How To Come Up With Story Ideas For Your Book | PART ONE


hey guys welcome back to my channel in

today's video I'm going to answer a

viewers question in more detail which is

how do you come up with ideas for

stories for some writers ideas randomly

come to them and then they'll write them

down in a notebook and they'll start

creating subplots and weave everything

together to make a well connected story

but for other writers coming up with

story ideas can actually be really tough

many of us can't just pull I D is out of

thin air especially ones that haven't

already been done before does the world

really need another vampire-werewolf

love triangle maybe but only if you can

put a truly different and unique spin on

it if there's one thing I want you to

take away from this video it's that your

story ideas need to be original don't

try to copycat other writers and their

plot lines because guess what you'll get

to writing and basically realize that

you're rewriting what has already been

written and if it's already been written

then it's probably already been read so

it's worth brainstorming some new ideas

you may be thinking but Kristin haven't

all ideas been done before

boy meeting girl and alien species

invading earth a dystopian setting where

a hero tries to overthrow the bad guys

good versus evil etc and you know when I

tell you that you're right it's all been

done before but what makes your story

unique and different is the spin that

you put on it all of those little

subplots that make the relationships and

connections between your characters

stand out are actually really important

for example I wrote a young adult

dystopian novel called the alpha drive

how many dystopian novels are out there

a lot a lot a lot over the past couple

of years there was an influx of these

types of stories into the market but was

mine about a sickness that plagued the

land and caused a crazy dictator

take over and make everyone's life a

living hell no because it's been done

before was it about a competition

between kids to fight to the death to

keep the peace and to entertain the

higher classes no because it's been done

before instead I took elements of a

dystopian world and added my own matrix

like twist to it with an alternate

reality where the focus was more on the

action and not so much on the teenage

love sound interesting you should go

read it the first three chapters are

available on my website for free and if

you like what you read go buy my book on

Amazon and either paperback or ebook

there link down below but enough

self-promotion here are 7 tips for

coming up with story ideas for your book

why 7 because honestly that's just as

many as I could think of number one

determine what genre you want to write

what do you like to read crime fantasy

science fiction contemporary take a look

at your bookshelf and do a quick

inventory of the genres that your

housing chances are the majority of your

books will be in either one or two

genres and if you like reading those

types of stories then chances are you're

probably going to like writing them too

if not that's fine just try to figure

out what genre you want to write number

two determine your audience how old will

your readers be children young adults

new adults adults just as an FYI if your

main characters are 12 years old and

younger that you are technically writing

a children's book if your characters are

ages 13 through 18 think high school age

then you are writing a young adult look

if your characters are 19 through 30

think more college stage coming into

being an adult then you're writing a new

adult book four characters older than 30

or if your shanwa is something more in

I guess erotica genre then you are

probably writing an adult book don't

forget that by determining your audience

you are kind of setting up the tone and

the theme for the book you're going to

write for example if you have alcohol

sex or drugs in your novel then you may

want to stick to more of a new adult or

adult audience

although these aspects have been

included in some young adult novels I

would recommend staying away from them

think of it from a parent's point of

view if you are a parent would you want

your thirteen-year-old son or daughter

to be reading about a heavy drinking

scene at some party or some intense

romantic --all yes I just made up the

word romantic old scenes in a book

probably not that doesn't mean that

young adult can't have romance

it's just normally a softer romance with

less detail

number three determine your theme a

theme is a universal idea or message

that stretches throughout your entire

story a book's theme is very important

especially when you're writing a series

because that theme is going to be

present in each one of your books you

have your typical good versus evil you

can kind of think Harry Potter here with

Harry Potter and Voldemort individual

versus society that's another theme

think kind of like The Hunger Games and

divergent love sustaining or fading with

a challenge here you can think Twilight

Bella was challenged with Edward because

he was a vampire and then I guess also

because he was a werewolf spoiler alert

sorry if you haven't read Twilight but I

try everyone has read that book or

