5 Things to Know Before Booking a SAFARI in AFRICA

it's the final day of my week-long

Safari across Botswana in South Africa

words cannot express how truly

magnificent this experience has been

over the years I've been very fortunate

to see many places and do many things in

121 countries but no experience can

compare to what I've been witnessing

here in the southern part of Africa

spotted it's life-changing to observe

these massive animals like elephants

giraffes wildebeests buffaloes and lions

walking around in their natural habitat

not to mention tons of insects birds and

reptiles I sometimes have to pinch

myself to realize what I'm seeing going

on a safari is a huge commitment which

requires a lot of time money and

planning so you must be smart about the

process from the start here are five

things to know before booking a safari

in Africa 1 choose your country you can

go on a safari in dozens of African

countries and finding the right one is

the first thing you should consider

check to see which countries are

visa-free for you and are cheap to fly

into maybe you prefer a certain kind of

scenery like jungle which is best in

Uganda Rwanda and Ghana if you want bush

in savanna landscapes consider South

Africa Botswana or Kenya and for beach

safaris check out Mozambique in Tanzania

to pick the right company would you

rather be immersed in untouched nature

or be run down by tourists many safari

companies have become over

commercialized and expensive and the

animals in those areas tend to be more

habituated I recommend looking for the

more authentic safari or training

companies like what I just experienced

with Eco training where the animals are

not used to seeing people they offer

hands-on training courses if you want to

lead safaris where you will be able to

see smell and feel the wilderness 3

budgeting let's talk money

South Africa is the most budget-friendly

country because of their good

infrastructure and accessibility

whereas Rwanda is the most expensive

going in the low season is always

cheaper than the high season luxury

safari companies will charge a lot more

for five-star meals and upscale bedrooms

if you don't mind sleeping in tents

which is more authentic anyways then

you'll save a lot of money lastly look

for tour operators who specialize in

African safaris like tour vest or

Thomson's Africa they can help you find

the best deals for pick the time of year

according to your wildlife interest if

you are more interested in seeing birds

than go during the rainy season which is

November to March in southern Africa if

you want a better chance to see the big

five animals

that go during dry season May to

September remember that it gets very hot

in many parts of Africa so it's best to

avoid the hottest month always check the

weather 5 pick specific parks foreseeing

certain animals the Masai Mara Park in

Kenya hosts a great wildebeest migration

in August and September if you want to

observe the white stork birds then come

here to my shop - are Kruger in January

and February Uganda is the best country

for primates and birds as 50% of all

African bird species are found there the

most important thing to remember before

starting your safari is keep your mind

open and don't have any expectations

just come along for the ride you can

never guarantee which animals you will

see but it's all about the experience

and animals aside you can also get an

inside look at the local cultures and

communities around each reserve if you

want to know more about safaris or

you're interested in booking one then

please comment below and I'll do my best

to get back to you I'm driven ski and if

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