What Nobody Realized About The First Dragon Ball Episode


Dragonball aired on TV for the first

time on February 10th 1986 what happened

next was a franchise that we redefine

anime and manga forever it all began

with Dragonball in the very first

episode where go qu meets Bulma fans

know the story well enough

Bulma meets a strange boy in the woods

and finds out he has one of the seven

dragonballs pretty simple right but what

if there are more Easter eggs that even

diehard fans missed well that's what

we're here for join as we look into what

some might have missed about the first

Dragonball episode


for those unfamiliar with the first

episode let's bring you up to speed

Dragonball begins on Mount posy where go

ku lives alone away from the modern life

we're introduced by a narration to a

young boy who lives in the mountains

along with his grandpa this boy has

communed with nature and has attained

great strength through rigorous training

this young boy is Goku Goku begins his

day by collecting firewood

he throws a massive stump in the air and

with one powerful blow he breaks the

stump into pieces and they immediately

fall into a pile after he completes his

chores he looks for something to eat

after outrunning a saber-toothed tiger

he decides to use his tail to catch a

massive tuna for lunch he knocks it out

cold and drags it back to his home to

eat at the same time young Bulma is hot

on the trail of a dragon ball which Goku

is keeping as a memento from his grandpa

while Goku is walking with the giant

tuna he caught he's hit by Bulma driving

in her car on the country road Bulma

is shocked that she hit him and that

he's okay Goku ever the fighter mistakes

bulma's car for a giant beast anythings

Bulma is a goblin of some kind with his

super strength Goku manages to throw the

car onto its site totaling it Bulma

emerges and shoots Goku in retaliation

but oddly enough bullets don't affect

him our two heroes meet and after some

very rude poking and prodding Goku

determines that Bulma is not a threat

and leads her back to his house where he

and his grandpa live boma finds out that

Goku's grandpa is actually the 4-star

Dragonball Bulma explains to Goku what

Dragon Balls are and how she's on a

quest to collect them she shows that she

already has two and that there are seven

in total

Goku everdene ieave child thinks bulma's

to Dragon Balls are also grandpa's at

the same time we're introduced to

Emperor pilaf who is also after the

Dragonball is to take over the world

Bulma convinces Goku to accompany her in

order to search for the other Dragon


while Goku is reluctant to join Bulma it

would give Goku the opportunity to train

and become stronger along the way Bulma

is captured by a pterodactyl and we see

just how strong Goku really is taking

out the giant monster with one swing of

his power pole after Bulma is saved the

two head off to the west where the next

Dragon Ball is said to be

located according to bulma's dragon

radar it's the beginning of your

standard epic adventure our two heroes

go off on a quest towards some goal and

are met with an opposing force in order

to try and stop them however the first

episode of Dragon Ball has more to it

than you would think

while later franchises would not adopt

this kind of story line the entire pilaf

saga of Dragon Ball mirrored Journey to

the West a 16th century Ming era story

that tells the story of a Buddhist monk

who travels with a cast of mythical

figures in order to attain the original

Buddhist scriptures for his country one

of the figures aiding the Buddhist monk

Tripitaka is Sun Wukong The Monkey King

the similarities are pretty clear the

extending pole the tail the Nimbus cloud

Sam Goku was obviously inspired by Sun

Wukong while he would not get the Nimbus

cloud until later on in the anime

sangoku does have remarkable strength

combat skills and the extending power

pole even though his design is heavily

based on The Monkey King in the early

episodes Goku actually resembles another

character one from Japanese folklore

instead Kintaro Kintaro often referred

to as the Golden Boy is a figure from

Japanese folklore he's said to be a

child with superhuman strength and lives

in the mountains communing with nature

one of the things he's known for is

battling a giant carp in the river and

what do we see Goku doing in the first

episode he's kicking the crap out of a

giant carp for lunch also just like in

Journey to the West Balma requests

Goku's aid because Bulma simply cannot

defend herself against the many dangers

that lie ahead

she is also far from a Buddhist monk

offering Goku a peek under her skirt for

a chance to snag his Dragon Ball this is

a fun piece of trivia for the next anime

quiz bowl but you clicked on this video

for some really nitpicky stuff right so

why don't I get in the weeds and talk

about some of the differences between

the anime and the manga

okay so Dragon Ball was first published

September 19 1985 and the anime was

first released less than a year later in

1986 admittedly there are not a lot of

meaningful differences but we'll cover

them here in the beginning when Goku

punches the wooden stump for firewood in

the anime they fall neatly stacked in a

pile in the manga they're all scattered

about and Goku has to pick them up the

a wanted to embellish Goku skills a bit

I went over how Bulma hit Goku with her

car when they first met but in the manga

that actually never happened

Bulma stops in front of Goku this would

later be read conned in the episode true

colors of the masked man where there is

a flashback and it shows Bulma not

hitting Goku so which is it well you

could say that this is the Greedo shot

first the Dragon Ball finally in the

anime we're introduced to peel off in

his minions he's seen entering a tomb

and retrieving a Dragonball it's here

