9 Shows You Should Watch if You LOVE Riverdale

Riverdale has become one of the biggest

shows of our generation Betty Veronica

Archie - Jughead this captivated our

hearts and made us wish that we could

all go to Pop's and get a milkshake

together so while we're not so patiently

waiting for season 3 of Riverdale to

return to our screens we've decided to

share 9 shows you should watch if you

love Riverdale right here on listed

first up Twin Peaks now if you love

Riverdale's whole small town harboring a

big twisted secret thing then Twin Peaks

is definitely worth watching

although the Archie comics are a huge

part of the series Riverdale is just as

inspired by Twin Peaks

they even allude to Twin Peaks pretty

often most notably in the casting of

mansion Amick as Alice Cooper and if you

want to pick up on a lot of cool little

Easter eggs and references hidden in

Riverdale then you are definitely going

to want to bend your way through Twin

Peaks which you can totally do on

Netflix next up is Pretty Little Liars

popular high school girls who may or may

not have killed their best friend sounds

a lot like Cheryl blossom to be oz guts

Pretty Little Liars has the same eerie

tone as Riverdale with constant murders

and stalking

not to mention super terrifying uses of

cyber terror it's also insanely

unpredictable and has a lot of

terrifying moments Riverdale learned a

few things from PLL when it comes to

evil twins red herrings and serial

killers plus the forbidden romances and

PLL are just as juicy as those in

Riverdale all seven seasons of pre

Little Liars are also available on

Netflix now before there was Veronica

Lodge on Riverdale there was Veronica

Mars on Veronica Mars in the show

Kristen Bell portrayed a brilliant teen

detective which led the way for a new

era of feminist leads on television

she's a smart strong high schooler who

solves crimes for her fellow classmates

while struggling to be your typical high

school student you can purchase all

three seasons on Amazon and then watch

it when the revival comes back 6 next up

is stranger things and although stranger

things is set in the 80s

Riverdale does give us major retro vibes

because of its comic-book inspiration

both shows are very dark and mysterious

and they start off by focusing on the

disappearance of a classmate and then

feature the kids who are left behind to

pick up the pieces

if that's your thing stranger things is

also available on Netflix next up is

Gossip Girl and talk about iconic not

only are Veronica and Betty the Serena

and Blair of this generation but Archie

and Jughead totally remind us of Nate

and Dan as well Archie is a teen

heartthrob was an attraction to older

women and Jughead is the outsider who

journals everything on his computer you

can watch all six seasons of Gossip Girl

on Netflix and we know you love it xoxo

clips up next is iZombie a show about

live a recently turned and zombie trying

to disguise herself as her pre dead self

while solving crimes and mysteries as an

assistant medical examiner crazy stuff

right the show is quirky and features a

strong female lead character that's a

little bit Veronica and a little bit

Betty it's based on a graphic novel and

takes on some pretty serious issues and

allows its characters to go through some

pretty intense stuff the first four

seasons are available on Netflix and

it's last and final season will be

premiering in 2019 so you've actually

got plenty of time to binge it of course

we couldn't leave big little eyes off

this list PLL is about a murder and that

doesn't resolve until the very final

episode just like season 1 of Riverdale

on the surface the dramedy seems like

it's about a handful of competitive

women fighting about who's a better

mother and woman as we get deeper into

the series we realize that these women

have a lot of dark secrets that bomb

them in the end the cast alone is reason

enough to watch reese witherspoon nicole

kidman Chandi Woodley zoe kravitz and

laura dern make up the Monterey

California click you can watch the first

season on HBO go and then catch the

second season when it premieres next

year in 2019 and up next is Buffy the

Vampire Slayer now this next one is a

little bit of a throwback

Buffy is the queen of teenage mystery

and crime-fighting

although Riverdale doesn't have vamps to

dust it does rely on the characters

sleuthing skills to move the story

forward Buffy the Vampire Slayer has to

adjust to her new life and the insane

amount of demons and vampires while

still dealing with the normal teenage

problems it's intelligent well beyond

its genre and time and Sarah Michelle

Gellar is a friggin rock star trust us

on this one

all seven seasons are available

and of course you know we couldn't leave

out Vampire Diaries

now Vampire Diaries has quite a lot of

similarities to Riverdale and not just

because they're both on the CW

especially in the very first season of

Vampire Diaries it had that whole

mysterious vibe going as we try to

uncover Katherine and the Salvatori

Brothers backstory there are love

triangles proclamations of undying

affection romantic face touching and

grand gestures that make our hearts melt

pink bug head if vampires were involved

Netflix has all eight seasons that about

wraps up our list of the nine shows you

should definitely be watching if you

love Riverdale and now we want to know

your thoughts which shows do you feel

belong on this list let us know in the

comments below and then you guys can

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so much for hanging out with me I'm

Sinead Jeffrey's and I'll see you guys

next time