How to Write a Childrens Book Ideas


remember when you were little and you'd

be watching TV or reading a comic book

you'd see the superhero come in and save

the day and you'd think maybe that could

be me

you grabbed the nearest blanket tighter

on your neck and scale to the top of the

couch and for a moment she jumped off

you thought the clouds rushing through

your face you felt like you could save

the world then at some point that vision

faded you got older smarter you outgrew

your costume what if


what would it take to transform someone

into a superhero consider what advice do

you have on choosing a name how about an

outfit a color scheme a logo what do you

do when someone doesn't have a

superpower like Iron Man or Batman any

advice on choosing the perfect gadgets

how about the hero's lair what practical

advice can you offer a perspective super

gyro tuning of city what kind of

Transportation should a superhero use

and what if all of that costs way too

much money and superhero isn't

independently wealthy

how can a superhero it's happened in his

or her tragic backstory to find strength

so take all of that advice that you have

and turn it into a step-by-step guide

for how to become a superhero