How Is McDonald's Different In Switzerland?

- This is a McDonald's in Switzerland.

It's where you can buy the most expensive

Big Mac in the world.

Welcome to Zürich, the largest city in Switzerland.

I visited the McDonald's in the heart

of the city's historic Old Town district.

It's a cold Friday night here in Zürich, Switzerland,

and I just arrived at the McDonald's.

There you see the golden arches.

I'm gonna check it out and see if they have any

special menu items you can't get in the States,

see what it's all about.

Let's go.

OK, so I got a lot of food.

My order came out to 32.50 Swiss francs.

We're going to start with the Big Mac

because this is the most expensive Big Mac

in the world, apparently.

It's true, the Swiss Big Mac commands a higher price

than any other country in the world.

At 6.50 in Swiss francs,

which is about $6.63 in US dollars.

Compare that to the price of a Big Mac in the US

at $5.58, which might suggest that the Swiss franc

is overvalued by 19%.

But does it taste like the world's most expensive Big Mac?

Let's see if there's anything special about it.

There's nothing about that that makes me think

that it should be the most expensive Big Mac in the world.

No truffles, no raclette, it's a Big Mac.

And I like that, I'm not complaining about that.

But what about the stuff you can't get

at McDonald's in the United States?

Switzerland has plenty to offer.

This is the Steakhouse Classic:

two patties of beef, bacon, some very bright orange sauce

on a nice sesame seed bun.

Let's see how it is.

OK, the orange sauce is like a barbecue sauce.

It's tangy. It's got a kick for sure.

This color of it is kind of off-putting,

but it actually tastes pretty good.

So, yeah, I unlocked the secret

of the Steakhouse Classic.

You've gotta lap up that sauce with fries.

And now it's time to try something

that you don't see in very many McDonald's,

it's what they call the Quinoa Curry.

This is a pretty ambitious offering for McDonald's.

Obviously trying to appeal to the vegetarians out there.

It's not bad, I mean, but, if you're gonna bring curry

into the mix, you want it to pack a little bit more

of a spice, more of a kick.

This is pretty bland.

But it's great that they have a vegetarian option here.

Now we have to try that old McDonald's standby, the fries.

They've got these pommes frites sauce packets,

so I'm gonna try that and see if that stands out

from what you can get in the States.

So, it's basically like mayonnaise.

It's more of an aioli.

I enjoy mayonnaise on fries, I do.

I'm very European like that.

I'm very continental and sophisticated.

They charged me 20 cents for the pommes frites sauce.

Shouldn't that be complimentary?

I'm gonna finish it off with the Toblerone McFlurry.

So Swiss. It looks very creamy.

There's a few chocolate chunks in there.

That's amazing. That's so rich and creamy and sweet.

That's delicious.

I mean, it tastes kind of like a chocolate milkshake.

Very good, I love that, I love that.

But now you know what time it is.

It's time to dip the fries in the Toblerone McFlurry.

If you don't dip your fries in your milkshake,

you're doing it wrong.

Time for a final review.

I wanted to try a few things that you can't get

in the States, the Quinoa Curry and the Steakhouse Classic.

I wasn't too crazy about them.

McDonald's has lasted for so long

because they do the basics so well.

The unsung hero of this experience,

the surprise of this experience,

was the Toblerone McFlurry.

I highly recommend getting that.

So, that's McDonald's in Switzerland.

But in terms of whether or not the McDonald's

in Switzerland is better than the McDonald's

in the States, I'm neutral.