🖋️📜Simple Love Spells Write Name on Paper to Make Someone Fall in Love💓


simple love spells

write name on paper to make someone

fall in love


you want to cast a love spell but some

spells require many complicated


and supplies making the process harder

to work

if you look for something simpler then i

suggest the love spell right name on


you can use this kind of spell to

attract your love interest

strengthen the bond with your partner or

bring back

an ex this means it can fulfill any of

your desires

in fact many practitioners have tried

love spell right

name on paper as it works effective and

never fails to deliver

what one person truly wishes for

are you struggling with love matters if

the answer is yes

well keep watching this video today i'm

going to inform some common spells using


and paper that can get someone to fall

in love with you

and commit to you only worry about

side effects i've studies and tried

these spells before

they work with white magic so they have

lots of benefits

and guarantees not to bring harm to both

you and your target

one the first spell in this list is the

think of me

love spell in seven days if you are

having a crush on someone and wish that


to think about you all the time then

keep an eye on this think of me

love spell the ritual is easy to perform

for the success please prepare your


daily because the spell requires to be

cast every day for a week believe me

this one is a great love spell because

it can make your love interest desire

you effectively

here are some ingredients you need to

perform this spell

a red candle a red felt tip pen

and seven pieces of parchment paper

now let's see how to cast this think of

me love spell

write your name and the name of your

love interest on the paper

then also write the day of birth of u2

under each name

rewrite the same information three times

and draw a heart around them now fold

the paper in two

and fold it once again light the red

candle and burn your paper with the


chant the sentence below the fire is


the passion is alive the door of love

will open

and my love will soon come into my life

don't blow out the candle just leave it

burn down

itself with this spell you need to

perform the ritual for six days in a row

to create

and strengthen the connection between

you and the person of your desire

2. next is the attract someone spell


ingredients this spell is much simpler

than the first

one no uncomplicated at all and easy to


the spell will manifest immediately if

you perform correctly

even beginners can practice this ritual


ease the only difficulty here is that

you have to connect with the archangel

on the spirituality level

all ingredients you need for this

attraction spell are a piece of paper

a red pen and the assistance from

archangel chamuel

how to cast this spell let's start the


by writing the name of the person you

love on the paper using the red pen

next is folding the paper many times

until it becomes a tiny package

hold it in your right hand and say the

person's name

clearly three times chant this saying


dear powerful archangel chamuel can you

hear me

please help name of the person

fall in love with me and never stop

thinking about

your name through my prayer wish that

person has

only me in mind i pray for him or her to

think of me

call me every day and ask me to be his

hers forever

lift up your pillow and put the folded

paper under

repeat your target's name three times to

seal the spell

be patient and wait for the magic power

to work

soon the person will give you full


and fall in love with you completely

3. have you heard about the new moon

love spell

this is an ideal spell that can heal and

reconcile your broken relationship

if currently you are suffering from the

separation with your partner

consider using this healing love spell

for the ritual to be successful you have

to prepare these

necessary ingredients including a piece

of paper

a red pen a white candle a few

drops of lemon and brown sugar

how to cast follow my instructions and

you can cast it with ease

fill the paper with the name of both you

and your partner

remember that these two names must be

side by side

circle both names with the red pen and

squeeze a few

drops of lemon on each of the names next

please flip the paper to the other side

and write

please come back to my side and start a

new beginning

we will have happy moments again

flip again and sprinkle sugar in the red


and then fold the paper twice after that

put it on a clean dish and stick the top

with a white candle

leave the dish near the window or

anywhere that the light from the new


can get through to feel the energy light

the candle and burn the paper on the


morning make sure you read the line from

the back

several times before that let the ashes

go with the wind

with this bell your relationship will


be the same it brings a new beginning

and you have to adapt better ways to

make sure the love between you

and your partner lasts forever before

starting the ritual you must take a


to calm yourself and ease the tension in

your mind

you shouldn't hurry when practicing


remember to cleanse your body your

thought and your soul

so that the energy during the process is


cast the spell in a quiet peaceful room

to avoid disturbance


4. another spell in this list is the

bring your ex back spell

here comes a fantastic spell allowing

you to win

back the heart of your ex lover for this

spell to manifest its power to the


the best time to perform the ritual is

on the first moon night

some ingredients you may need are a

sheet of paper

a pink candle a red pen and dried bay


wondering how to cast this spell write

the name of you

and your ex-lover and then draw a heart

shape in the paper both of the names

must be inside

put one to the bay leaves in the middle

of the heart

fold the paper in three times light up

your candle

and stick it on the paper focus on the


and visualize the scene that your ex

would return into your life

say the following chant repeatedly three


may i pray for a new beginning with

please say your ex's name

the power of this new moon night please

bring him back to me for the greatest

good for the two of

us bury both the paper and the candle in

a private place

it could be in your garden or somewhere

no one can find

5. the last spell using paper is the

make someone you love return

fast spell what if the love of your life

has left you

what if you can't bring him back into

your life again

after all the attempts try this love


and you can get him back by your side


under the influence of the new moon the


power will help guide your lost love to

come back to you in a short period


for the spell to work excellently aside

from your intention and positivity

please prepare these ingredients a piece

of paper

a red ribbon rosemary and a sea shell

how to cast write on the paper the full

name of you

and the ex-lover fold the paper in two

and put it along with the rosemary

inside the seashell

tie everything with the red ribbon and

chant these following

words the new moon knight please

witnesses this moment

i pray for a new start and that's why i


blank to hear me please say your ex's

name in the blank i love you more than


and believe we should start again come

back into my life and we will

only have happy moments from now on

throw the shell into a stream of water

so that the ex-lover can hear your


be patient and have faith in the spell

and your lost

love will soon return to you these are

love spells right name on paper that i

want to share to you

they can help attract your love interest

to fall in love

and stay committed to you only also

the power of magic gives you more

control to your relationship

such as making your partner trust you

with no

sign of doubt or releasing you from


situations these spells using white


guarantee happiness for your love life

for a success please cast the love spell

right name on paper

with confidence don't let any negative

thought creep in your mind

concentrate on your deepest desire and

pure intention only

hope this video can help you find the


simple spell to fulfill your desire

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