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how to start writing a book the more you

teach positive ideas to others the

better you learn them yourself Brian

Tracy have you ever thought about

writing a book whether it be for growing

your business creating credibility for

yourself or for pleasure nearly everyone

has thought about becoming an author at

one point or another

if you've ever dreamed of becoming a

published author you're not alone

according to writer Joseph Epstein 81%

of Americans feel that they have a book

in them and should write it Brian Tracy

has published over 80 books throughout

his career and truly believes that

everyone should write a book

one of the biggest challenges when it

comes to writing is not knowing where to

start when you are writing a book for

the first time it's crucial that you

simply begin by setting ink to paper

many would-be authors get bogged down

thinking they need to have the entire

book planned out all the chapters

outlined and all the questions answered

before they ever begin to write the

ancient Chinese philosopher famously

said that the journey of a thousand

miles begins with a single step in few

instances is this piece of wisdom more

true when you are figuring out how to

start writing a book the best way to

start writing a book is to simply start

write the first sentence then the first

paragraph then the first page it doesn't

have to be perfect and you may very well

end up changing it later but getting

even the first page written allows you

to make it further than most ever do you

will have begun writing a book once

you've started writing you can begin

planning and outlining your piece no

matter how you begin the important part

when figuring out how to write a good

book is to take it one step at a time

build your outline piece by piece write

your book page by page and eventually

you'll have it finished assuming you do

decide to create an outline for your

book which is recommended especially for

first-time authors you're going to need

a template to start with the good news

is that there are book design templates

available which can give you an

invaluable head start in creating an

outline including the book writing

template to the top right of the screen

these templates provide you with a

skeleton that can be fleshed out into a

book which can be incredibly

valuable especially when you are first

starting out as a published author of

over 80 books a question that Brian

would often hear is how do you write a

book multiple times each year to be

honest the answer is always the same

Brian follows the same guide and process

every time once you've started putting

pencil to paper here are a few of Brian

Tracy's best writing tips to speed up

the process first read books in the

genre you're writing one of the best

ways to develop your writing skills is

to read the works of successful authors

who have already published books similar

to the one you are writing if you

immerse yourself in these books you'll

subconsciously borrow from the style of

the author you are reading assuming they

are talented successful writers this is

almost always a good thing

write feverishly edit meticulously when

you first start writing a new page or a

new chapter it should come as an

uninterrupted flow of conscience don't

worry about how good it sounds or how

many mistakes there are simply write

write feverishly until that page or

chapter or whatever section you are

working on is done this is also a good

way to combat writer's block later you

can go back and carefully edit your work

pruning away unnecessary content

polishing your writing and weeding out

mistakes in the beginning though it's

getting your thoughts onto paper that is

the most important consider taking

writing classes or a book writing

program few things will help you better

fast-track your writing skills than

taking one or more quality writing

courses thankfully there is no shortage

of these courses available for you to

choose from including Brian Tracy's very

own how to write a book can become a

published author course finally spend

extra time working on your book title

you should assume 80% of people will

read your headline while only 20% will

end up reading it that means you should

spend extra time working on an emotional

and impactful title by following these

steps you'll be well on your way to the

bestsellers list now we'd love to hear

from you so my question today is have

you ever thought about writing a book

what's stopping you leave a comment

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