looking for ideas for your ebook if

you're looking for ideas for ebooks so

that you can actually develop your ebook

and finally get started as a cushion

entrepreneur online stay tuned to the

end of this video because I'm gonna

share with you quite a few resources

that you can use to find ideas for

e-books especially if you are in the off

the Tube community welcome sis

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if you're ready to discover ideas for

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great ideas for e-books make sure you

grab your pen and paper and get ready

this is gonna be a pretty exciting video

so step one for ideas for e-books is to

write down any topics that you're

interested in writing about when you are

writing an e-book you want to make sure

that it's something that you are

passionate about writing now for some

rich people it can be really really

quick to write your own ebook I know for

me praise God I can write a book in one

or two hours now right but the thing is

that marketing that ebook is going to

take up at least three to six months of

your life maybe longer you need to make

sure you're passionate about the

passionate about the topic of your ebook

because in order to make sales you're

gonna have to do marketing you're gonna

have to be answering customers emails

about that topic you're gonna be hosting

live streams and posting IDs and and

doing blog posts and creating YouTube

videos all about this topic to generate

traffic to your ebook to make sales so

it needs to be something that you can

find yourself talking about for quite a

few years I know for me I wrote a book

back in the day called the complete ad

makeover for women it was a very popular

topic and it was selling pretty well

when I first put it out but I had no

interest in doing marketing for that

book when my readers would ask me


had no interest in doing the research to

answer their questions and so I quickly

took that book off the market because I

was just so not passionate about

teaching fitness my husband's a fitness

trainer so God purpose him to do that

but for me mmm I like teaching you about

purpose I like teaching you about

funnels like teaching you about business

not about Fitness so make sure that it's

something that you're actually

passionate about it needs to start from

what you're interested in teaching so

grab a sheet of paper and write down all

the things that you would be interested

in writing an e-book about step number

two for ideas for e-books of all the

things that she wrote down pick the

topic that you find most intriguing and

then we're gonna go to amazon.com we're

gonna put in the books category and then

we're gonna start typing in that topic

you selected what's so cool about Amazon

is that they try to make search as easy

as possible for their users and so what

they'll do is they'll autofill the top

10 search phrases people are typing in

about that topic so you now have free

market research on the top 10 solutions

people are looking for within your topic

let me demonstrate this for you in my

computer ok so here we are on Amazon and

what you do is just go to amazon.com and

then this right here is your search bar

so right here which says all departments

you just change the six and then you

just start typing in your topic to see

what Amazon auto fills so let's say that

ironically I want to create a book about

abs what I would do is start typing in

abs and now I see that abs diet abs

workout abs ID for women ABS diet book

abs for women and abs book are the most

commonly searched phrases so I'll write

these down and now I know that any of

these topics are gonna be the most

popular search topics on Amazon under

the books category step number three of

the topics that she wrote down we're

gonna do the same as acting except this

time we're gonna use google.com Google

also does the same exact thing as Amazon

they want to make search as easy as

possible for their users so when you

start typing in a topic they autofill

the top ten popular phrases people

actually type in for that topic so now

you have free market research of what

people are

she's looking for within your topic so

go ahead and go to google.com and start

typing in your topic and take a look at

what Google autofills and each of those

are a phenomenal idea for an e-book let

me jump into the computer and show you

how to do this step by step all right

sis so the next tool we're using is

Google comm and this is the Google

search bar so once again I'm just gonna

start typing in ABS ABS workout

so now I've got abs workout at gym abs

workout women abs workout routine abs

workout men abs workout plan as workout

at home abs workout standing so I know

that these are the most popular phrases

searched on Google under abs workout so

I would write these down step number

four is to also use google again now on

set and for google if you scroll down

after you put in a search topic if you

scroll down you're gonna see a section

on the screen that says people also ask

this is a goldmine of market research

because Google is telling you other

things that people are interested in

finding out about so each of these

topics are a great idea and allow you to

create subsets topics for your main

topic that you chose so let's dive into

the computer and take a look all right

sis so we're back to Google and this

time we're gonna use the people also

asked tabs so I'm going to put in abs

ads workout and I'm gonna hit enter and

then if you scroll down

you see this tab here it says people

also ask and this is literally a gold

mine because it'll just keep

auto-filling over and over again so

which exercise is best for abs can I do

abs every day what exercise burns the

most belly fat how many times a week

should I do abs to get a 6-pack if I

click this one it'll actually add more

so when people are searching this

they're also searching this how long

should my ab workout be how should I eat

to get abs this one and now do squats

work abs can you over train abs how

often should you workout abs these are

all subcategories that I can use under

my main book ab workouts for women or ab

workouts for men or ab workouts at home

whichever one that I choose this is a

goldmine of information of market

research that you can use to find ideas

for your ebook step number five we're

gonna do the same as I think so now

we're gonna go to ask that yahoo.com a

shot yahoo.com is a free resource like I

can't believe it's free that aggregates

all the most popular questions people

ask about a specific topic so go to a

site accom put in your topic hit enter

and see what the most common questions

people are asking about your topic write

those down and let me do a live

demonstration of this for you in our


alright says so we are gonna be using a

CI who comm and this is the search tool

right here and you're just gonna put in

ab workouts or whatever your phrase is

I'm just gonna hit enter

and I'm gonna scroll down and you see it

says quickest ab workout building

workout what is your ab workout chest an

ab workout good lower ab workouts ab

workouts the best ab workouts cuz I know

one just covered an awesome ab workout

yet what upper app workout fat burning

ab workouts what is the best ab workout

routine and you just literally keep

searching they have pages and pages upon

pages of results what are some ab

workouts ab workouts and you if you look

here you can search by relevance or by

time I like to search by relevance just

because I want to know what people are

actually asking I don't necessarily care

how long ago they asked it because if

people are asking the question a few

years ago they're probably still asking

the same questions now what are some ab

workouts abs true the best ab workouts

what are really the my sad workout

stretches workouts ad workouts

this is literally a goldmine a free

information that you can use to see what

people are searching for about your

topic step number six final resource

we're gonna use is youtube.com YouTube

is owned by Google and does the exact

same thing that Google and Amazon does

they autofill search phrases as you're

typing it in because they want to make

search easier for their users so go to

youtube.com start typing in your topic

into the search bar and see what top ten

phrases YouTube Auto fills and these are

all the most common popular topics

people are searching for on YouTube

within your area of interest how cool is

that let's jump into the computer so I

can show you how to do this I love the

next resource we're gonna use is

youtube.com so you just go to

youtube.com and right up here in the

search bar you're just gonna start

searching so ab workouts yep oh and even

correcting my spelling for me so AB

workouts ab workouts for women ab

workouts at home ab workouts for men ad

workouts at the gym ab workouts for

beginners ab workouts with weights ab

workouts with dumbbells ab workouts to

lose belly fat so I'm gonna write all of

these down these the top ten phrases

that people are searching on YouTube

when it comes to ab workouts so you just

let it auto fill and you write those

down step number seven now that you've

got all of this data you're gonna go

ahead and put it all together on one

excel sheet or one Microsoft Word

document and you're going to look and

see what topics what questions are

people searching for over and over again

what are the most

in topics underneath your area of

interest this my darling is a great idea

for your ebook because you know that

there is people searching for this

information and you know that you can do

marketing to drive people to your ebook

once you wrote it because you can create

YouTube videos on those topics you can

write blog blog articles that are search

engine optimized for Google about those

topics you can do google adword

campaigns about those topics you

actually have a marketing strategy that

you can use drive traffic to that ebook

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