10 Things To Do When You're Sick

okay let's see if I can actually get

through the intro without dying hey

YouTube it's Maya here welcome back to

my channel and for this week's video

guys as you can tell I am sick

I've actually been sick for let's see

when I'm filming this video I've been

sick for a week and when this video goes

up I would have been sick for almost two

weeks so clearly I have been sick for a

very long time in UV and since I

literally can't get through one sentence

without coughing I thought it'd be fun

to bring back an oldie but goodie video

10 things to do when you are sick but if

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down below if you do any of these things

that you're sick because these are

literally the only things I've been

doing for like a straight week now I've

literally been sick and coughing and

just dying for almost a week and a half

now and we actually had a bunch of snow

if you're in the area that got a bunch

of snow we actually had a huge amount of

snow so we had a bunch of snow days so

luckily I didn't miss any school but it

wasn't fun just to spend my snow days in

bed but you don't need to hear me cough

anymore so let's get straight into the



when you're sick the number one priority

is to get better and one way you can do

that is by sleeping especially if you're

a high school or middle school student

and you know how sleep-deprived you can

get this is a great opportunity to catch

up on those Z's plus if you're sick and

literally have nothing to do like me

then this is a great way to pass the

time because let's be honest who just

wants to sit there and do nothing all

day nobody


not only does spending time with your

pet mean you get to have a little fun

while you're sick it also makes you feel

overall better there's no real reason

but everyone loves pets so spend some

time with your best pal while you're

sick if you're like me and feel really

icky while you're sick it's definitely a

good idea to take a nice hot bath or

shower and one thing I like to do is

take a bath bomb and put it in the tub

as well while I'm soaking in there it

just makes me feel overall very relaxed

and just makes me feel better I've

accidentally had this for like months

now so I think it's too hard to be a

bath bomb


I know it's such a common thing to do

when you're sick but eating some soup

seriously helps and the soup I'm having

right now is some miso soup with some

pasta in it I know not the healthiest

thing in the world to eat but it tastes

good and makes me feel good so I think

it's a win-win

I know drawings not for everyone but

let's be honest we've all doodle did our

notebook in school one time or another

so make some time pass by and draw

something and maybe you can even get a

new skill I mean who doesn't love

finding out new things about themselves

every day


I know what you're thinking this girl

expects me to read well let's be honest

if you're doing nothing then why don't

you pick up something interesting and

read it right now I'm reading and then

there were none by Agatha Christie it's

a murder mystery where 10 people go to

this strange Island and they'll get

murdered I really wouldn't recommend it

if you're younger though drinking water

is so crucial when you're sick because

it keeps you hydrated and it keeps you

healthy they say to try and drink three

bottles a day but I can't really do that

so I try and drink at least one a day

that way I am keeping myself hydrated

and I'm trying to flush all the gross

ass out of my body

we've all been watched on our shows at

one point or another and because it is

the middle of the school year and things

are pretty hectic in our lives with both

after-school activities and school

activities you have missed out on your

show so one thing I like to do when I am

sick is catch up on my shows and see

what I've missed it's not only a great

time passer but it also keeps you

entertained just kind of like with the

reading thing I know everyone hates

writing but I'm a writer myself and I am

actually writing a book so I use this

time when I'm sick to think of ideas for

new writings plus if you have a journal

let's be honest we all have at one point

or another I'm sure you can write in

that impasse some time listening to

music can help get you in the right mood

to feel better and if you play the right

music it can also help you go to sleep

plus if you're like me and like jamming

out to a song then playing music kind of

helps you feel better in general well

guys that was my video I hope you guys

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