Taste test: What's so special about Swedish semlor?


today on becoming Swedish we are tasting

the much-coveted

Swedish assembler I'm here today with

Emma from the local yes maybe you can

tell us a little bit about yourself and

a bit about the locals Swedish Edition

right so the local has lights in nine

different countries and I'm the editor

of the Sweden flanked and we like to be

all about building bridges between

Sweden and the international community

so in case you haven't already see if

I'm writing a monthly article currently

for the local and talking about the

progress of this so far so if you're

watching this in the future you can go

back and see those on the local SD

that's right but we're not here to talk

about the news today we're here to talk

about similar so in many parts of the

world the Fat Tuesday or the Shrove

Tuesday celebrated in in many different

ways where I'm from in the UK for

instance we call it Pancake Day and

normally you eat as many pancakes as

possible until you're completely full

and you fall over but in Sweden we have

the sander so the sampler Danton seventh


um it's also called fat piece bargain

that's from Fat Tuesday what's the day

just before then starts when you eat all

the fatty food you can get your hands on

so that's from some love a wheat bun

filled with cream whipped cream and kind

of almond a paste so yes you've just

described the classic some the fun but

what is it the you that makes the

perfect summer what is that added

special thing that makes it perfect for

me the perfect one the the bun itself

shouldn't be too dry

I prefer it when it's got a little bit

less of the almond paste because I'm not

I'm quite an trip into some of the new

sampler areas that bakeries are

increasingly coming up with which use

some other ingredients than just the

classic wheat bun whipped cream and

almond paste like for example custard or

chocolate I've seen some reviews I'm not

much of a purist when it comes to some

not anything that makes it yelping is

good so we're gonna be trying Center

from three bakeries and from two of the

bakeries we have two different types of

similar so we're going to be trying the

more classic sampler like we've already

discussed and hopefully then something

that Emma might prefer we're going to be

trying some some new takes on Sandler so

the first bakery we're going to visit

today is validus brewed in solvent in a

symptom and other locations and I'm

gonna let them tell you a bit about this

and ah hi my name is Nicola and we are

here by this bird insulin to the

centrist by this rod it's a face cream

that's been around for quite a long time

it was opened in 1927 and today is the

third generation is driving the bakery

so it's still a family-owned bakery with

a lot of love for our

we currently have four scores one it's

here insulin turn essential we have

another one in Wakanda one in one of the

malaria in our newest or if you say the

center so today we are going to face two

of our stamina the first one we are

going to face is the mixed Emma it's

made with the classic cardamom but it

has common age after our own recipe I

was feeling then it has vanilla custard

it has a very light cream and then you

found out with the powdered sugar so I

tend to eat my something like this out

it's quite quite a thick layer of cream

also quite a thick layer of the almond

paste and also custard quite nice the

roll itself it's not very drawn most not

too sweet

yeah very good and the second option for

today is going to be our chocolate Samia

it's made with the cash padded dough

with chocolate then it has the almond

filling and the dark chocolate truffle

in the mean

then we clearly meet with adult traffic

problems and then we powdered it with a

little bit of sour sugar and a little

bit of cocoa just getting this out you

can see it has got a healthy dose of

chocolate in the middle it's really

quite brown from the chocolate that is

in the dough it also has cocoa powder on

top it's a bit of a chocolate feast I

got a big excited I gained this out on

the plate and I drop half of it in my

coffee so I'm gonna be drinking it for

the rest of the day

all right let's dig in I thought the

bread would be a lot drier with the

chocolate in there but it's still it's a

little bit drier than the last one but

still surprisingly good makes it less

sweet anyway because they can be a bit

too sweet and happy so there's quite

keen to say that it was quite dark

chocolate there's really one for the

dark chocolate lovers so have you ever

eaten similar in a bowl of milk

I haven't but why my mother just because

she's from northern Sweden mm-hmm I

think actually traditionally the

original it wasn't like that

milk but nowadays it's sweet thank you

I've not heard of it before on meeting

somebody in one of the bakeries today

they said okay you want the assembler do

you want it dry or in a bowl of milk

it's called ER he had to make yeah yeah

and you basically just heat up the milk

put it in the ball and the bowl but the

sound in the bowl and just eat it with

the spoon I mustn't be quite good with

this chocolate similar as well so the

nice chocolaty yeah no I mean I finished

mine a bit quickly it was good so now

we're gonna move on to another bakery

and to a bakery that is slightly more

well known I would say like stock

moments we're going to cap them which is

a very old city centre

bakery here in Stockholm I learned today

achieve that the name comes from when

the founder was setting up a bakery a

friend asked her what will you call it

and she said I don't know yet the

captain I don't know if the cat knows


yeah yeah exactly so the cat knows well

actually that's quite a good name for a

bakery let's call it that so I've been

there today and I'm just gonna let them

tell you about the similar that we're

gonna be tasting today



so cutting this I could already tell it

was like cutting butter the bread was so

