no the XFL is to start their opening

season this weekend and honestly I know

that we've seen a lot of startup

football leagues fail in the past but I

don't know man this one just feels

different because we've never had a

startup and a football league that tried

to jump into the football market that

actually failed in the past and decided

to come back again and Vince McMahon

appears to have learned from his

mistakes he doesn't this time he's not

gonna be involved with the actual

product of the XFL at all rather he's

just involved in the funding of it the

person that's in charge of everything

else well that's the CEO Oliver Luck

well you may know that last name yes I

know what you might be asking and here's

your answer the answer is yes this is

Andrew Luck's daddy

so why Andrew Luck's daddy of all people

well Oliver Luck has extensive

experience in Indiana well not in the

NFL but as an executive for football he

was actually an executive for the evil

n-c-double-a and I feel like the XFL has

tremendous potential because for now

they're just serving as some sort of

like a d-league to former NFL players

but in the future they could actually

provide an option for for potential

college athletes to go to the XFL spend

three years in the XFL before going to

the NFL because the XFL would be paying

these players and you have to understand

as NCAA athletes that's actually very

very attractive think about it think

about all the NCAA athletes that have

virtually no shot at NFL careers you

don't think they're gonna you don't

think they're gonna consider the XFL as

an option as opposed to the NFL you know

for all you know you could end up

declaring from the draft from the XFL

get undrafted and then you have the

option of playing in the NFL or the XFL

they're just potential over here and I

feel like they're gonna do it right this

time Vince McMahon said he's willing to

invest five hundred million dollars into

this league which is five times more

initial investment in 2001 and the fact

that he's not going to try to make this

a WWE football league with hot

cheerleaders and everything just makes

me a little bit excited I have a video

coming out about the differences in

rules in the NFL and the XFL this

upcoming weekend but for now I figured

it'd be a lot of fun to make this video

because there's a lot of former NFL

players that I could see joining the XFL

and the first one in he's the most

likely player to join the XFL because he

actually talked about it was Chad

Johnson so I don't know if you guys seen

this video I made or not but Chad

Johnson actually has interest in trying

out for the XFL as a kicker could you

imagine that

Chad Johnson as a kicker not as a wide

receiver but a kicker may be the team

that signs and will put him in a wide

receiver as well but it'd be really fun

just to see just to see Oh Joe Cinco

playing football once again and just

doing his little dances and just having

his personality shine on the football

field I feel like the XFL will do

anything it takes to get him on a roster

and I feel like the XFL will do anything

it takes to get these other 10 players

on a roster and the next player that I

think the XFL will try to sign is Adam

Pacman Jones and the reason for this is

pac-man has never shied away from the

controversial thing he's actually a

former wrestler I don't know if you

remember but during the year he was

suspended from the NFL I think it was

2009 or 2010 Pacman Jones actually was a

wrestler in TNA he didn't really do much

wrestling but he loves the publicity he

loves the limelight yes he's learned

from his mistakes but if an opportunity

comes to make money playing football I

could see Pac Man taking it especially

because I don't even imagine the XFL

being as intense as the NFL once was the

next player that I could see joining the

XFL and these the player after that's

actually his former teammate is Josh

Gordon now this depends on whether a

team wants to take a chance on Josh

Gordon but as of recently he has been

suspended indefinitely once again for

violating drug policies in the NFL and I

know this is getting a little old for us

and I

I have to take a moment to say you don't

know how difficult of a battle it is to

battle with a crippling addiction it's

not something as easy as oh I could stop

you know this is something that's

literally harvested in his neurology you

know he neat and he may need some things

to function I don't know how his brain

works but let's be sensitive to Josh

Gordon situation I would like to see him

on a football field he's so talented but

of course he comes first he needs to get

him through this tough situation and if

he can it'd be cool to see him in the

NFL or the XFL again the next player

that I think is a lock to come back to

the XFL is Johnny Manziel and the

problem with this is Johnny Manziel as

entertaining a player that he was he's

just not a good football player and it

really depends on whatever roster signs

him how is the competition that he's

gonna be facing off against cuz if you

go back to his tape when he was on Texas

A&M literally all he would do is

scramble around look look look scramble

