Wedding Gift Etiquette

summer is upon us this afternoon tis the

season for weddings and should you go

off the registry can you give cash it's

that acceptable modern wedding gift

giving can be tricky to navigate so

we've invited Lynn Fletcher who's the

president of Lynn Fletcher weddings here

with the do's and don'ts good morning to

you good morning thank you for taking

time out of your busy schedule I know

this is the time where things really

ramp up don't they yes mmm the onset

okay so let's plow through the questions

when it comes to gift-giving and the

number one point you said is the most

important that is do give a gift period

yes do do that it's really stressful on

a bride and groom when they're doing the

checklist at the end and wanting to do

their thank-you cards and there's a few

missing pieces there's a few people that

have either forgotten a gift or not

given one right so it's really tough if

you are buying them something that's

coming in the mail or if it's coming


just give a gift and give that

indication that you've actually given

them something then they don't think

their gift has been stolen okay and how

do you assign value to that gift usually

the rule is per plate what what your

dinner and your evening at the wedding

is caught right but you never really

know how much they've spent on you you

know could be a lavish wedding in the

mountains or it could be a backyard

barbecue right so the general rule is

about $50 as your minimum and then go up

from there based on your relationship

with the couple okay now let's talk

about registry this is still something

it's kind of a traditional thing to do

but our people have a registry should

they go off the registry absolutely

they've picked that couple has picked

things that they absolutely love that

they're wishing to receive they've sort

of set up their house based on the

dishes and the flatware and all of that

it kind of is a downer when you only get

to place settings right so if you go off

the register you're assured that that

gift will be very happily received and

they'll be excited to open it okay I

like that and what about monetary gifts

how do you how does a part a party ask

for this and what should you give and

how do you go about it deep chord yeah

it is awkward it's awkward to put it in

the invitation too so usually that ask

is done with the friends and family and

the bridal party the parents so do ask

around if you don't know what to give


ask somebody that's close to them and

they'll say well they really would like

to pay for their honeymoon right right


then you can give cash based on that

okay that's what bridal parties are for

that's right spread spread the word

spread the word okay what about group

gifts is this something that's gaining

popularity in bridal parties for sure

you spend a lot being a bridesmaid or

groomsmen so oftentimes the bridal party

will get together and buy a big luxury

item that's on their registry that they

might not receive from one particular

couple so a barbecue furniture a piece

of art that's pretty exciting yeah it's

nice to be able to pool your money pull

your resources and then you can really

instead of getting that to place setting

you can maybe get the whole thing okay I

had a question for you when it comes to

destination weddings you may not want to

pack a gift how do you go about going

what are the rules for gift-giving in a

destination wedding where you're already

spending to be there for sure and we

experienced that all the time in the

mountains we do a lot of destination

weddings where people come here to have

their weddings so we see that a lot

either cash in a card which is easy to

pack or if they're on the registry

oftentimes that gift can be delivered

right to the couple's home before or

after the wedding you just get a little

card saying what you got them and that

goes in their card you can see right and

now what about if I've been invited to

the wedding I can't make the wedding do

I still give a gift it's totally up to

you there's no rule around that okay

you should give a well wish at the very

least a little note in the RSVP card but

there's no real hard and fast rule for

giving gifts if you're not able to come

it's a nice gesture it is yeah are you

seeing particular trends when it comes

to gifts these days what do you see


yeah many are waiting longer to get

married now older couples that are a

little bit more established so money is

really great because then they can spend

it on whatever they like honeymoon

registries are becoming really popular -

mm-hmm and very very easy to do it's

just all online okay excellent

where can people find you if they have

more questions about weddings WWN Flecha

weddings com excellent always great to

see you happy wedding season and that

brings us to 847 it is also the summer

season Andrew Schultz