I understand it

then this part of southeastern Oregon is

part of the Great Basin region of Nevada

and Utah

maybe southern Idaho and so as you can

see from here it looks very similar just

totally desolate desert but with some

hills and things out there and some kind

of a green agricultural area there I

could see a plane a little while ago

flying down there kind of a trip to be

up above the plains but man what a view

definitely puts things in perspective

so it just came down from there it isn't

as bad as it looks though is actually

pretty easy and things just keep getting

more amazing here just going to hike on

over to another lookout here this trail

must head on out that way up that Ridge

because the hikers that I talked to

earlier said that they hiked along this

way so it isn't really much of a visible

trail but anyway pretty awesome man oh


check it out



check it out is some kind of a predator

bird there I'm guessing some kind of a

hawk awesome

southeastern Oregon at about 9700 feet

absolutely stunning

this is wild horse Lake it's about a two

mile hike down that trail there you can

see it switching back there and on down

I just walked a short ways down from the

parking lot right there so I think I'm

going to save my legs and just enjoy the

view from here

another incredible shot of one of the

spectacular valleys here on Steen's

Mountain Wow well this definitely ended

up being a little bit more interesting

that I was expecting pretty amazing and

quite a little trip here all right take

care thanks for watching