Top 10 Addictive Reality TV Shows

guilty pleasure or not reality TV is

here to stay

welcome to Ms mojo and today we'll be

counting down the top 10 addictive

reality TV shows singles believe they're

here to find look ass looks insane to

stay in a luxury thriller plan to go on

dates for this list we're taking a look

at reality shows we can't look away from

can't stop talking about and we'll never

forget this is the true story true story

seven strangers number 10

American Idol it's the greatest singing

competition show of all time and has

given us talent such as Kelly Clarkson

Carrie Underwood and Jennifer Hudson

well not all of the show's winners have

gone on to become superstars it's still

one of the most aspirational shows on TV

where even someone like William Hung a

notoriously bad contestant can have a

moment in the spotlight chick

face-to-face Oh baby but she moves she

moves the show was at its best with its

trio of original judges Simon Cowell

Randy Jackson and Paula Abdul giving

their honest sometimes brutal opinions

Vanessa if anyone ever asks in my life

what my nightmares look and sound like

I'm gonna refer to that over the years

the judges have come and gone but Ryan

Seacrest has remained a faithful host

you remember me

yes you did Lady Marmalade yep yep and

they weren't so thrilled with you number

9 Jersey Shore this show about young

singles partying on the New Jersey

beaches was an unexpected breakout hit

for MTV the show premiered in 2009 and

made household names out of the

situation JWoww Snooki and company it's

t-shirt everybody knows it's t-shirt job

there was something captivating about

the earlier seasons which felt largely

unscripted as the cast would drink too

much hook up and fist pump their hearts

out night after night this little shrimp

thing is like popping around

I'm the circle and like 200 things went

backwards splits like with her thong

hanging out our whole crotches in the

air it wasn't without its controversy

with many New Jersey natives including

Governor Chris Christie

speaking harshly about the show and its

portrayal of New Jersey Snooki is from

Poughkeepsie the situation from Staten

Island they parachuted these losers into

New Jersey they managed to pump out six

seasons in three short years and

ingrained the lifestyle motto GTL gym

tan laundry in assault if I didn't do my

GTL I take care of myself I don't know

what I'd look like number eight

America's Next Top Model you want to be

on top is the question this show poses

from the theme song and one host /

supermodel Tyra repeatedly asks aspiring

models on each cycle congratulations is

still in the running towards becoming

America's next top each week Tyra and

her judges put the contestants through

challenges from the expected like

walking in heels to the bizarre like

walking in a bubble all meant to prove

they have what it takes to be a top

model well the judges have deliberated

long and hard the challenges were a

backdrop to the star-studded power of

Tyra who created words like smize and

the drama that came from the models

living together

the show was cancelled in 2015 after its

22nd cycle but it was recently announced

that vh1 will revive it without IRA as a

judge alas it won't be the same without

her hit me up on twitter facebook

instagram got number 7 The Amazing Race

this is the start of a life changing

adventure unlike anything you have ever

experienced it's easy to get addicted to

this show we're 11 teams of two race

around the world completing challenges

and navigating through unknown cultures

for a shot at winning 1 million dollars

these 11 new teams now have their chance

to win 1 million dollars and the Amazing

Race watching the series will give you

serious wanderlust as the players get to

visit some of the world's most stunning

locations Wow holy cow guys this is

unbelievable it's fun to see how the duo

stay cool under pressure deal with

language barriers and get lost

mr. Shido food players this way this is

more direct you sure let's just say with

the Straight call the show has been on

for a whopping 28 seasons and has won 10

Primetime Emmys as the outstanding

reality-competition program and the Emmy

goes to The Amazing Race number 6 the


created as a spin-off from Laguna Beach

the real Orange County this show

followed the life of Lauren Elsie Conrad

as she tried to pursue a career in

fashion find love and maintain

friendships in Los Angeles what did you

do what do you do you started a sick

little rumor about me the series felt

like a how-to guide for Hollywood at a

time when we were all obsessed with

young starlets like Lindsay Lohan and

Paris Hilton how much is this fifty

hundred okay it also gave us some of the

best reality TV villains with Heidi

Montag and Spencer Pratt the duo known

as Spidey

I can't we now know that most of the

show was scripted but who cares when it

gave us all the drama we can handle

number five the Real Housewives

franchise I want my own car I want my

own bed I want my mommy following the

