DIY Baby Book {The Perfect Baby Shower Gift}

today I'm going to show you everything

you need to know to put together this

adorable baby gift from the dating divas

this printable pack contains 53 pages of

the best baby gift and all we have to do

is put it together now your idea of baby

book might be something like this after

all this is what our moms and our

grandmothers did when we were babies but

no more our love story for baby contains

everything you need including spots for

photos journal prompts and more it's a

totally updated version of the

old-fashioned baby book and it makes an

incredibly thoughtful and unique gift

too so to get started you'll of course

need your kit all printed out on a nice

bright white cardstock like this you'll

need a white one-inch binder or if you'd

rather you can even use ribbon to find

the pages together you'll need some

scissors and adhesive and then either a

three-hole punch or if you prefer these

handy page protectors I'm going to put

mine together with the page protectors

because I want this gift to last and

last and I think these page protectors

will keep future sticky fingers off the

pages included in the kit are not just a

front cover and a spine but a back cover

too you'll also get these cute

embellishments that you can use to

enhance your 16 photo pages or any other

page in the book that you'd like to add

a little something to now this first

section of the book is all about mom and

dad and has special sections for each

parent to tell a little bit about

themselves and record their history and

all about their romance and marriage

each parent has their own sections and

will tell the story in their own words

next is the then came new section of the

book to record everything about baby

this section includes journal prompts

and spots for photos sweetest of all are

the journal prompts where mom and dad

can express their hopes and dreams for a

baby's future and write a short letter

welcoming their new little one into the

world this whole amazing printable is

delivered via an instant download so if

you need a great baby gift quick you're

totally in luck is that the dating team

is calm today to get our love story for

baby happy printing