9 Ways To Get Ideas for Books

hey everyone its shaylen and i'm here

today with another rating video so in

today's video i'm going to be talking

about ideas and more specifically how to

get one now as a little disclaimer I

don't use these methods generally for me

ideas just kind of come to me I don't

plan them something happens that causes

me to think of this idea but I rarely

try to force an idea the only time I

would would be if I was on a deadline

for school and I needed to get that

thing written soon but even then in most

cases the idea usually comes to me

without too much prompting at some point

and I also do think there's a habit of

ideas that when you're a writer you get

into the habit of looking for things

that can become a story even just

subconsciously you're in that habit

however occasionally you need a little

jumpstart so today I'm going to be

giving you nine different ways that you

can come up with an idea the first two

are more prompt like and the rest are

kind of an analysis of how different

things could become an idea whatever

little starting point you have and how

that could become something bigger so

like I said the first two are a little

different number one and it's one that I

actually really like is use a photo as a

prompt I about a lot of ideas that have

kind of been sparked by photographs

stories often start with a feeling of

mood or atmosphere that I want to

capture with the storyline and it's

weird how many of my stories begin with

a mood or an atmosphere it's honestly

strange a photo kind of gives me that it

gives me a visual basis to work off of

so much you can extrapolate from a

photograph if there's a person in the

photograph creating the story why

they're there and what is going on

because that's just one single frame of

a giant story I know I in a class on

digital media once was told that a good

photograph tells a story so if you find

a good photograph it might kind of

provide you that story and the second

prompt type is to use a song as a prompt

if you are a music lover like I am then

songs can be a great route for a story

because like a photo it gives you that

that mood to work off of although it

doesn't give you the visuals it gives

you a lot of

language to work off of I love trying to

create a story from just a line from a

song you know a lot of the time a song

also kind of provides you a story that

you have to create try to create that

story again this isn't something that I

purposely do frequently but it is

something that causes a lot of my ideas

and if I do need a prompt looking at a

song as a really good way to go now six

more options that are a bit more

concrete so number one is a what-if

question now for all of these you have

the basis and what you want to do is

figure out a conflict because the

conflict is your story this one probably

leads you the most directly to the

conflict for example what if humans

could breathe fire after that we ask

ourselves what conflict could be caused

by that and there we go that's the

beginning of a story

number two is a concept that you want to

expose if you're a very idea driven

person this one might benefit you I got

really interested in the concept of

pareidolia which is the way that people

interpret vague stimuli as having more

importance or pattern or relevance than

it really does so for example if I was

really interested in this which I am I

could say okay so here's my concept

pareidolia what's an interesting

situation involving pareidolia and then

I asked myself what conflict could be

caused by that situation the next option

would be a character that you like to

explore this one often starts with kind

of not necessarily a full-fledged

character but a character type I want to

write a story about like a flame eater

in a circus okay that's an interesting

character type what situation most

challenges this character and from that

there's your conflict the next one and

one that I think works extremely well

for contemporary or literary fiction

stories but also one that would be

really interesting in any genre is an

emotion let's say that I wanted to write

a story that explored grief no have an

emotion I want to explore grief what's a

situation that could cause that emotion

who's a character who would be affected

by that in an interesting and novel way

and then after that I asked myself what

conflict is caused by this situation the

next option would be setting this comes

up for me a lot because I often break

from image like I was talking about with

the photos and so often I see a photo it

really in

treats me and there's there's a setting

already provided for me so for example

if I want to write a book that is said

in Antarctica and then I ask myself to

create a character who would be

challenged by that setting or a conflict

that could occur in that setting be a

theme that you want to explore for

example childhood innocence then ask

myself what situation would allow me to

explore that theme and then what

characters would be involved and then

from there what is the conflict and then

the final way would be an event if you

have an event that you want to include

that means that you know one scene that

you don't know everything that's

surrounded by that so if you create this

scene then you want to ask yourself what

happened to cause this scene or what

happens as a result of that scene and

therefore what is the conflict so as you

can see with each way of creating an

idea it's just asking yourself questions

you start with something that intrigues

you no matter what that is and then you

ask yourself questions until you get to

a conflict your route of question asking

might not be as direct as the ones that

I've used I just used the most direct

ones I could think of but it might not

be that linear for you but when you get

an idea when there's something that

interests you just keep asking yourself

questions until you get to that idea

that's a conflict that's what the idea

for the story really is it's that sum of

little ideas that can create a conflict

that can become a story so thank you so

much for watching if you have any

questions you can always send me an ask

on tumblr and I will see you in another

video bye