10 Netflix Recommendations || TV Shows & Movies to Watch #3

Netflix is full of so much to kill your time that sometimes it becomes difficult to decide what you should watch there. With some of the best movies, we have done a little hard work for you so that you can just sit back and enjoy your favorite show with our superb Netflix recommendations!

Bling Ring:

It is based on a true story where some young people plan to rob celebrities starring Emma Watson and Taissa Farmiga.


If you like heart-breaking drama then this movie is a must to watch with phenomenal performances of Rooney Mara and Cate Blanchett.
The Gift:
It is a story of a man who comes back into the life of his friend with ulterior motives in this classic thriller.

Hayek's Liana pretty sure that given the

current situation a lot of us are

watching more Netflix than before so I

figured now was a good time to make

another one of these videos this is the

third one that I'm making with ten

Netflix suggestions so now there's a

total of 30 Netflix suggestions on my

channel so if you want even more ideas

on what to watch I'll leave those two

videos linked down below for you if you

want to check them out after this one

and I know I wanted to keep this intro

kind of short but I really need to say

this so as I've said in my other videos

all the TV shows and movies that I'm

recommending are currently on the

Canadian Netflix if they're not

available in your countries Netflix that

I'm sorry I'm in Canada and it's

currently April 2020 so it's possible

they're not available in your location

or they've been taken off depending on

when you're watching this okay now we

can get started

forget your troubles

the first thing I'm recommending is a TV

show called dead to me and it's a comedy

but it's also kind of dramatic so I

guess dramedy is the right term for it

and it's about this woman Jen whose

husband gets killed in a hit-and-run so

she ends up going to this grief support

group and she meets this other woman

named Judy there who's also going

through loss of her own and they kind of

Anna bonding and becoming friends over

that but they have really different

personalities which makes for a really

interesting kind of funny dynamic

between them and us the episodes go on

we find out that judy has a really big

dark secret which obviously I'm not

gonna spoil here that's for you to find

out but it's super interesting how she

tries to keep Jen from finding out about

it and as the episodes go on there's

more plot twists and the season finale

was really good so I definitely

recommend watching it


the next thing I'm recommending is also

a TV show and it's called the society I

really like it it's definitely one of my

favorites it's this mystery teen drama

where basically all these teens are

meant to be going on this school field

trip camping trip kind of thing but

there is a storm so they're forced to

come back the school buses drop them off

and then they leave but they find out

that things are a little bit different

it seems like everyone that wasn't on

those buses has absolutely disappeared

from the town so they're the only ones

left just these teens no adults so it

turns into this kind of modern Lord of

the Flies situation so they have to

figure out how to survive how to make

rules for this new society and figure

out what the heck is going on there's a

lot of theories out there about whether

it's like a different dimension or the

afterlife or a government experiment or

something no one really knows which is

what makes it so interesting so

definitely definitely recommend it has a

great cast the script is really good and

I would personally say it's not like

your typical teen drama if that makes

sense I don't know if it's just really


welcome to nerve number three is a movie

called nerve it's with Emma Roberts and

the Franco and it's one of those movies

that's just kind of a fun action watch

basically there's this game called nerve

like the title of the movie and in the

game there are Watchers and their

players so watchers pay to watch and

players must complete dares to get money

followers and move up in the ranks and

if you don't complete a dare then you're

eliminated from the game one of the main

characters is a girl named B who is

usually pretty reserved and safe but one

of her friends kind of peer pressures

her into joining the game as a player

and during the game she meets another

player named in and the watchers really

like their dynamic so they want them to

complete a bunch of dares together it

starts off with simpler dares and as the

movie goes on they get more intense and

even dangerous and we find out how

screwed up the game really is and I'll

leave it at that

the next suggestion is a TV show called

the Umbrella Academy the premise is that

back in 1989 on the exact same day 43

women randomly give birth even though

none of those women had been pregnant

when the day first started first of all

if I was one of those women that's kind

of spooky but that's not the point the

point is there's this billionaire that

is super intrigued by this whole

phenomenon and he ends up adopting seven

of those kids and because they're born

from this weird thing most of them have

some sort of superpower and it's cool

because it's not your typical

superpowers like flying or SuperSpeed or

whatever they're a little bit different

and I'll let you find that out for

yourself but this billionaire kind of

trains them to save the world or

something but as they grow older they

kind of grow apart from one another and

they only come back together when this

billionaire father figure dies so they

come back for his funeral and they

actually have to end up working together

because there seems to be some sort of

mystery around his death and on top of

that apparently the apocalypse is coming

soon so that's great for them I think

it's really great because it's not your

typical comic superhero type show so I

