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i have a brother

in the second battalion yes sir

they're walking into a trap your orders

are to deliver a message

calling off tomorrow morning's attack

if you fail it will be a massacre


if you don't get there in time


we will lose 1600 men

your brother among them good luck

hello we're here to fix your broadband


you ever had a paranormal experience

this is my youtube channel

the most haunted institute of the

criminally insane


savior just scratching the surface

there's a bigger world out there

you're in danger these aren't just

restless boots

these are malevolent entities welcome

truth seekers what an old ham how long

is this boring

bastard gonna be waffling off dad

everyone can hear you know

i'm talking about ghosts i'm not scared



says and the caster of the invitation um

should take not more than one sip of



yeah urine before the ritual begins




you should be scared every time

every single time that you are outside

those walls we'll be ready

i need to make my life count

it's all i can do


it's all any of us can do






is there anything on your mind troubling


remember you should say to yourself i

run my mind

it does not run me say it with me

i own my mind it doesn't run me feeling


i run my mind it doesn't run me everyone

thinks you're crazy



members of the national socialist party

conquered europe to murder

torture intimidation and terror and

that's exactly what we're going to do to


we will be cruel to the german and

through our cruelty they will know who

we are

they will find the evidence of our

cruelty in the disemboweled

dismembered and disfigured bodies their

brothers we leave behind us

and the german will not be able to help

themselves from imagining the cruelty

their brothers endured at our hands

and our boot heels and the edge of our


sound good yes sir an army which carries

the ark before it


is invincible the ark

if it is their attorneys then it is

something that man was not meant to



you don't believe me

you will dr jones

dad junior don't call me that please

nazis i hate these guys

you call this archaeology

what's he gonna do now i don't think he

plans that far ahead oh

i'd cover my ears if i were you

this is civil rights and again no we

don't have anything

all righty thank you so much

my twins will be 18 next month

they have absolutely no idea what it

means to have a father in their house

what fathers even do did you get any

words from over at the big house

today nothing yet

okay you got a chance to call today i

have not

no okay many of these people have no

respect for other human beings


no matter how sane or how understanding

you try to be

it just will make you lose your absolute


success is the best revenge success is

the best for event

you're going to show them that they

can't treat him in life this way

success is the best revenge just hang in

there because when you get them home

they're going to pay they're going to

pay they're going to pay


i knew that if it was gonna be it was

gonna be totally up to me

then everything just blew up do you

think it's radioactive i mean it's from

space right

meteorites are generally no more

dangerous than ordinary rocks

it's in the static it's in the moisture

what's in here is out there

and what's out there is in here now

everything's under control

oh i hear you so in denial that thing

from the meteorite changes everything

around it

this narrative is far more than mere

fiction i am david copperfield i am


it is the true story of the life i was

about to lead

you mama is ill how is she very ill

dangerously ill she's dead

i can easily recall people of strong

character good morning

good morning is it too early for sherry

a little early and weave their memory

come in

form a queue into my life's journey

we're ruined like a castle so what was

your name copperfield

copperfield copperfield this is cropped

with trossa fields

david copperfield i've been on all of

these sites no one even looks at the

profile they only care about the picture

and i'm sick of it

i've always wondered what it feels like

to be just undeniably

are you pretty okay you hit your head

pretty hard

wait that's me that's me

oh my god do you see this yes i'm


this would be quite a large promotion

for you what are your goals exactly

i get it and yes modeling is an option

for me

but it's not who i am wow i think a lot

of people completely miss

the thing that really makes them awesome

and you're not like that

dj hit it


we have searched the entire mountain

trying to find one

and that day has finally arrived oh my

gosh this is my butt

where did it go reach into your memory

it got whisked away

on the wind over the clouds which way up

sideways down


down of course

if you die can i have all your worldly

possessions blame right sorry when you


let's do this


oh so warm wait a minute what's

how's that nice and toasty all the way


oh hey what's wrong you hungry i found

your food


who's this handsome jet brahms

how'd you come up with that he tells me

all sorts of things

you okay i just think it's all a little



something is happening to him

he knew your boy would find him


love you mommy i love you