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those who smoke weed what are your high

thoughts right now I should put my left

over sloppy joe meat into a quesadilla

sloppy Jose yeah this one's high isn't

that basically what quesadillas are

quote only if you add Mexican cheese

quote is Taco Bell open quote dude I'm

gonna go in there and make a quesadilla

out of my leftovers meatball quesadilla

but what else should I add people who

own pizzerias make pizza dough and they

also make pizza dough LMFAO am I really

clever enough to ask reddit something or

am I just stoned I am really hungry but

I I'm laying in bed with two cats on top

of me and that's better than food you

can't be backwards when you are on

stairs my girlfriend really wants a cat

and we were talking about getting one

but I'm allergic to most cats the Sphynx

cats came up you know the ones that look

like a raw turkey yeah so I was saying I

thought I would still be allergic

because pet dander has also dry skin and

they probably get it just like all cats

and she said yeah you got a Lube em up

every once in a while and just the

thought of some dude dude in his kitchen

grabbing a pair of latex gloves on a

slow eh s Wednesday and saying

come here mittens the cat sauntering

over and this guy just slapping his

lotion loaded hands all over his turkey

cat just made me die laughing and given

how much cats hate water I can't imagine

cocoa butter but anyway yeah I'm in

Canada so it's chill when they sit on

glass because of the lack of hair they

kind of suction a bit then you have to

come by and wipe little cat Donuts on

your glass furniture just FYI I loved

reading this thank you how in gta5 you

can blow up a container ship steal a

nuke and like five cops show up and

that's it but I slap a prostitute and

the whole dn Police Department is on you

I don't know man I'm high because just

like in real life the police force is

more likely to focus on Tabuk crimes

such as prostitution and drug use daamn

nice observation do you think Rockstar

did that intentionally yeah they did

there's a lot of s T like that that is

so specific for instance the Rockstar

developers researched how fast people

want to make it seem more real it's

insane the places they went to make it

realistic if you pee while you drink

water you're basically a hose with extra


what's this lump on my throat do I have

thyroid cancer I put your symptom into

WebMD yep cancer that site is like Oprah

you have cancer and you have cancer

cancer for everybody

quote probably yay when my dog stares

into my soul and I get reoccurring

thought that after we die were born

again into the body of our dogs have you

ever read the egg by Andy weir awhile

ago I said I'm smoking grass while

sitting on grass cracked myself up for

ages either wire pizza boxes square when

pizzas around or why is stuff on the car

called shipment and stuff on a ship has

called cargo quote I just had a really

calm nice time in a video game you can

just fly around a city in Kirby air ride

for Gamecube by any chance what's your

favorite shape and why is it oscillating

shapes are shapes I like to listen to

music when I'm high because every

instrument sounds like a different color

ribbon and when I focus on a specific

ribbon I can see the way that it shakes

around inside of baskets then if I try

to listen to all of the ribbons at the

same time the music gets really colorful

and pretty edit here's what it looks

like to me there are almost twice as

many nipples in the world as there are

people well human nipples

there's a whole lot more nipples on

animals since they have like six you're


there are literally like trillions of

nipples out there so does your DK have a

nipple or are your nipples the shape of


why can't I think of a color that

doesn't exist yet because you don't know

what the colors you can't see look like

tried to think of nothing if you're

really down did that one time did not

have fun I wonder what life's road one

must travel to become a birthday clown

how much of my elbow could I fit in my

mouth if I could get it there try with

someone else's elbow get their consent

first though yeah

don't just suck someone's weenus without

asking killing yourself is self-defense

because you're killing the person trying

to kill you I want to be held cuddle and

go to sleep with a nice girl and wake up

and have it be real you'll get there


hugs ah my high thought is that that

nice girl is out there right now wishing

she had someone to hold and cuddle with

- I hope your paths align when the time

is right :