around and he would make a play happen

with his feet or you know just purely

off of improvisation so the question is

will Johnny Manziel face steep

competition in the XFL and if he does

then chances are they're not gonna be

interested in signing in but this dude

has so much clout that you just got to

give him a chance

the next player that I think will join

the XFL for similar reasons as Josh

Gordon is Randy Gregory and Randy

Gregory if you don't know who he is he

was supposed to be a top five pick in

the 2014 NFL Draft he fell all the way

to the second round to the Dallas

Cowboys because of drug issues and for

the most part he was suspended again

indefinitely despite being extremely

promising as a pass rusher for the

Dallas Cowboys first substance abuse

problems and I think he'd fit in with

the XFL again and it matters how much

the XFL wants to place an emphasis on

drug policies and I feel like first

start up football league beggars can't

be choosers if you could get a familiar

name in the NFL you're gonna go for it

even though morally I don't necessarily

agree with it so a player that I also

think could join the XFL vantes perfect

and bro noting symbol

the old XFL more than perfect because

dude this guy would deliver those hard

bone crushing hits this guy's known as a

dirty player if you let him loose on an

XFL field he's gonna bring you highlight

after highlight after highlight so it

would be very interesting to see Vaughn

tez perfect joining the XFL and you will

see a lot of bone crushing hits if he

does join the XFL now these last five

are very very big long shots of joining

the XFL but for the sake of just the

sake of being a fan I feel like it'd be

fun if they did so the the number one

player that the XFL is probably

targeting that will bring so much hype

so much attention to the XFL is colin

kaepernick and you have to understand

that colin kaepernick was very close to

signing with the AAF the issue was money

cap makes Believe It or Not cap makes a

lot of money despite being off of the

field and away from football and he

doesn't see it being as a worth an

investment to put his body on the line

for minimal capital so it depends on how

much money Colin Kaepernick is offered

and if he's offered the right amount of

dollars he will probably join or

possibly join the XFL but I consider

this to be a long shot now the next

player and I'm gonna do my best to get

you guys this information cuz this guy

actually works at my works out at my gym

and that's Terrell Owens and I actually

had a conversation with him recently but

it was like a BS conversation about how

we workout and this and that and this

and that but I'm gonna try next time I

see him I'm gonna try to get this out of

him Terrell Owens first of all is in

phenomenal shape he plays basketball all

the time at our gym




and he's in phenomenal shape he's still

working out he's still training and he

is interested he was interested in

continuing to play football

according to a recent documentary on his

life called the football life and

knowing his personality him being a

showman you know him being goofy him

being tio I just feel like it's a

perfect fit tio in the XFL that would

get people to tune in people will still

want to watch Terrell Owens just as

people will still want to watch the next

player here Dez Bryant now I feel like

NFL teams are actually entertained or

intrigued and signing Dez Bryant I feel

like he'll get another shot in the NFL

which makes this a little bit less

likely but in the but in the case that

he does not bro Dez Bryant has like the

sixth most Instagram followers out of

all football players so you want a guy

with this much clout to be part of your

startup football league this is a great

way to bring awareness to your brand get

people to tune in as a former cowboy fan

as a as a cowboy fan I would tune in to

watch a former cowboy play especially

Dez Bryan because he's a fan favorite in

Dallas it'd be nice to see him join the

dallas XFL team and the final two

players that I think can join the XFL

these are long shots bro this first one

especially Michael Vick is a huge long

shot like he's made so much money in the

NFL I don't see why he would put his

body on the line he appears to have an

analyst job now and he's very revered in

the football community I don't see a

need for him doing this but it's just

this is a hypothetical list so it'd be a

lot of fun to see him in the XFL the

final player has such a horrible name

that I don't think there's a chance he

joins but you never know and that's the

Kraken Greg Hardy we know what happened

with him and domestic violence claims

and whatnot and I don't think the XFL

brand would want his name on the on

their Brooke would want to be synonymous

with his name but again this is a list

of players that I think could

potentially joined the XFL so let me

know in the comments section down below

if there's any players that you think I

missed out

aside from that guys if you're new to

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more football content I'm your boy the

flight Mike and I'll catch you guys on

the next upload