light the cream was very very fluffy and

as a as a quite healthy dose of mandamus

a veritable yeah so maybe this weren't

exactly be your cup of tea

we'll see it looks quite like yeah I

think you can already tell that this one

is meant to look a little bit for sure

this is not just your neighbor if ik so

you know that there are lots of

different words for some not know in

Swedish right yeah so where I'm from I'm

from southern Sweden we don't call it

summer well we do call it a lot but we

also call it like some nothing first

login this the period just before that

yeah this would be cool and you can also

call it a spoiler quite strong on the

condom it too much of the mandamus ah

almond paste for me

scraped off a little you're allowed to

do that yeah okay um just about done

with this one so we can move on to the

the next one also from the captain


already cutting through you could feel

pastries are a lot crispy air not did

more difficult to cut through but it has

that large chunk of cream and not so

much Mandan that said that the cream

looks very similar to the last one that

we just tried one of the first things

you said when you cut it no I mean if it

wasn't for so much Mandan Masson cream I

mean you could easily have this for

breakfast I have no idea we were talking

about this before now yes we this is

obviously called a Vienna bread peanut

butter but in English would call it a

Danish pastry I think potentially like

our people in the UK and also the US was

called a lot of things that have this

kind of pastry a Danish or a Danish

pastry even maybe even the classic

Swedish cinnamon roll would almost be a

Danish I don't know the definition if

you do you can comment below and tell me

exactly what makes a famous pastry and I

will stand corrected

it's almost like a cross on it's got

that flakiness it's a bit difficult to

eat because it kind of crumbles hmm yeah

okay so

the most different with eight today and

the messiest okay so we're now for

samplers in which I'm starting to feel

myself slowing up but the end is in

sight we just have one more similar for

one more bakery to try but before we do

I want to talk a little bit about 30

cent on

did you read 30 cents on growing up I

did read a private detective private

detective that was based in throttling

often here in Stockholm I have a copy

here from my my local library but it was

a series yes

um I think actually the only thing I

remember from it is the similar it was a

big fan of Sandler he used to eat it in

a very particular way I recall that he

eats it with the lid so I tend to get my

something like this him he would call

them Kamla your defensively cafeteria

lemons gotta stand up for freedom spurt

Amnon bore up field



other particles will have moonlight

Schoology which pays to shop than the

vapor has been here since my influences

and it's me es la Marck Emma and my

partner by that time who owns the place

and we have been for this 24 six years




final summer today we're at the finish


they've all been delicious

I just don't think samba were

necessarily designed to have five in one

day no so the last offering is from long

bodies conducted E and grown down here

on soda mom just a few stops away from

where we are it's got a lot of cream

it's um it's great little bakery I don't

know if you've ever been there man like

a nice sixties decor really nice

atmosphere people coming in during all

the time

family-owned business so we have

assembler from them today what we're

gonna be fair and impartial this is

another classic setup and they also make

a Seminole ice cream for us should I say

some the flavored ice cream I imagine

it's quick pre means almond flavored a

little bit of cardamom but the weather

has turned here in stock on the past few

days quite warm so they're so they'll

you know there was a Swedish king that

died I guess

he must have had six because I feel like

we're not quite at that stage yet 14 hmm

this was in the 18th century and so we

had champagne oh boy if you can see this

but this really quite large lumps of

almond in the almond paste these are the

Spanish almonds that they crush up after

the process doesn't have a sort of more

suppose and there's a lot of condiment

in the paste as well maybe we should

just do that thing where you leave the

Swedish piece in the plate but nobody

touches mmm yeah

so if you've ever been to Swedish pica

people tend to be too polite to take the

last biscuit or the last cake what was

your favorite classics and overall quite

like the red the first one I did like

the almond paste better for the last one

I think I'm gonna go with the first one

the first one's enough the bounders

bread looks similar yes although they

possibly get an unfair advantage from

being the first woman yeah definitely um

I might actually say this final one

simply because there was a lot of cream

but it was quite light and I really

liked the crunchy almonds in the almond

paste yes and also the quite strong kana

me flavor

what would you say is your favorite

Sendler overall crunch time classic

modern all of the Seminoles would taste

today what's your favorite chocolate

chocolate was delicious but a bit too

chocolatey for my taste

I think overall I'm gonna have to say

that the bounders blixem that was my

overall favorite it had a soft cardamom

bread just the right amount a long-gone

amount of cream and a thick dose of

mandala mass of the almond paste so I'm

gonna give that my 10 out of 10 so there

you have it that's our verdict on our

favorite semanas that we've tasted today

I'm sure you have your favorite sominus

so please write in the description below

tell us what your favorite summer is and

maybe one day I can try it when all of

these have digested yes

thanks a long time for joining me today

I'm sorry to have to put you through all

of this work kind of you can't see but

we're now surrounded by the remnants of

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