it's pretty nice finding the right girl

I look forward every night to sleep next

to her until she steals my blanket and

I'm pushed to the three inch slice of

the bed right next to the edge but other

than that she's great if we could

communicate with cats and actually ask

them whether or not they would wilfully

become a pet

how many would take the deal no danger

free food free health care their whole

life but with very limited freedom I

would like to think they would take the

deal but sometimes I just don't know

edit dogs would in a heartbeat I would

bet the dog would put its paw on your

knee look at you with loving eyes and

say you had me at hello because dogs are

that damned awesome dang you're right my

high response

those bastards would decline the honor

then turn up at dinnertime abuse us for

not feeding them then take the best spot

on the bed and ignore us and the whole


why do we have the letters W and X W

doubleu makes the same phonetic noise as

the letter V V don't they use vs w x EK

s is also redundant for example words

like sex

xylophone etc can be used with their

alternative spellings that will be like

a reincarnation and some sort of

Renaissance of the English language the

first season of Arrested Development is

literally the most elaborate hilarious

impossibly well-written piece of

television I will ever see in my

lifetime it is brilliant and perfect how

my bed feels exactly like clouds and I'm

not in pain

ah I'm glad you're not in pain hang in


there is just like rocks everywhere in

the ground on top of the ground in the

water the sky outer space is filled with

rocks big rocks small rocks fast rocks

cold rocks just rocks are everywhere

can't get away from rocks

they'll just be there developing a VR

headset foreign language learning

live-action simulator while being able

to use your hands like in the movie

Minority Report I think it would be cool

to be able to highlight over parts of

the sentence and have it translate them

into your native tongue to see what

individual words mean and I feel like

watching a real person stare at me while

waiting for me to answer will pressure

me to learn faster law ice cubes but the

opposite like rocks are something you

could put in the microwave or oven that

you put in your drink to keep it hot

haha sounds awesome until you remember

we have thermos cups

they're called high Deus and the answers

are called hypotheses I love to get high

on potenuse I was just wondering if

after this whole quarantine ends if my

friends will look older to me or if all

look older to them there were 12


12 Greek gods and 12 districts in The

Hunger Games and in all of them a 13th

was either added and/or replaced another

what does it mean minecraft music kinda

slaps man super agree stay strapped or

get clapped George Washington it is

better to see em in the shower than to

shower in the [ __ ] Abraham Lincoln I ate

too much chocolate I write down all my

high thoughts I think they're genius at

the time here are some hallucinations

our our portal into a parallel universe

is it possible to have gender fluidity

based on hair length Charlotte church's

crazy chick but it's about cannibals our

relationship with outer space and our

compatibility with it is how I imagine

sea life regard the world beyond the

ocean but music has shapes climate

change is speeding up time I understand

shaved heads did my mom ever find

anything weird in my room after I moved

out did you just touch me with your

Minnesotan hand random thing I wrote I

don't even live in the u.s. law I wonder

what Steve Buscemi looks like hi I

understand shaved heads lmao what the FK

man I wonder what Steve Buscemi looks

like hi you should be wondering what he

looks like sober what would happen if I

tried to smoke a cheeto puff I put a

Reese's Peanut Butter Cup in the freezer

before and I just remembered and now I'm


om aan NN i FG love reece cups from the

freezer I'm so jealous

they really do hit different when they

cold in heart this is a foreign concept

to me my heart is beating very fast

maybe I should stop drinking soda nah

I had to turn the TV down to taste my

toast yo I felt this comment in my FG

sol y is ozarks dialogue sooo long in

this episode selfie is such a word word

selfie selfie selfie I thought that I

had a brilliant theory on how the brain

works so I drew out a diagram of the

human brain and labeled different

sections as zones but it's been an hour

since I started and I'm too high to

remember what I was thinking

oh well keep it maybe it'll eventually

come back to you because it was

definitely groundbreaking went to the

zone of forgetfulness I just sat through

the entirety of the movie dusk I don't

know what to think I could demolish a

steak right now five bucks says 95% of

the answers in here are sober people

what does $10 say then about a gram hey

I don't know about that I think a lot of

us are like Lehigh right now seven just

curious is the OP someone who has never

smoked weed or someone new to it I'm a

longtime user and unless I find

something very strong I rarely have

those high thoughts either that or they

have just become regular thoughts oh man

so I'm hearing this trippy sound that I

can't quite figure out the source uh I

think it's the fridge with a FD up

cooling coil but it sounds like alien

spaceships or I could just be imagining


hard to say last summer I spent a

weekend with some friends at a lake

cabin we got nice and baked while we

cooked burgers over the bonfire and then

went down to the dock to stargaze as I

was looking up at the stars I realized

that they probably have their own

planets and what if on one of those

planets there was a group of aliens

looking up at the stars and what if we

locked eyes with those aliens if only

for a fraction of a second they would

probably be light-years dead by the time

that light got to you

so true eye contact wouldn't be possible

sorry / I choose to ignore these facts

what's not true about that eye contact

light gets from one point to another

always sunny party food energy BS in

large bowls around the room milk steak

and rum ham for dinner activities

boiling denim night crawlers and using

the rat stick on a family of rats

whoever gets the most rats wins and gets

to clean the toilet greasing up a

watermelon and throwing it into the pool

chardee macdennis and flipadelphia of

course entertainment everyone will

perform in the Nightman cometh

invitations will be on a muscle that

looks like a DK no one will say no

because of the implication are you 3

cool guys looking for other cool guys to

hang out in your party mansion I would

come to this party I have flip flip

flipadelphia stuck in my head RN asked

my brother who is hella high right now

he said when looking for something you

lost look right to left I stead of left

to right cuz you are used to looking

left to right and it is different way of

seeing the world my favorite thing he

ever said to me when hai was when we

were watching TV and someone lost an arm

he said they being too dramatic in st

just need to wait a couple of months for

it to grow back basic facts quote I

should melt chocolate on a piece of

apple pie what kind of cake do you think

that cakeday cake is it's green so then

could also be pistachio there's

pistachio cake anything can be a cake if

you're brave enough what's in my fridge

and should I go get it yes run but

slowly still wondering what's in it I'm

the same and then I spend more time

pondering about what's in the fridge

instead of getting up and checking

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