Anniversary !? How To Make Anniversary Gift Card For Parents Easy to follow!!

hello welcome to this video tutorial

brought to you by GTL I'm an art teacher

for many years already and today I want

to show you how to write happy

anniversary in fancy calligraphy writing

you can draw this on a card for your

husband or wife on your own anniversary

or draw this for your mom dad

grandparents sister brother or anyone

else you know their anniversary is

coming up so for this tutorial I'm going

to use this flat tip pen for the letters

then a pencil and at last the pilot pen

if you don't have them all just wait

till the end of this video and I'll show

you how to draw this with just a black

pin you'll see links for more

information about these pens under the

video in the description box so first

we'll draw lines for the letters I have

a ruler three centimetres wide that's

one point one inch so I just drop two

times the width of my ruler with a

little space in between them about a

quarter of an inch then I draw another

line for the small letters that's about

a quarter of an inch above each bottom

line now that I'm done with the lines

I'll start writing so we'll start with a

longer word on the bottom lines

anniversary and then we'll draw the word

happy so with my flat tip black pen

three-and-a-half millimeters wide I

start drawing a big slanted capital A

with a curve at the bottom

for the small letters I use the top line

if you're just beginning to learn how to

write calligraphy and fancy styles I

recommend you watch my 10 short video

tips to practice how to draw with this

pen you'll see links under the video in

the description box and at the end of

this video now for the Y we're going to

make a long line with curves and swirls

back and forth make sure to keep the tip

of the pen on the surface of the paper

the entire time great ok we'll go ahead

and continue writing our word happy and

make sure it will be at the in the

middle of the word anniversary so we

start above the ends like this ok now

that we finished writing the words happy

anniversary we're going to take a pencil

and design the swirls you can do it

straight out with a pen if you want but

sometimes you need to erase it and make

sure it's good draw a heart here on the

top of our H and complete the swirl with

our Y now I'll take my pilot pen and

I'll go over these lines

I'm going to make them wider here and

there just to make it look as if I did

the swirls with the black pen okay and

color it in again you'll see more

information about this pilot pen and

under this video there are links with

more information about it

okay now that we're done with the swirls

we're going to add some parallel lines

here and there to add some decorations

on our letters and on it swirls we'll

add some dots makes it more elegant okay

great we're done thanks for watching I'm

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week thanks for watching

Oh take another minute and see how to

draw this happy anniversary with a black

pen click on a video to continue

watching more easy to follow inspiring

drawing lessons see you at my next video

bye bye