definitely recommend it this next one it

wasn't expecting to enjoy as much as I

did but it was surprising in a good way

it's a six-part documentary series

called cheer it follows on a virile

college cheer team from Texas who are

apparently really well-known in the

cheerleading world and through the six

episodes you get to follow them as they

train to try to win the national

cheerleading championship and you also

get to know about their backstories and

how they got to where they were I think

it breaks a lot of the stereotypes

around cheerleading and shows a totally

different side to it it shows you how

athletic you really have to be to be a


I mean some of the things these people

do are absolutely insane to me they're

so fearless and it just shows you how

much work really goes into a

cheerleading routine so yeah definitely

not your stereotypical cheerleading show


number six is a movie titled ready

player one directed by the one and only

Steven Spielberg it is a sci-fi

adventure movie set in the future where

the majority of people use this virtual

reality software thing called Oasis as

an attempt to escape their dull reality

and while you're in the Oasis you can

basically be whoever you want to be but

when the creator of the game passes away

there is a quest to win a bunch of money

but more importantly to win control of

the whole Oasis so the movie is centered

around this orphan teenager named Wade

who tries to win this quest so he tries

to find clues and he gets some allies

and so on but obviously the Oasis is

more than just a game basically the

whole population is hooked up to it so

there's this owner of a big corporation

trying to gain control of it instead of

Wade and that is the premise of the


the next thing I'm recommending is a TV

show called glow and this one is for

more mature audiences I know most of the

people that watch me are between 18 to

24 just based on my analytics but I know

that there's also some people that are

on the much younger side of things so

that's you maybe stay away from this one

cuz it does have some nudity and it

deals with some more mature subject

matter kind of thing but anyways the

show is set in the 1980s and it starts

by following this actress Ruth who is

continuously going to auditions and

trying to make her dream come true but

she's had no luck so she ends up trying

out for this alternative project which

actually turns out to be a women's

wrestling shelf and it's titled the

gorgeous ladies of wrestling a keg low

and he or she meets some of the other

Hollywood misfits I guess and it's about

them training and trying to get the show

made but it also deals with issues like

racism and like equal pay and homophobia

and etc it's just a really well-written

script and based on the premise of the

show I honestly didn't think I was gonna

like it that much but it surprised me so

definitely give it a chance

if you're in the mood for a romantic

drama then I definitely recommend

watching the age of Adaline it's with

Blake Lively and Harrison Ford and it

revolves around Blake Lively's character

Adaline who way back when she got

married she had a daughter and then lost

her husband in a tragic accident but

then she ends up getting into an

accident of her own back in the late

1930s and after this she no longer ages

at all she's just stuck at 29 years old

and the only person that knows this

secret about her is her daughter it's

kind of weird because her daughter looks

like an elderly woman and she still

looks 29 but anyways in fear of being

found out and becoming some sort of

experiment she has to constantly change

her identity and she has to sacrifice a

lot in the process and that includes

sacrificing love / relationships but she

ends up meeting this guy and she falls

for him and then there's a bit of a plot

twist which I'll let you find out for


the next suggestion is a TV show called

how to get away with murder and fold

this closure for everything else that

I've recommended I've watched the whole

thing but for this one I've only seen

the first two seasons so I'm hoping the

rest of it is also good

it's about this really well-known

criminal defense lawyer and Elise

Keating who takes five of her law

students to intern at her firm so we see

how far they'll go to do well in her

class and keep up with her standards at

the firm and at some point they end up

getting involved with an actual murder

and it goes back and forth in flashbacks

of them trying to cover up the murder

and sometimes I feel like too many

flashbacks can take away from a story

but in this case I found that it was

really well done and it made it more

interesting to unravel the plot that way

and the last thing I'm recommending I'm

sure a lot of you know about it but I

recently saw that it was actually on

Netflix so I had to add it to this list

and that is lollol and it is definitely

one of my favorite movies and it was

nominated for so many Oscars so trust me

it's really good

it's about this aspiring actress Mia

trying to make it in Hollywood and she

meets this guy Sebastian who is also

chasing his dream but he wants to be a

musician and they kind of bond over

wanting to be successful artists and I

think that they understand each other in

many ways and it's their love story but

also about them trying to make their

dreams come true together and about how

their own dreams seem to kind of pull

them apart from each other at times the

visual aesthetics of this movie are so

so pleasing and the music is so pretty

and the script is good and the acting is

good everything about it is just so well

done so I definitely recommend that you

watch it and those are all the

suggestions I'm giving you in this video

again I have two other videos like this

one I'll have them linked down below if

you want even more suggestions on what

to watch but that is it for this one if

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