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so before we just jump into it I need to

give you guys a little bit of context

about what makes this place so special

almost every aspect of Western culture

can trace its roots back to ancient

Greece we're talking about mathematics

philosophy literature even democracy

first began here this place has one of

the richest cultural histories in the

world so you know there's gonna be a lot

to uncover here are my top seven

favorite things to do in Tesla Nikki

Greece so to start us off right now I'm

headed to a Byzantine Ottoman era

fortress called

at Geo I honestly don't know her past

the Greek version but it's also known as

the Yeti cool and Turkish which was kind

of the main seat of power and Tesla Niki

for like thousands of years and then was

converted into a prison which was used

until I think 1989 so the good point to

start learning a little bit about the

history of this place so this ancient

Byzantine fortress is over 1,000 years

old and its name translates to the

fortress of seven towers even though it

actually has ten it up until the late

19th century it was the city's military

headquarters and garrison however as

technology change less interest was

given to the fort it was changed into a

prison now the fortress was mainly used

to hold political prisoners like during

the fascist dictatorship of 1936 and

during World War two under Nazi

occupation it was the site of hundreds

of executions and thousands of people

were tortured there of course now the

prison has since been closed and is now

open to tourists of the public we can

walk through the old cells of foreign


does a great job of cutting you off from

the outside world and you really get a

feel for was life to be in prison there


numbers 23 I'm actually gonna combine

because they're kind of in the same area

and that's the Tesla ninki promenade and

the White Tower the Tesla Niki promenade

is where you go to relax and where

you'll find locals strolling by the sea

you'll find musicians street food

various performance acts among some

waterfront restaurants although those

are a bit touristy it's the perfect

place to take a sunset stroll and just

sort of absorb the general vibe of the

city now the White Tower is hard to miss

on this walk it's a standalone Tower

located right on the waterfront and it

gets its name because it used to be

called the red tower during Ottoman rule

when was a prison however once Tesla

Nika was liberated they nicknamed it the

White Tower and whitewashed the entire

thing as a symbol of cleansing inside

there's a really interesting museum that

highlights the sort of major changing

points in the city's history not to

mention you get amazing 360 degree views

from the roof



okay so this next one on the list is by

far my favorite attraction in all of

Tesla Nietzsche and that is the train

cemetery on the outskirts of Tesla

Nietzsche this is where hundreds of

trains have been left to rot since the

1980s they've been trying to sell the

scrap metal for years but it just hasn't

worked for a number of reasons it's this

amazing place where you just have free

range to climb and explore kind of do

whatever you want now this isn't an

official tourist attraction so you do

have to be careful I will say definitely

more over ground than that anticipated

but as long as you keep that in mind

it's one of the more unique attractions

that I've been to you can take bus 51 54

and 54 a the leave from Tesla Niki train

station and you have to get off right

after the e90 highway and then walk the

last few hundred meters I actually ended

up getting off at the wrong stop take a

look so that being said that took me way

longer to get here than I thought

because there's no public transport

closest I could get was like a 25 minute

walk away and it's basically all on the

side of the highway so hopefully I don't



now I know they said that uh I didn't

clean it up or commercialize it they

just left it open but I'm fairly certain

that so means it's kind of not illegal

we're not legal to be here but


so that was a typical Greek gyro which

is basically hauled out bread stuffed

with shredded pork or chicken sometimes

lamb tomatoes onions then like a chili

garlic mayo sauce Amanda they kill it

and this is about as far into the video

as I can get before I start talking

about food because Greek food is among

my favorite in the world and that's

mostly because of the frugal way in

which they approach it you see in Greece

it's less about the complexity of the

dish and more about the quality of the

ingredients and what you can do with

them now Greek culinary tradition goes

back 4,000 years and there's so many

variations throughout the country I can

only really talk about the northern part

and in Tesla Nietzsche fish is king

so butter what restaurant are at trying

to order a dish with fish in it you

can't really go wrong but definitely

don't miss out on one of their

specialties the Arne met Chris rocky

which is lamb orzo pasta grated cheese

red wine oregano thyme and it's all

cooked in a ceramic pot I mean just tell

me that doesn't make you immediately

hungry a great place to try some of

these traditional dishes at is Aragon

Agora which is a restaurant Market combo

so you know that the ingredients are

gonna be as fresh as you can get next

I'll talk a little bit about Latta dica

which is one of the coolest districts of

the city it occupies the area where the

old port used to be was the most

important economic center of Tesla neeki

for hundreds of years

however it's changed a lot since then

and now it houses everything from bars

and nightclubs to local markets and

restaurants there's really a lot of

diversity here however in recent years

has become a bit more gentrified as the

tourist industry is starting to take

over but this is still the kind of place

that you go to without a clear

destination with the sole purpose of

just wandering around and discovering

some of the hidden gems this area has to



last but not least number seven

nightlife the Lonely Planet listed

tehsil Aniki as among the world's best

cities for partying and it really does

have an explosive night scene the most

local spots that I found was in this

place called fix Factory of sound which

is located in an old beer Factory and it

consists of three or four live music and

electronic clubs the feature of variety

of music trust me you'll only find

locals here it'll look like your taxi

driver is taking me to be martyred and

then he drops you off at this door and

you start to hear the thump of the bass


trust me it's pretty awesome there

really is a place for everyone in this

city so guys I hope you enjoyed this

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