seeing that movie so I will link down

below a website that has a list of 101

themes for you to peruse just as a side

note your book can have more than one

theme just like you can have more than

one plot you can have sub themes

just make sure you have one major theme

just like you have one major plot and

then you can add in subplots and

sub-themes to keep your story from

falling flat number four brainstorm so

now that you have your genre target

audience and theme it's time to start

brainstorming most likely I've already

had a few ideas that have been floating

around in your head that you've jotted

down in a notebook somewhere and if not

that's okay you can start from scratch

grab a large piece of paper and write

your main theme in the center with a

large circle around it underneath the

theme you can write in smaller letters

what challenge your main character is

going to have to face and overcome if

you don't know it yet that's okay

don't worry about it sometimes it's

actually easier to brainstorm how you

want your book to end and then work

backwards to craft your story so then

you draw branches out from that main

circle like a tree and you start writing

down any ideas that come to mind for

your story whether they're good or bad

write them all down on this large sheet

of paper even if they don't make sense

write them down you'd be surprised how

later on some of those nonsense ideas

can actually be added into your story or

reworked a little bit to add more depth

to your plot or a subplot and it

actually ends up really helping you out

there's no such thing as a bad idea

each one is that able so write all of

them down number five use resources if

your idea well is running dry there are

a multitude of resources out there that

can help you generate or

ideas the first one and my personal

favorite is the writers idea thesaurus

this is by Fred white there are endless

ideas at your fingertips and at the turn

of a page when I brained in or

struggling to think of ideas or what

should happen next to my story I'll open

up the writers idea at the Souris to a

random page and just read one of the

random ideas that's in that book I

normally don't use exactly what's

written on the page but sometimes it

does give me a spark of inspiration to

go write something whether it's tweaking

that one plot suggestion or maybe

rewriting something entirely different

my favorite is when I get struck by

Cupid's creative arrow and then I come

up with something entirely new those

aren't the best days there are also

websites out there although I haven't

really found one that I truly like where

you can type in your character's name

whether they're male or female around

what age they are what genre you're

writing in you can fill all this

information out in a form online and

press submit and then it will come up

with a paragraph kind of like a story

that you can go off of a lot of these

though don't really make sense but

sometimes maybe one sentence in there

will really help your mind start working

and get those creative juices flowing

where you're like okay yeah and then

this could happen this could happen this

could happen

so sometimes those online websites can

be helpful I'll link some down below

again I haven't really found one that I

truly love because a lot of them don't

make sense that's okay you can also

think of books you've read or movies you

watch or maybe you didn't like how it

ended or a certain scene and then you

can write down what you would have done

to make it better doing this will help

flex that creative muscle and it will

actually get your mind

unconsciously brainstorming different

subplots for your story number six use

your ideas to make a rough outline the

best way to do this is to write every

single idea that you have down on an

individual note card then try to

organize the note cards in a way that

makes a semi cohesive story note cards

are a great tool because if you want to

slide one scene from the end to the

beginning all you have to do is just

slide the note card into the place that

you want also keep a stack of blank note

cards next to you in case you get more

ideas as you're doing this that way you

can write them down and add them in as


number seven just write once you have a

basic outline thanks to your handy dandy

note cards just begin writing even if

it's terrible even if your story doesn't

fully make sense to you just yet write

the writing process is all about

discovering your story you as the writer

take yourself on a journey to discover

your story's potential and all the

things that it can be it's crazy how

you'll start writing and as you're

writing chapter one an idea for chapter

two will come up and then for the next

chapter in the next chapter in the next

chapter it's like a vicious cycle you

discover your story as you write so if

you don't just start writing then you'll

never discover the potential that your

story can have trust me it might sound

scary but it works the first draft is

for your eyes only anyway so be write

total crap one day

that's okay you can just take it out

just right so there you have it seven

tips to help you come up with story

ideas for your first or next book I hope

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