Top 6 Crime Drama Series on Netflix - 2019

best TV shows ever our crime dramas and

they are right on Netflix in this video

let us see the top six best crime drama

series on Netflix

number six mind hunter catching a

criminal often requires the authorities

to get inside the villains mind to

figure out how he thinks set in the late

1970s two FBI agents Holden Ford and

Bill tench attempt to understand and

catch serial killers by listening to the

confessions of real-life serial killers

also by studying the damaged psyches and

by interviewing serial killers in order

to solve open cases the crime drama has

a strong pedigree behind the camera with

oscar-nominated director David Fincher

and oscar-winning actress Charlize

Theron among the show's executive

producers with two seasons and 19

episodes this American crime thriller

television series has an IMDB rating of

8.6 number 5 peaky blinders after

returning to his hometown of Birmingham


Tommy Shelby leads peaky blinders a

criminal gang based in Birmingham in

1919 however the gang comes under the

attention of the government Chief

Inspector Chester Campbell decides to

nab him and put an end to the activities

of this gang with four seasons and 24

episodes this British drama series has

an IMDB rating of 8.8 number four narcos

no drug lord in histories has fabled has

the Colombian kingpin Pablo Escobar the

narcos chronicles detailed actions taken

by law enforcement and efforts that are

made to control the cocaine as well as

the many other drug kingpins who plate

the country through the years the series

details the rise of Pablo's infamous

medellín cartel and his eventual

downfall with three seasons and 30

episodes this American crime drama web

television series has an IMDB rating of

8.8 number three when they see us in

1989 a jogger was assaulted and raped in

New York's Central Park and five young

teenage boys were trapped in a nightmare

as they were falsely accused of raping

and brutally attacking the woman in

Central Park the drama is based on

real-life story the cast in the series

are full of Emmy Award nominees and win

Oscar nominee and Emmy Award winner Ava

Duvernay co-wrote and directed the four

episodes with one season and four

episodes this American drama web

television miniseries has an IMDB rating

of 9.0 number two Sherlock

dr. Watson a former Army doctor meets an

old friend and his friend leads him to

the eccentric super sleuth Sherlock

Holmes then Watson has to share a flat

with Sherlock Holmes dr. Watson joins

Sherlock on his investigations into some

of London's unsolvable crimes together

they take on the most unusual cases with

four seasons and 15 episodes this

British crime drama television series

has an IMDB rating of 9.1 before we go

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Bad sits at the very top of our list

Walter White and high school and genius

chemistry teacher is diagnosed with lung

cancer and goes to desperate measures to

ensure his family is well cared after

his death he decides to get into the

meth making business to repay his

medical debts Walt partner with his

former student Jesse Pinkman to help him

cook meth they both work together

creating the best product on the market

where Walt's meth is in high demand on

the other side Hank a DEA agent and also

Walt's brother-in-law is on the hunt for

the mysterious new cook with five

seasons and 62 episodes this American

neo western crime drama television

series has an IMDB rating of 9.5 hope

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