success of scripted shows like Desperate

Housewives and The OC this series began

in 2006 with Orange County which gave

viewers access to the lives of the rich

and famous women of OC chorus Vicki the

hypocrite it's going to bring everybody

else into it and so justr solved the

series is a treasure trove of catfights

backstabbing and women drinking too much

Pinot Grigio it's provided us with the

ridiculous catchphrases of the opening

credits and a chance to see how the 1%

lives what a gift from God

what a voice furthermore it's made

household names of some of the cast

members like NeNe Leakes Bethenny

Frankel Teresa Giudice and Lisa

Vanderpump in total nine US cities have

been locales for the show including

Atlanta New Jersey New York and Beverly

Hills I just don't know what to say at

this point you're all crazy number four

Big Brother franchise tonight Big

Brother is back with another season of

drama fun and betrayal taking its name

from the George Orwell novel 1984 the

premise of the show is simple

the contestants known as houseguests or

housemates must live in a house with

24-hour surveillance while competing and

challenges and using their social skills

to not get evicted we jump on the

mattress and it starts shifting back and

forth you jump to the second one and

it's turning 360 degrees the setup makes

for a fascinating look at human behavior

since many of the people go a bit

stir-crazy under the constant scrutiny

and lack of communication with the

outside world

oh god the drama is oftentimes

over-the-top silly and yet strangely

addictive with the show eventually

growing into 54 franchises worldwide two

houseguests were caught breaking the

rules of

number three keeping up with the

kardashians usually when I come to

France the paparazzi is not really that

crazy say what you want about the


but it's pretty hard to deny that there

are one of the most influential and

famous families of the 21st century

their pop culture takeover is in large

part due to their show which became an

unbridled success for a network my

sisters and I are going to do our

individual treadmill shots until Kylie's

ready to get her butt out here but time

is tickin produced by Ryan Seacrest

among others the show follows the

day-to-day lives of the Kardashian clan

namely Kim Khloe Kourtney and company

all of whom are famous for well being

Kardashians carry vagina now on its 11th

season the show has no intentions of

slowing down as they aired various

spin-offs such as Khloe and Kourtney

Take the Hamptons and Khloe and Lamar

Lamar and I have been missing our family

while Rob danced like that little dougie

then you throw yourself over oh my god

number two survivor where would reality

TV be without this show since 2000

survivor has dominated American reality

television and proved to be one of the

most fascinating social experiments as

players are forced to make alliances

while surviving in a harsh environment

and shivering

five or six hours

if not more host Jeff Probst pushes

contestants to outwit outplay and

outlast each other which is hard to do

when they're working with little food

and water last person left standing wins

immunity guaranteed a one-in-nine shot

at winning this game

after 32 seasons they're still finding

new ways to push the players to use

their social and mental skills while

pushing their physical endurance this is

an exhausting challenge beyond it wait

in those fish trout it is not easy

before we unveil our number one pick

here are a few honorable mentions


feeling pretty good this is really going

to make a huge difference it's awesome a

little more acid would've given it a

kick to really set off the richness of

the fish I'm really happy because we see

the glitter is really casual urban

modern and sophisticated I think it

looks spectacular

Queen Victoria would be proud oh ho oh

wowzers number one The Bachelor and the

Bachelorette thank you very much for

coming how are you beginning in 2002

this dating show set up one lucky

bachelor with the chance of a lifetime

to date multiple women in the hopes of

finding a wife and here is to the

possibility of finding love this led to

an equally successful spinoff with the

genders reversed Sean

even though most of the seasons don't

end in a successful marriage between

these two shows there has been an

astonishing 31 seasons combined I was so

confident in what we had and I didn't

see that coming at all no one really

cares about the search for true love but

instead we're watching for the

backstabbing contestants the fantasy

suites the overuse of the word amazing

it's amazing that is this amazing it's

gonna be amazing and host Chris Harrison

who promises audience every season the

most shocking rose ceremony ever I know

I've said this before but this time I

cannot tell you how stunning and how

dramatic next Monday's finale really is

do you agree with our list which reality

show is on your must watch TV list

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