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Valentine's Day is fast approaching and

in this video we will look at writing a

Valentine's Day card in English this is

learning English Pro and I'm Jer I'll be

narrating your lesson today the topics

for discussion are are you a secret

admirer then we'll cover some of my

favorite love poems and we'll finish up

with some additional elements you can

add to your Valentine's Day card so

let's start with our first topic are you

a secret admirer

so what is a secret admirer

it is someone who is secretly attracted

to someone else a secret admirer is

anonymous or unknown it might be because

you're nervous or shy though before you

write your card you need to know if you

are anonymous or known to the person

you're writing to as this can affect how

we'll write our Valentine's Day card so

let's look at how we would begin our

Valentine's Day card when we want to be

anonymous so after you've picked your

special card open up and have a look at

the inside and remember there's no real

rules when writing about since Descartes

these are just guidelines that I'm

offering you typically you can begin

writing your message in these three

places indicated on the screen as an

anonymous person you could write to my

Valentine this is quite nice and quite

classic or you could keep it simple with

dear Valentine or you can simply use the

person's name dear Elizabeth so next

we're going to write something very nice

to your Valentine I think you are

amazing or how about you make me smile

or simply happy Valentine's Day next up

let's have a look at how you would begin

to write your card when the person who

is receiving it will know it's from you

you can use the beginnings that we've

already looked at but if we want to make

the card a little bit more personal we

can begin our card with something like

to my boyfriend or to my wife or to my

partner and if you want to keep it

really simple you can just write Dear

John or to John so what could you write

next to the person that you love I love

you so much

or how about thinking of you always and

one that I like myself I am so lucky to

have you in my life or why not write all

of these things in a card let's take a

look at our card and see how we are

progressing so we have Dear John and

here I've written it in the upper left

hand corner following this happy

Valentine's Day I love you so much I am

so lucky to have you in my life when the

person is known to you you can write a

little bit more personally let's move on

to my favorite love poems I hope you

really like them the first one is a

classic that I'm sure appears on nearly

every Valentine's Day card

roses are red violets are blue sugar is

sweet and so are you

and next I don't think you could ever

feel all the love I have to give and I'm

sure you've never realized you've been

my will to live our next poem is forever

in my heart is where you will be no one

else will enter because you have the

only key and on to our final poem you

always know just what to say just

talking to you

makes my day so now it's up to you to

pick whichever poem you like let's move

on to our next topic

additional elements so let's add in some

poems to our Valentine's Day card and to

be extra romantic let's add in some love

hearts again there's no rules so draw

whatever you like once it's romantic and

fun of course so let's move on to

finishing our card and we want to finish

our card with a sentiment of love so

let's begin by looking at how we would

finish our card if we are known to the

person receiving it you could say lots

of love and your name can also include a

few kisses xxx

you could also say all my love George or

my favorite love always

if we want to remain anonymous we could

say from your secret admirer and we can

put a few kisses here - or you could say

from your secret Valentine so now it's

time to finish up our Valentine's Day

card with adding from your secret

admirer and that's it all you have to do

is put it in the post or deliver it and

here are some extra tips to help you

with writing your card so first up I

would say keep it simple

don't use overly complicated language or

try to be Shakespeare and please don't

prank or joke someone by sending them a

fake Valentine's Day card it's not nice

just remember to be true to yourself and

that love is love

so all that's left for me to say is

thank you so much for watching we really

appreciate your support I hope you have

a wonderful Valentine's Day and that

your lives are filled with love don't

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