8 Tween TV Shows that are Actually Good

Netflix offers a wide variety of TV shows for your children so say goodbye to Peppa Pig or any other boring show your kid insists you for. Whether your child is young or grown up, Netflix has got everything that your child will love. So let’s have a look at some of the amazing TV shows which your 8 year old child can watch on Netflix!

Word Party:

Bailey, Kip, Lulu and Franny are some of the cutest baby animals who are waiting desperately for you so that you can help them to learn a lot. It has 4 seasons in total.

Beat Bugs:

Some friendly little bugs are all set to learn huge lessons regarding the world where they live. Hence, this is all going to happen from their lovely backyard.
The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants:
Fourth-grade besties Harold and George love to read comic books and enjoy doing various pranks. Now they are all set to become undies-wearing superheroes!

here's a list of 822 G shows that are

actually good number one the loud house

complete promise this hit series centers

on a huge family and the challenge is

the lone boy

Lincoln loud faces as he deals with his

ten sister number two Milo Murphy's Law

Weird Al Yankovic is the voice of Milo

the unluckiest kid in the world who

somehow handles constant calamity with a

positive attitude that unders gar yeah

thanks for everything

number three project MC square using

their STEM skills to foil sinister but

silly plots this crew of twin girls

super spies is all about problem solving

with style wearable renewable energy

can't nailed it number four we bare


oh no naked people allowed we're naked

always this charming series follows

three media-savvy bear brothers trying

to make their way in a pastel-colored

packing San Francisco number five

Voltron legendary defender tweens not

quite ready for heavier style anime will

love the sci-fi gem that features

devoted friends working together we are

always stronger together converted for

the birthday of a lil bro

number six legendary doodahs sibling

rivalry and wholesome family humor come

together in this quirky thoughtful show

about two brothers who couldn't be more


here comes Joe Moe is there a

cliffhanger you're going from number 7

and V not full of fresh diverse and

honest characters mystic Khan focuses on

a 13 year old girl navigating school

crushes and complex family issues I'm

going to be possibly to be black not

black and number eight black ash this

fresh take on african-american family

life raps powerful political and social

commentary into a hilarious plotline

opening doors for conversations about

race class and family dynamics

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