How to Come Up With Ideas to Write a Book

well hi there it's Suzanne toil Ingram

here with my series of videos called

write that book I'm going to give you

some some information today pretty

quickly under five minutes I promise on

how to research a topic people always

ask me you know how do I know what to

write about what should I write about

well I'm going to give you some ideas

today that'll help you so there's two

different things you can do you can

write about things you already know your

current knowledge and when I say your

current knowledge I mean there are

things in your life that you know that

other people come to you for help with

so ask yourself or really think about it

what do what are the things that I know

I think they're really not that

important because it's sort of like

whatever I already know it but other

people come to you and say how do you do

this or how do you do that maybe people

come to you and say you know how how did

you guys go gluten-free if your whole

family's on a gluten-free diet or

something like that or you know how do

you do this how do you do that do you

know how to set up a Facebook page or

you know there's things that people come

to you and ask you that is your current

knowledge and that's valuable knowledge

you might think it's not that exciting

but if you can teach others that's

something you can write a book about

okay the other thing you can do is learn

something new you can actually write a

book about something that you don't know

anything about you're going to learn all

about it in order to write that book and

it might be a really interesting way of

doing it because right now you don't

know what you don't know about that

topic so as you decide on topic and

delve into it and read as much as you

can maybe take courses whatever you want

to do to learn about that topic you

could write a book about all the things

you've learned about that topic so there

is an idea for you as well the other

thing I want to mention is to make a

list of what your interests are because

when you write a book about something

you're interested in that passion can

come through in the book and your

readers get excited about it so I want

you to make a list of things that you're

interested in and then later on in other

videos I'm going to

show you how to research whether or not

it's really going to be a you know a

viable topic or not but if you were to

make a list let's see let's use me for

example and I use these examples of my

training all the time so if I wrote a

list of what I'm interested in it would

be I love to travel I like to eat good

food and drink wine I like to find fun

things to do with my kids so that's

three things right there okay then what

I want you to do is make a list of

related problems and solutions that go

with those interests so for example

let's take travel I could say a problem

that's associated with travel is that I

have a family I'm a husband and three

children and it's more difficult and

more expensive to travel with three kids

that it is one or two and one of the

reasons why is because you very often

can't stay in a normal hotel room with

three kids either you have to lie about

it or you got to get a sweet and so

there are ways around that at which you

I could go into in my book I could write

a book about how expensive it is to

travel as a travel as a family of five

and some of the solutions that I have

found all right then I would just

literally write down all the solutions

all the ways of saving money traveling

as a family of five and i got myself a

book you can do this you really can so

in today's video what we talked about

was using your current knowledge to

write a book learning something new if

that's the route you want to go and

making a list of all your interests and

then making a further list of related

problems and solutions that go with that

interest that you have for more training

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I look forward to seeing you on the next

video take care and have a great day