Top 10 Things To Watch On Netflix This Holiday Season

If you are looking out for the Festive classics then we can help you out to spot your favorite ones on Netflix. The cheesy holiday rom-coms along with some funny children movies can be enjoyed on Netflix during the holiday season so let’s see what we have got for you!

Holiday Rush:

A DJ is all set to enjoy his holidays with his children but all of a sudden he loses his job. It is a family-focused movie which can be watch with your children as it is also delivering a heart-felt message.
The Holiday Calendar:
A photographer is stuck with her dead-end job in this sappy romantic movie but what will happen next can’t be revealed by us so we suggest you to go and watch this sweet Christmas movie!
The Princess Switch:
Vanessa Hudgens is all set to entertain you with her doppelganger in this commendable Christmas movie filled with royal romance and much more!

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number 10 Radio City Christmas



if you can't make it to the Big Apple

for the latest edition of this live

musical featuring the high steppin

Rockettes then why not enjoy it from the

comfort of your own home for decades the

Radio City Christmas Spectacular has

been a holiday tradition

mixing dance music and family-friendly

comedy the Radio City Rockettes wouldn't

be Christmas without with its energy and

festive production design the

spectacular ensures that you won't get

sleepy after too much eggnog and sticky

puddings just don't try to imitate the

Rockettes dance moves when you have a

belly full of Turkey number 9 Hector so

well have you been all this time

homeless and seemingly helpless Hector

macadam is a grizzled Scottish vagabond

every Christmas he travels to London and

his backstory is the central mystery of

Jake Gavin's emotional drama this

holiday film is all about life's

sometimes brutal ups and downs along

with the relationships that mould our

perspectives in Hector some plot points

are more cryptic than others making it a

film that requires some viewing patience

but if you're willing to take this

journey with Hector he'll be rewarded

with an ultimately touching and

inspiring story one that's filled with

holiday hope for the future


number eight tangerine here's a

low-budget indie comedy-drama that will

expand your mind and might warm your

heart shot entirely on three iPhone 5s

phones Shawn baker's tangerine is a

unique holiday film with a timely

premise set in Los Angeles on Christmas

Eve it explores relationships

friendships and betrayal centering

around a trans sex worker dealing with

the revelation that her pimp boyfriend

has not been faithful what do you mean I

can hear you it's certainly not for all

ages but for adult viewers tangerine is

a poignant holiday Netflix movie that

will spark discussions about modern

societal issues and filmmaking in

general number seven

black mirror white Christmas during

Christmas Christmas Christmas Day

December 25th you've heard of it in this

special holiday episode of Charlie

broker's thought-provoking series Jon

Hamm plays a futuristic man with a

secret plan because you don't have a


this holiday narrative is divided in

three parts all of which are connected

to the mysterious opening sequence like

other black mirror episodes white

Christmas explores digital and moral

concepts leading viewers to question the

characters intent along with the subtext

of each scene this Christmas special

will most definitely blow your mind and

it'll also make you think about all the

little things that can be taken for

granted during the holidays Merry

Christmas number six a very Murray

Christmas for Bill Murray fans this

holiday special is a must watch for

those not familiar with the comedy icon

it's the perfect way to familiarize

yourself with his decidedly oddball

brand of humor and crooning for decades

Murray has managed to stay relevant in

pop culture and a very Murray Christmas

showcases his charm and appeal it's

directed by Sofia Coppola and features

memorable appearances from stars like

Miley Cyrus and George Clooney along

with numerous a list comedians I rest my


this meta comedy special about Murray

performing a Christmas holiday special

is worth an hour of your holiday time

and maybe even multiple viewings as well

number five Bad Santa

Jesus mother Mary Joseph you piss


don't let the festive costume design

fool you because this Christmas film is

anything but 100 percent jolly you

insane in Terry Zwigoff

are ated comedy Billy Bob Thornton plays

one very crude thief who poses as a

department store Santa hey that's your

awful baggy got anything in there yeah

my dick despite Santa's gruff demeanor a

young boy still believes in his Saint

Nick potential and therein lies the

beauty of this laugh-out-loud Christmas

flick if you're a fan of profanity then

pour an adult beverage and kick back to

watch a truly Bad Santa at work I beat

the out some kids today most for a

purpose you may even want to pour an

extra glass and check out the sequel Bad

Santa - look at those cheeks that's the

ugliest baby on the planet damn number

for dr. Seuss's How the Grinch Stole

Christmas mr. couch with Jim Carrey in

the leading role his blockbuster builds

upon the original animated 1966

adaptation of the beloved children's

book a borrow is Christmas is

practically in this version the

production design is bigger and better

with live action bringing Whoville fully

to life its faithful to the original

themes but the dialogue and pacing are

revamped and updated for a new

generation of dr. Seuss fans that's what

it's all about if you need a heavy jolt

of nostalgic holiday fun ron howard's

film gets the job done

kerry is delightfully over-the-top as

usual and the production values pull you

into an incredible world this

whobilation could change my entire

outlook on life really No

number three white Christmas


creaming another one

while this classic Hollywood film may be

a little or a lot dated it's most

definitely loaded up with holiday spirit

how can you stop an angry dog from

biting you one Monday that joke is old

the answer is to kill the dog on Sunday

Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye played World

War two vets who fall in love with a

sister act played by Vera Ellen and

George Clooney's famous singing aunt

Rosemary Clooney the musical numbers are

quite charming

including a new version of the title

track and are complimented wonderfully

by the romantic storyline which centers

around naturally putting on a Christmas

show if you're a holiday movie buff

there's snow doubt that you need to find

time for the enduring classic that is

white Christmas


number two gremlins there's something

strange going on in Kingston Falls and

it has nothing to do with Santa or

mischievous elves truly an 80s classic

gremlins is a dark comedy about little

monsters that ruin everybody's Christmas

chill after Billy Peltzer receives a

bizarre pet creature called a Mogwai and

inadvertent breaking of the rules of how

to care for it leads to the spawning of

evil Mogwai gremlins who continued to

replicate I just call it gizmo

these things you like it this not

exactly typical holiday movie features

much shocking violence so it's not

exactly suitable for kids but from its

sure viewers that are looking for an

original Christmas themed flick this one

has plenty of holiday Flair and blood


before we unveil our number one pick

here are some honorable mentions


Christmas there I said it

number one The Nightmare Before

Christmas these Christmas books so many

times this fantastical holiday film is

dark yet still fairly family-friendly

well maybe family friendly adjacent what

happens when the pumpkin king of

Halloween town ventures into Christmas

town in search of new meaning in his

life I've got the beard the coat the

boots well in this cinematic world pure

chaos ensues as Yuletide values don't

exactly agree with the ghoulish scary

habits of the Halloween town locals must

be some mistake with a story from

visionary Tim Burton this modern classic

nominated for the Academy Award for Best

Visual Effects will draw you in with

stunning and innovative stop-motion that

still thrills over two decades after the

film's creation

at least they're excited but they don't

understand that special kind of feeling

in Christmas land oh well

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