where one of his minions my explains the

lore of the Dragon Balls and how you

need all seven in order to summon

Shenron in the manga peel off and his

minions are not introduced until Goku

goes to peel offs castle in the manga

chapter the Dragon Balls are stolen on a

fun side note this would be our first

glimpse at the wish-granting dragon

Shenron however he would not be properly

introduced until the episode the penalty

is pinball while some edits are made to

liven things up in the anime oftentimes

things will be added to fill time the

pilaf introduction in the first anime

episode served that purpose but there

was an additional scene that was added

to fill the runtime there's a scene

where Goku is looking for food and eats

an apple in a tree he tosses the core

aside and it lands on the saber-toothed


this causes it to chase Goku around

until he dives into the river this

doesn't happen at all in the manga

however this is mirrored in Dragon Ball

Z when the same thing happens to Gohan

the contrast in their personalities is

apparent while Goku is jovial and

carefree Gohan was terrified and ran for

his life not quite like father like son

is it this may come as a surprise but

Dragon Ball is actually pretty old

almost 35 years old in fact so it would

make sense that there would be more than

one dub of the anime dubbing back then

was more or less an afterthought and

there weren't that many companies around

to dumb anime today we can expect a

large portion of American dubs to be

done by Funimation

there a common name in the anime

community but they were not always the

powerhouse dubbing studio they were

actually founded back in 1994 and got

the rights to dub Dragon Ball in 1995

back then Funimation simply did not have

the manpower they do now and couldn't

dub dragon ball on their own

so they joined with another company to

complete the dub Funimation partnered

with ocean group to create what is

commonly referred to as the BLT dubs BLT

was a production company responsible for

dubbing the first 13 episodes as well as

a few of the movies and specials since

they were responsible for dubbing the

first episode I'll be talking about BLT

a lot in the next segment as most of you

probably know dubbing an anime involves

a lot more than simply translating

Japanese to English and having English

voice actors replaced the Japanese ones

anyone who's watched for kids dubbed

anime can tell you that scenes are often

changed characters removed and

censorship is a plenty the BLT dubs did

plenty of that with the first episode

for starters Goku skinny dips when he

goes fishing for the giant carp as you

would naturally do if you lived alone on

a mountain and no one was around however

in the BLT dub they edited in underwear

for him while he's fishing and swimming

now while they will censor outright

nudity the good people at BLT will still

keep underwear in when Goku lifts a

Bulma skirt to see if she has a tail or

not normally her underwear is white with

pink dots but in the BLT dub they're

pink to match her skirt weird edit but

all right whatever you need to do in

these dubs often they'll slice in scenes

from future episodes and to exposition

scenes when my is explaining to peel-off

how the Dragon Balls work scenes from

the episode wish from the eternal dragon

are played additionally when Bulma is

explaining to Goku how dangerous their

journey will be Goku has a daydream and

clips from various episodes are shown

briefly scenes are pulled from the

Nimbus cloud of Roshi the Ox King on

Fire Mountain and the movie Dragon Ball

curse of the blood rubies what's even

stranger is that footage from the movie

doesn't even appear in the anime series

since it was a separate non canonical

film English dubs were notorious for

taking entire scenes out of anime this

was done to help localize the show to an

American audience or to appease the

standards and practices division Dragon

Ball was no exception the scene where

Bulma shoots Goku with a gun is

completely taken out of the BLT dub

additionally the scene where Bulma lifts

her skirt to offer Goku to touch her is

also completely removed which makes

sense if they want to market the show to


however they kept the scene of Goku

lifting a Bulma skirt so the message is

a little mixed there what will also

happen with dubs is they'll include

character dialog from characters the

anime hasn't even introduced yet in the

beginning when we were shown mount ponzu

we here grandpa Gohan's voice dubbed

over saying his last words before he

dies grandpa

Gohan wouldn't debut in the anime until

the mysterious fifth men sometimes the

opposite can happen in a dub too when a

character who talked no longer does in

the original Japanese dub the carp Goku

catches talks to him but in the English

dub he doesn't it's probably for the

best that potential meals don't talk

it makes things kind of awkward finally

a dub can sometimes make plot holes

within the story in the BLT dub Bulma

explains that she needs to get the seven

Dragon Balls before that crazy Emperor

does implying she already knows pilaf is

after the Dragon Balls however we see

that he gets his first dragon ball just

as Bulma and Goku are talking an odd

addition for sure especially since the

two groups don't know about one another

until they meet there would be more

edits and changes to the original

Japanese dub that BLT would do

subsequently they would not be the last

company to dub Dragon Ball either as

Funimation would also have their try at

it along with other production companies

throughout the world and those were just

some of the differences in little-known

easter eggs in the first episode of

Dragon Ball the number of things changed

in the BLT dub was surprising which

added surprised you the most

which would you get rid of let us know

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